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Published by: ja on Sep 19, 2008
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Q&A Random -7 
Question Number 1 of 40
 At a nursing staff meeting, there is discussion of perceived inequities in weekend staff assignments. As afollow-up, the nurse manager should
 A) Allow the staff to change assignmentsB) Clarify reasons for current assignmentsC) Help staff see the complexity of issuesD) Facilitate creative thinking on staffingYour response was
.The correct answer is D: Facilitate creative thinking on staffingThe "moving phase" of change involves viewing the problem from a new perspective, incorporating new anddifferent approaches to the problem. The manager can facilitate staff''s solving the problem
Question Number 2 of 40
 A child with Tetralogy of Fallot visits the clinic several weeks before planned surgery. The nurse should give
attention toA) Assessment of oxygenationB) Observation for developmental delaysC) Prevention of infectionD) Maintenance of adequate nutritionYour response was
.The correct answer is A: Assessment of oxygenationAll of the above would be important in a child diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot. However, persistenthypoxemia causes acidosis which further decreases pulmonary blood flow. Additionally, low oxygenationleads to development of polycythemia and resultant neurologic complications
Question Number 3 of 40
 A 2 month-old infant has both a cleft lip and palate which will be repaired in stages. In the immediatepostoperative period for a cleft lip repair, which nursing approach should be the
?A) Remove protective arm devices one at a time for short periods with supervisionB) Initiate by mouth feedings when alert, with the return of the gag reflexC) Introduce to the parents how to cleanse the suture line with the prescribed protocolD) Position the infant on the back after feedings throughout the dayYour response was
.The correct answer is A: Remove protective arm devices one at a time for short periods with supervisionThe major efforts in the postoperative period are directed toward protecting the operative site. Elbowrestraints should be used and only 1 arm released at a time with close supervision by the nurse and/or parents
Question Number 4 of 40
 A young child is admitted for treatment of lead poisoning. The nurse recognizes that the
serious effectof chronic lead poisoning isA) Central nervous system damageB) Moderate anemiaC) Renal tubule damageD) Growth impairmentYour response was
The correct answer is A: Central nervous system damageThe most serious consequences of chronic lead poisoning occur in the central nervous system. Neural cellsare destroyed by the toxic effects of the lead resulting in many problems with the intellect ranging from milddeficits to mental retardation and even death.
Question Number 5 of 40
 The nurse is assessing a 12 year-old who has Hemophilia A. Which finding would the nurse anticipate?A) An excess of red blood cellsB) An excess of white blood cellsC) A deficiency of clotting factor VIIID) A deficiency of clotting factors VIII and IXYour response was
.The correct answer is C: A deficiency of clotting factor VIIIHemophilia A is characterized by an absence or deficiency of Factor VIII
Question Number 6 of 40
 A 6 year-old female is diagnosed with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI). Which one of the followinginstructions would be best for the nurse to tell the caregiver?
.A) Increase bladder tone by delaying voidingB) When laundering clothing, rinse several timesC) Use plain water for the bath, shampooing hair lastD) Have the child use antibacterial soaps while bathingYour response was
.The correct answer is C: Use plain water for the bath, shampooing hair lastHair should be shampooed last with a rinsing of plain water over the genital area. The oils in soaps andbubble bath can cause irritation, which may lead to UTI''s in young girls.
Question Number 7 of 40
 The RN is planning care at a team meeting for a 2 month-old child in bilateral leg casts for congenitalclubfoot. Which of these suggestions by the PN should be considered the
nursing goal followingcast application?A) Infant will experience minimal painB) Muscle spasms will be relievedC) Mobility will be managed as toleratedD) Tissue perfusion will be maintainedYour response was
. The correct answer is D: Tissue perfusion will be maintainedImmediately following cast application, the chief goal is to maintain circulation and tissue perfusion aroundthe cast. Permanent tissue damage can occur within a few hours if perfusion is not maintained
Question Number 8 of 40
 The nurse is teaching childbirth preparation classes. One woman asks about her rights to develop a birthingplan. Which response made by the nurse would be best?A) "What is your reason for wanting such a plan?"B) "Have you talked with your health care provider about this?"
C) "Let us discuss your rights as a couple."D) "Write your ideal plan for the next class."Your response was
.The correct answer is C: "Let us discuss your rights as a couple."Discussion of the health care provider''s role and the couple''s rights and limitations in selecting birth optionsmust precede development of a plan
Question Number 9 of 40
 In reviewing the assessment data of a client suspected of having diabetes insipidus, the nurse expectswhich of the following after a water deprivation test?A) Increased edema and weight gainB) Unchanged urine specific gravityC) Rapid protein excretionD) Decreased blood potassiumYour response was
. The correct answer is B: Unchanged urine specific gravity When fluids arerestricted, the client continues to excrete large amounts of dilute urine. This finding supports the diagnosis.Normally, urine is more concentrated with reduced fluid intake
Question Number 10 of 40
 A client tells the nurse he is fearful of planned surgery because of evil thoughts about a family member.What is the best initial response by the nurse?A) Call a chaplainB) Deny the feelingsC) Cite recovery statisticsD) Listen to the clientYour response was
. The correct answer is D: Listen to the clientTherapeutic communications are based on attentive listening to expressed feelings. If the nurse is notfamiliar with the cultural beliefs of a client, acceptance of feelings is followed by questions about the beliefs
Question Number 11 of 40
 A Hispanic client refuses emergency room treatment until a curandero is called. The nurse understands thatthis person brings what to situations of illness?A) Holistic healingB) Spiritual advisingC) Herbal preparationsD) Witchcraft potionsYour response was
. The correct answer is A: Holistic healingThis traditional folk practitioner uses holistic methods for illnesses not related to witchcraft. Many times, thecurandero works with traditional health care providers to restore health.
Question Number 12 of 40
 The new graduate nurse interviews for a position in a nursing department of a large health care agency,described by the interviewer as having shared governance. Which of these statements best illustrates theshared governance model?
.A) An appointed board oversees any administrative decisionsB) Nursing departments share responsibility for client outcomesC) Staff groups are appointed to discuss nursing practice and client education issuesD) Non-nurse managers supervise nursing staff in groups of unitsYour response was
. The correct answer is B: Nursing departments share responsibility for clientoutcomes

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