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Paradise Breakdown Final

Paradise Breakdown Final

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Published by Pepper Winky

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Published by: Pepper Winky on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PARADISE (shot in English, Spanish, French & Tagalog)
Oliver Guse, Max Makowski
Max Makowski
Max Makowski
Casting Director:
Matthew Lessall, CSA
Batam Island, Indonesia (http://www.turibeach.com/ )
A top fashion-photographer and music-video DIRECTOR, his PRODUCTION TEAM, and FIVE SUPERMODELS head to a five-star beach hotel to shoot a video diary and commercial spot to promote the resort's grandopening. With the entire place to themselves, the young group live it up like kings and queens. But strange things beginto happen. And what should be the trip of a lifetime becomes a frantic struggle to survive…
Rate of Pay & Deal:
US $370.00 per day for shooting. Does not include 2 days prep/rehearsal and wardrobe, traveldays & hold days. Total time at the resort will be between 5 & 12 days depending on the number of shoot days for therole. No per diem. Actors will share a chalet (see website); three per chalet and each actor will have a private bedroom.Men & women will not share a chalet. Travel is Economy Class. All meals, transportation and cell phone/internet usage ispaid for.
These deals are non-negotiable.
Shoot Dates:
VERSION #1 Tagalog – August 26-September 4VERSION #2 Spanish – September 3-September 12VERSION #3 English – September 11-September 20VERSION # 4 French – September 19-September 28
We are shooting the same film, four separate times, in four languages: English, Spanish, French & Tagalog. Wedo not always need native-speakers in each film. In fact, we
d prefer having a mix, for example, a German whospeaks conversational Spanish or a Brit who is fluent in French.Passport/Visas/Transfers:
You will need a passport valid for at least six months following the date of arrival. Travel willbe via Singapore and talent will be escorted from Singapore to the Turi Beach Resort buy production. The resort is a 35-minute ferry ride from Singapore (see resort website for details). Singapore & Indonesian authorities regularly deny entryto all foreigners who arrive with passports expiring in less than six months. Go to:http://www.turibeach.com/visa.phpformore information.
Please go tohttp://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/indonesia.htmto make sure you are up-to-date withyour vaccinations.
s Note:
The film is verite style. No traditional script, but a very, very thorough outline. The actors will be givencues and very clear direction within tight parameters set forth for each scene that they would improvise [so naturalperformers trump classically-trained thespians]. It will be in the single-shooter style so the key is that the actor has thatkind of personality that lends itself to self-filming and a natural desire to comment on things and share their thoughts.Since it is of the “found footage” genre we actually prefer unknown actors. Think neo-Hitchcockian, not Roger Corman.
s Bio:
Max Makowski was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began making films when he was eleven. He hadmade over 23 documentaries as well as one experimental feature-length movie and 18 stage plays by the time he waseighteen. Max attended Brown University and spent his summers working in the film industry in Los Angeles and HongKong. Upon graduation, he worked for a year as a music video producer in New York and then moved to Hong Kong as acreative consultant, cameraman, and second unit director for Golden Harvest and then eventually became adirector/producer/writer/editor/cameraman for Salon Films as well as CNBC and NBC Asia. Max wrote, produced,directed & edited the feature film THE PIGEON EGG STRATEGY, which premiered at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.Trevor Groth, Sundance Head Programmer, considered the film to be “truly one of the most intelligent, humorous andwell-crafted films in [his] years of programming for the festival”. It was also “one of the most well attended films of thefestival... creating a buzz around itself as well as a cult following". - Indiewire THE PIGEON EGG STRATEGY wasreleased theatrically in 1998. Max Makowski went on to direct, shoot, and produce a number of Ad campaigns for Nike.In 2001 he directed his second feature film, which premiered at Sundance 2002. The movie was released by ColombiaTriStar. In 2004 and 2005, he spent time in New York directing the Emmy-award winning reality TV show QUEER EYEFOR THE STRAIGHT GUY. As well as THE AGENCY for VH1. In 2006 his award-winning ONE LAST DANCE,
