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Published by Diane Adams
A short story about Jared and Alex two characters from my Making of a Man Series.
A short story about Jared and Alex two characters from my Making of a Man Series.

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Published by: Diane Adams on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WWJDAuthor Diane AdamsCopyright 2011 Diane Adams³I¶m going to grab some ice cream while you¶re in there.´ Jared motioned at the Dairy Queen onthe corner across from the bookstore where I was headed. Jared would rather do just aboutanything than wait for me to pick out books but ice cream topped the list.³Cool. Get a sugar cone, I won¶t be long.´ I¶d steal the cone when I got back. I liked ice cream just fine, but they should sell the cones empty, I¶d buy them.Jared gave me a look. ³Mmmhmm,´ was all he said, but yeah smart ass. He knew I was going tosteal his cone and that I¶d be longer in the store than I claimed. It was all good; if Jared didn¶twant to wait he¶d say so. There wasn¶t anything coy about my boyfriend. I kissed his cheek without giving him time to protest and grinned at him over my shoulder on the way into thestore. The look on his face tempted me to go back and throw myself into his arms and claim areal kiss. I didn¶t. The middle of the mall wasn¶t the sort of place Jared would welcome mytongue down his throat. I guessed he didn¶t know the way he looked at me was more intimatethan any kiss. Just the memory of it was enough to cause heat to curl at the base of my spine.I found Jared sitting on a bench just outside the ice cream store waiting for me when I came outof the store. He had a smile and a nod for everyone and a few girls tripped on their own feetturning back to look at him. I couldn¶t blame them. Long jean clad legs stretched out in front of him, a blue t-shirt tucked in neatly made it clear just how trim his waist was, especially incomparison to the width of the shoulders stretching the shirt to its limit. His dark hair resisted allhis efforts to keep it out of his face. His strong jaw, the easy charm of his smile, and the sparkleof his blue eyes made him irresistible. I understood their reaction but that didn¶t make him anyless mine. A fact I made clear when I settled next to him on the bench, setting my bags on thefloor at our feet and sliding under his arm.He stiffened slightly; we¶d only been together as boyfriends for a single day. Before yesterdaywe¶d been not together, and the before that had been some an undefined relationship that had been as confusing and unsettling as it had been incredible. Jared waiting for me to grow up hadto be the most wonderful, frustrating experience of my life. And then Pi Day, the first day of therest of my life. The first day of forever. I came home from school just to see him. To ask a singlequestion. ³Will you be my boyfriend?´ He gave me one of those Jared looks and touched myface. ³Yes.´ Jared was a man of few words but how he said them. Oh my God.I stole his cone. He grinned down at me and asked about the books. People going by stoppedsmiling at him. It seemed like they stopped seeing us. I know it bothered Jared the way people¶seyes slid over us when we were doing something that labeled us a couple. I didn¶t really care aslong as Jared saw me, nothing else mattered at all. And when we got up to leave the way he took my hand and tangled my fingers with his told me he understood.****
³So only a couple hours until your dad picks you up for the airport.´ Jared made himself at homein the empty spot beside me in our chair.³mmmhmm.´ I didn¶t really look up from my book. Lit was killing me this semester. I hoped my brain would explode and save me a lot of trouble. I didn¶t know why everything couldn¶t be aseasy as math. Jared reclined the chair and lay on his side, head propped on one hand lookingdown at me. I could feel his eyes on me and my gut clenched. I teased him, pretending to keepreading. What a lie. I was hyper aware of him, the heat of his body, the weight of his gaze. Hetouched the rubber bracelet on my wrist. It was black, about two inches wide and stamped inwhite with four capital letters. WWJD.³That¶s new.´³I got it at the bookstore.´I didn¶t have to look to know his smile twitched his lips. ³Got religion while you were in therehuh?´My cheeks heated. ³Not exactly.´³No?´ He fingered it, along the edge his fingers brushed my skin. My heart pounded.³No.´ Something that seemed a little clever and romantic in the store edged toward stupid nowthat I had to say it. ³It¶s just. When I have to decide something, especially if it¶s important, Ialways ask myself what you would do. It¶s hard you know? Because you always do the rightthing, take the high road. I¶m better because of the man you are.´ Jared¶s strong callused handclosed around the bracelet and he didn¶t say anything for a long time. Finally he took my book with the other hand and dropped it onto the floor beside the chair. His eyes met mine, dark blue, pupils blown but there was more than lust in his expression. Love, pride, need so many things Icouldn¶t identify half of them. He touched my face. Fingers tracing my jaw, his thumb movedalong my cheekbone.³That¶s funny because when I have to decide what to do about something, I¶m usually thinkingµwhat would Alex want me to do¶.´³Jared.´ My voice broke on the whisper of his name. He growled and pushed me onto my back.One hand still locked around my wrist and the bracelet, the other on my face. I spread my legsand he settled into the cradle of my hips. The physical evidence of what he was feelingunmistakable.His forehead touched mine. ³You understand don¶t you? Why I had to send you that letter?´I was cross-eyed trying to look at him so I closed my eyes and nodded.³I¶m sorry I hurt you.´ His lips brushed mine. His fingers tightened around my wrist, there¶d be bruises.

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