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Eve Online an Introduction to Tracking and Orbiting

Eve Online an Introduction to Tracking and Orbiting

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Published by Azlan D Nutcase

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Published by: Azlan D Nutcase on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Introduction to Tracking and Orbiting
From Agony Empire
Original text by Azual (http://www.agony-unleashed.com/user.php?id.3370) , Aether (http://www.agony-unleashed.com/user.php?id.3335) .Copyright Agony Unleashed
1 Introduction2 Basics of Tracking2.1 Turret Comparison Table3 Angular Velocity3.1 An Example4 Spiralling5 Spiraling: How To6 When Spiraling Is Not Useful7 Orbiting8 Setting Default Orbit
This page is intended to provide a brief overview, along with diagrams, of tracking, spiraling, and orbiting. Spiralingand orbiting are of special concern to small, fast ships that often get used to approach and tackle targets for a gang.Understanding the basics of tracking and how it relates to the way you approach other ships and the way you orbitthem will let you minimize the damage you receive, keep alive, and meanwhile put a point on your target or getwithin web/scrambler range.For more detailed information on tracking, you can see our public article on the subject HERE.
Basics of Tracking
All turrets in game have this property called tracking. Here is a close-up picture of an Amarr dreadnought,Revelation, firing off its Giga Beam Lasers in all its glory. Imagine for a second that it is not trying to kill a stationaryPOS, but instead it is trying to hit a moving target. To track the target's movement each one of those Giga BeamLasers will have to move around its axis, but because they are so big and unwieldy it will take them quite a bit of time to move a few degrees.
7/16/2010An Introduction to Tracking and Orbitinagony-unleashed.com/wiki/index.php?ti1/8
How fast each turret moves is called its tracking. Tracking is measured in radians per second (1 radian = 57degrees). The more radians a turret can cover per second, the greater the probability is that it will hit a target. Aturret with tracking of 0.05 rad/s will be able to track a moving target better than a turret with tracking of 0.003rad/s, hence it will be able to place more hits. If turret places more hits, this increases its damage output. Thustracking affects how much damage a ship's turrets are able to do to a target.Frigate-sized turrets rotate around their axes much faster than cruiser-sized turrets, which in turn rotate faster thanbattleship-sized turrets, which in turn rotate faster than capital-sized turrets.If you would like to see more on how tracking works, visit the Tracking 101 Visual Guide(http://web.archive.org/web/20071223162431/www.eve-online.com/guide/en/g25.asp)
Turret Comparison Table
Here is a table listing tracking ranges for T2 turrets of different types. Among short-range weapons blasters ingeneral have the highest tracking and pulses have the lowest tracking. Among long-range weapons railguns ingeneral have the highest tracking and artillery has the lowest tracking.
7/16/2010An Introduction to Tracking and Orbitinagony-unleashed.com/wiki/index.php?ti2/8
Turret SizeShort Range Weapons(blasters, pulses, autocannons)Long-Range Turrets(railguns, beams, artillery)
Small0.246 to 0.365 rad/s0.082 to 0.130 rad/sMedium0.080 to 0.120 rad/s0.022 to 0.081 rad/sLarge0.033 to 0.050 rad/s0.009 to 0.018 rad/sNote: These numbers do not take into account player skills and ship fittings. Motion Prediction skill can boost thesefigures up by 25% and because the bonus of this skill is listed in percent it will also amplify the difference betweenthese tracking figures. Tracking computers can boost tracking by about 30%; tracking enhancers can boost it byapproximately 9.5%.
Angular Velocity
Small fast ships can exploit the inability of larger-sized weapons to track well in order to reduce their damageoutput. They do this by keeping a high
angular velocity
with respect to target ship that is greater than target'stracking.To explain angular velocity, first let's talk about 'transversal velocity'. Transversal velocity is the component of theship's velocity which is perpendicular to the target. In simple terms, if you looked from their perspective yourtransversal velocity would be how fast you are moving across their field of view. So, if your ship is moving at 1km/sdirectly towards or away from your target, your transversal velocity is 0. If you are moving at the same speed, butat 90 degrees to your target (i.e. in a perfect orbit), your transversal would be the full 1km/s.The problem with using transversal velocity however, is that it doesn't scale with distance. A ship with a transversal100m/s which is only 10m away is going to be very hard to track - even though he is moving slowly, he is effectivelyorbiting you very quickly. However, the same ship with a transversal of 100m/s 10km away would be almoststationary from your perspective, and would be much easier to track.To solve this problem, we instead use angular velocity (both angular and transversal are columns available in youroverview). Angular velocity is quite simply transversal velocity divided by distance to the target (i.e. the radius of their orbit). This gives you a value in radians per second. Sound familiar?Since both turret tracking and angular velocity are given in radians per second, tracking becomes far easier tounderstand.
An Example
Allow me to present an example: if an Incursus orbits a Maller at velocity of 2000 meters/second at a distance of 2000 meters, the angular velocity of Incursus (transversal divided by distance) will equal 1.0 radians/second. Nowif the tracking of Maller's turrets is 0.03 radians/second, it will have significant trouble placing hits on the frigatebecause frigate's angular velocity outpaces its tracking. In other words, the Incursus is orbiting the Maller faster thanMaller's guns are able to turn.If angular velocity of Incursus is greater than Maller's tracking, this does not mean that the Maller will not place any
7/16/2010An Introduction to Tracking and Orbitinagony-unleashed.com/wiki/index.php?ti3/8

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