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BST 2009 Contract Co

BST 2009 Contract Co

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Published by Eddy Galuszka

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Published by: Eddy Galuszka on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Agreement BetweenCOMMUNICATIONS WORKERSOF AMERICA  AND AT&T Telecommunications, IncEFFECTIVE August 9, 2009EXPIRES August 4, 2012
 Agreement between
Doing Business As:AT&T Alabama AT&T MississippiAT&T Georgia AT&T North CarolinaAT&T Florida AT&T South CarolinaAT&T Kentucky AT&T TennesseeAT&T LouisianaEFFECTIVE: August 9, 2009 through August 4, 2012
 TO EMPLOYEES:The Communications Workers of America is the officialbargaining representative for all employees in your collective bargainingunit. This official relationship carries with it serious obligations andresponsibilities which the Company and the Union are determined tofulfill. As a sign of good faith between BellSouth Telecommunications,Inc. and the Communications Workers of America, a "ResponsibleRelationship" clause, Article 28, is included in the Agreement, whichgoverns your wages, hours and working conditions.Simply stated, "mutual respect and responsibility" means an honestregard for equality in the official relationship between Company andUnion representatives. It does not allow for a supervisor attempting to"pull rank" on a Union representative nor does it allow for a Unionrepresentative attempting to intimidate or "badger" a supervisor merelybecause there is a difference in point of view. It further means that noCompany representative at any level should regard a grievance as merelyan irritant, just as it also means that no Union representative should offer"grievances" which are designed only to harass management.Additionally, this clause means that Union and Company representativesmust not engage in activities to undercut or belittle each other.Company representatives, especially the first level of supervision,have the day-to-day responsibility to deal reasonably and in good faithwith Union representatives. They have the right, in return, to expectresponsibility and respect from the Union's representatives. To insurecontinually improving relations between the Company and Union, it isthe intent of both organizations to deal with one another at all levels in asincere, honest and businesslike manner. This effort by both partiesshould insure a better feeling for the needs of the employees.Sincerely,For the Union: For the Company:Judith R. Dennis Michael L. MatthewsVice President Vice President

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