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Egypt’s Risky Fires of Revolution - By Jim Croft

Egypt’s Risky Fires of Revolution - By Jim Croft

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Published by Gilbert Hanz

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Published by: Gilbert Hanz on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Egypt¶s Risky Fires of Revolution
This revolution could toss Egypt¶s first citizens, the Copts, fromthe frying pan and into the fireJim CroftIt is a drastic mistake for Americans to take a casual view of what is happening in Egypt. It represents far more than oustingthe military dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak. Hisreplacement will likely be a tragic trade. In short, the demonthat Egypt¶s Christian citizens and the USA have known for thepast 30 years is far better than the demon we don¶t know. It islike Iran¶s Revolution of 1979, only worse. It deposed thecorrupt Shah of Iran, but ushered in the greater woes of thelikes of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad. Revolution isrisky. It could take the Copts of Egypt and the USA from thefrying pan of hardships with Islam and into the fires of the worstIslam has to offer.Behind the ScenesEgypt¶s situation is being manipulated by malign forces thatmost Americans do not understand and that the current USPresidential Administration chooses not to acknowledge as athreat. It does so because the policy is that Islamists arepeaceful and harmless and have no intentions of alteringanyone¶s way of life. The primary unseen Egyptian manipulatorsare members of the grandfather of all Islamic terrorist groups,the Muslim Brotherhood. If the group gains control, it willcontinue its history of producing terrorists like Osama Bin Ladenand 9/11¶s Mohamed Atta.
 Egypt will become a safe haven and a strategic springboard fromwhich organizations like Al Qaeda can operate. Aside from anincrease in acts of global terrorism, America¶s economy willunquestionably be jeopardized. If the Brotherhood has any sayin the matter, the 3.5 ± 4 million barrels of oil that aretransported daily through the Suez Canal and the Sumedpipeline will become their tool to cripple economies worldwide.Oil at a mere $5.00 per gallon will be considered mercy.A Bit of HistoryThe Muslim Brotherhood was spawned by Musliminsurrectionists in Egypt during the late 1920s through amaneuver of Islamic trickery. The ploy used was Islam¶sprinciple of al taqiyya. It encourages Muslims to lie to extend thepurposes of Islam. Here is what happened. After the OttomanEmpire collapsed, Egypt got its independence. Mohammed Ali, anofficer from the Ottoman Empire Era, seized power. At the time,the nation was also occupied by the British that had been theresince 1882.In 1919, Egypt¶s Muslims and Christians joined hands in arevolution against both. They demanded equal liberties for allEgyptians. However, the moment the revolution was successfulthe Muslims turned on the Coptic Christians with whom they hadmomentarily feigned alliance. The telltale sign that EgyptianChristians were excluded from equal rights with Muslims becameapparent with the 1923 Egyptian Constitution. Its first articlespecifically declared Egypt an Islamic State. Christians wereforced to settle for little more than a hardly discernable upgradefrom their historic Islamic status under Islam; that of secondclass dhimmitude citizens.
The Muslim Brotherhood appeared from the shadows as anofficial organization in 1928 under the leadership of Hassan AlBanna. It became the militant arm of Islam to Islamize Egyptiansociety by force. To demonstrate their allegiance to Islam andtheir commitment to violence, Brotherhood members took theorganization¶s oath with their hands placed on the Quran and agun.Their motto was: Allah is our goal. The Apostle Mohammed is ourrole model. The Quran is our constitution. Jihad is our method of conquest. And, dying for the sake of Allah is our utmostaspiration.From the onset, the Muslim Brotherhood has made every effortto keep their pledge. They instantly perpetrated theassassinations of many public figures that they believedobstacles between them and power. In 1952 a group known asthe Free Officers headed by Gamal Nasser instigated a coupagainst King Farouk. Most of them were members of theBrotherhood. When the Brotherhood found that Nasser did nothave any plans to share power with them, the Brotherhood triedto assassinate him in 1954. Nasser survived the attack andoutlawed the organization. He ordered the arrests andimprisonment of its members. For a while, even the Christians of Egypt lived relatively peaceful lives.That all changed when Anwar Sadat took office in 1971. Heperceived the Muslim Brotherhood convenient to help strengthenhis grip over the Nasserites and Communists. He releasedmembers of the Brotherhood from prison. Violent attacks startedagainst the Copts and Sadat was assassinated by elements of the Brotherhood in 1981.

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