Paramount Studios based on Max's original idea. He was hired to write/direct the remake of SHINOBI for UniversalStudios, which is part of a three-picture deal at the studio. He wrote an adaptation of HAWAII FIVE-O and he wrote thestory for the film version of KUNG FU for Legendary Films and Warner Brothers. He was hired to write/direct the remakeof LE PROFESSIONNEL for Studio Canal. He is Executive Producing the remake of Johnny To's THE MISSION, helpeddevelop the live-action version of VOLTRON, he created an action-adventure film for Hugh Jackman, and is writing a live-action remake of one of Japan's most revered Anime feature films which he is slated to direct as well.
How to Audition &
Website Instructions:
Actors must self-tape. With your cell phone cam/FlipCam/computer camera, etc…Record yourself doing something while talking about things (e.g. one person was trying tobuild up the courage to eat a deep fried cricket while chatting with his girlfriend about life, another cooked eggs and riffedon how much they hate yoga]. Spend no more then 3 minutes on a scene or various situations and then upload toLETITCAST.COM
Each film has the same cast description:
[DIRECTOR] Male, 25-35 years old. The new “it” guy. The fashion world loves him. So does Hollywood. Extremelytalented and he knows it. In other words, he
s cocky.
For the English version, he could be British or French 
...LEAD[DP] Male, 33-43 years old. DIRECTOR
S half-brother; the oldest in the group. Used to be a respected warphotographer and documentary cameraman but fell on hard times and now primarily works for DIRECTOR. Veryintense. Intellectual. Serious. He gave DIRECTOR his first break on a music video for a then unknown pop group.Once the band hit super-stardom, so did the DIRECTOR. DP thinks DIRECTOR only hires him out of sympathy.
For the English version, he could be British or French 
…LEAD[MAKE-UP ARTIST] Female, 25-35 years old. DP
s wife. Down-to-Earth, understated, hip. She doesn
t have to work atit, she
s just naturally cool and fun. Very concerned about DP; he used to drink a lot and do drugs and now that he
shitting a career low she worries he may return to the heavy stuff…LEAD[MS. PERFECT] Female, 18-25 years old. A model, she is serious, judgmental, but also a “good person.” she is asought-after model, which is a tad ironic since she doesn
t look at herself as a model, per se. Her goal is to use themoney she earns to pay for culinary school…LEAD[SASSY] Female, 18-27 years old. A model. Total attitude, street smart. Tough as nails and sexy as hell. If she likesyou she
ll charm the pants off of you. If she doesn
t, she
ll rip you to shreds with just a look. Her father was a drunk; hermother raised her and five siblings on a nurse
s salary…LEAD[NAIVE] Female, 18-27 years old. A Model. Cute, innocent and funny but incredibly naïve. She comes from a smalltown where her father is the sheriff, just like his Daddy was, and his Daddy
s Daddy. Having lost her mother at a youngage, she is extremely close to her father. All heart. Because of this, a lot of people think she
s dumb…LEAD[TAGALONG] Female, 18-27 years old. A model. Looks up to SASSY; emulates her to the point of letting SASSY
sopinions supersede her own. She turned to modeling after injuring herself trying out for the Junior OlympicSynchronized Swimming Team, something she wants no one to know about. Hipster, poser, tough-hick-wannabe
breast and back will be shown in a scene in bed and a scene in a hot tub
Pleasestate in your self-taped audition that you are willing to do nudity…LEAD[BRO] Male, 18-27. A Model. Athletic, slick and a pretty boy, he is the only male model in the group. He can be quitethe gentleman if he wants to be, when you aren
t absorbed staring at his perfect body. BRO is very into Zen-living buthe
s such a metro-sexual it
s hard to take him seriously…LEAD[ASSISTANT] Male, 21-35 years old. He can be that fun-loving chubby guy, totally camp fashionista, or just plainhilarious. As long as he embodies the vain sexually charged bisexual jet-set wiseass funnyman. He is the comic reliefof this group…LEAD[OLD DRIVER] Male, 65 years old. A great storyteller and tour guide. Fatherly. Smiling all the time; but also physicallyand mentally strong…SUPPORTING

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One Last Dance was fantastic, Paradise or Dent will be the same.
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