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Published by: ja on Sep 19, 2008
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Q&ARandom -10
Question Number 1 of 40
 The nurse understands that during the "tension building" phase of a violent relationship, when the batterer makes unreasonable demands, the battered victim may experience feelings of A) Anger B) HelplessnessC) CalmD) ExplosiveThe correct answer is B: Helplessness The battered individual internalizes appropriate anger at thebatterer’s unfairness and instead feels depressed with a sense of helplessness, when the partner explodesin spite of best efforts to please the batterer 
Question Number 2 of 40
 The nurse is performing an assessment on a client with pneumococcal pneumonia. Which finding would thenurse anticipate?A) Bronchial breath sounds in outer lung fieldsB) Decreased tactile fremitusC) Hacking, nonproductive coughD) Hyperresonance of areas of consolidationThe correct answer is A: Bronchial breath sounds in outer lung fieldsPneumonia causes a marked increase in interstitial and alveolar fluid. Consolidated lung tissue transmitsbronchial breath sounds to outer lung fields.
Question Number 3 of 40
 When counseling parents of a child who has recently been diagnosed with hemophilia, what must the nurseknow about the offspring of a normal father and a carrier mother?A) It is likely that all sons are affectedB) There is a 50% probability that sons will have the diseaseC) Every daughter is likely to be a carrier D) There is a 25% chance a daughter will be a carrier The correct answer is D: There is a 25% chance a daughter will be a carrier Hemophilia A is a sex-linked recessive trait seen almost exclusively in males. With a normal father andcarrier mother, affected individuals are male. There is a 25% chance of having an affected male, 25%chance of having a carrier female, 25% chance of having a normal female and 25% chance of having anormal male.
Question Number 4 of 40
 A 7 year-old child is hospitalized following a major burn to the lower extremities. A diet high in protein andcarbohydrates is recommended. The nurse informs the child and family that the
important reason for this diet is toA) Promote healing and strengthen the immune systemB) Provide a well balanced nutritional intakeC) Stimulate increased peristalsis absorptionD) Spare protein catabolism to meet metabolic needs
The correct answer is D: Spare protein catabolism to meet metabolic needsBecause of the burn injury, the child has increased metabolism and catabolism. By providing a highcarbohydrate diet, the breakdown of protein for energy is avoided. Proteins are then used to restore tissue
Question Number 5 of 40
 A school nurse is advising a class of unwed pregnant high school students. What is the most importantaction they can perform to deliver a healthy child?A) Maintain good nutritionB) Stay in schoolC) Keep in contact with the child's father D) Get adequate sleepThe correct answer is A: Maintaining good nutritionNurses can serve a pivotal role in providing nutritional education and case management interventions.Weight gain during pregnancy is one of the strongest predictors of infant birth weight. Specifically, teensneed to increase their intake of protein, vitamins, and minerals including iron. Pregnant teens who gainbetween 26 and 35 pounds have the lowest incidence of low-birth-weight babies.
Question Number 6 of 40
 A parent has numerous questions regarding normal growth and development of a 10 month-old infant.Which of the following parameters is of 
concern to the nurse?A) 50% increase in birth weightB) Head circumference greater than chestC) Crying when the parents leaveD) Able to stand up briefly in play penThe correct answer is A: 50% increase in birth weight Birth weight should be doubled at 6 months of age,tripled at 1 year, and quadrupled by 18 months.
Question Number 7 of 40
 A client with HIV infection has a secondary herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) infection. The nurse knows thatthe most likely cause of the HSV-1 infection in this client isA) ImmunosuppressionB) Emotional stressC) Unprotected sexual activitiesD) Contact with salivaThe correct answer is A: Immunosuppression The decreased immunity leads to frequentsecondary infections. Herpes simplex virus type 1 is an opportunistic infection. The other options may resultin HSV-1. However they are not the most likely cause in clients with HIV.
Question Number 8 of 40
 The charge nurse on the eating disorder unit instructs a new staff member to weigh each client in his or her hospital gown only. What is the rationale for this nursing intervention?A) To reduce the risk of the client feeling cold due to decreased fat and subcutaneous tissueB) To cover the bony prominence and areas where there is skin breakdownC) So the client knows what type of clothing to wear when weighedD) To reduce the tendency of the client to hide objects under his or her clothingThe correct answer is D: To reduce the tendency of the client to hide objects under his or her clothingThe client may conceal weights on their body to increase weight gain.
Question Number 9 of 40
 The nurse is caring for a post-op colostomy client. The client begins to cry saying, "I'll never be attractiveagain with this ugly red thing." What should be the first action by the nurse?
 A) Arrange a consultation with a sex therapistB) Suggest sexual positions that hide the colostomyC) Invite the partner to participate in colostomy careD) Determine the client's understanding of her colostomyThe correct answer is D: Determine the client''s understanding of her colostomyOne of the greatest fears of colostomy clients is the fear that sexual intimacy is no longer possible. However,the specific concern of the client needs to be assessed before specific suggestions for dealing with thesexual concerns are given.
Question Number 10 of 40
 In providing care to a 14 year-old adolescent with scoliosis, which of the following will be most difficult for this client?
.A) Compliance with treatment regimensB) Looking different from their peersC) Lacking independence in activitiesD) Reliance on family for their social supportYour response was
.The correct answer is B: Looking different from their peersConformity to peer influences peaks at around age 14. Since many persons view any disability as deviant,the client will need help in learning how to deal with reactions of others. Treatment of scoliosis is long-termand involves bracing and/or surgery
Question Number 11 of 40
 A client complaining of severe shortness of breath is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The nurseobserves a falling pulse oximetry. The client's color changes to gray and she expectorates large amounts of pink frothy sputum. The
action of the nurse would be which of the following?A) Call the health care provider B) Check vital signsC) Position in high Fowler'sD) Administer oxygenThe correct answer is D: Administer oxygenWhen dealing with a medical emergency, the rule is airway first, then breathing, and then circulation.Starting oxygen is a priority.
Question Number 12 of 40
 Which of the following nursing assessments indicate immediate discontinuance of an antipsychoticmedication?A) Involuntary rhythmic stereotypic movements and tongue protrusionB) Cheek puffing, involuntary movements of extremities and trunkC) Agitation, constant state of motionD) Hyperpyrexia, severe muscle rigidity, malignant hypertensionThe correct answer is D: Hyperpyrexia, severe muscle rigidity, malignant hypertensionHyperpyrexia, sever muscle rigidity, and malignant hypertension are assessment signs indicative of NMS(neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Question Number 13 of 40
 A 3 year-old child is treated in the emergency department after ingestion of 1ounce of a liquid narcotic. Whataction should the nurse do
?A) Provide the ordered humidified oxygen via maskB) Suction the mouth and the nose

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