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Japan Nuclear Radiation

Japan Nuclear Radiation

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Published by Jason Chan
Reuters SPECIAL REPORT-Fukushima long ranked Japan's most hazardous nuclear plant
Reuters SPECIAL REPORT-Fukushima long ranked Japan's most hazardous nuclear plant

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Published by: Jason Chan on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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japan’s nuclearsotspot
a wk m  e c., hd  k-z d d m, m d  h d v,dg  h    mb   tk M 20, 2011.
F Dc red  e  te fve t zrd cer t te wrd r wrer exre t rdt,  Reter vetgt fd.
BY ChiSa FUjioka aNd kEviN kRoliCki
Tokyo, july 26
Fukushima Dc cert red  e  te t dger te wrd r rdt exre erbere t w detred b te etdwd ex tt wed te mrc 11ertqe.Fr fve er t 2008, te Ft w rted te t zrd cerct  j r wrer exre trdt d e  te fve wrt cert  te wrd  tt b. Te extrg, ced   tree-er verge,re de t er.Reter cvered tee rg,rvte trced b F’ ertrT Eectrc pwer,   revew dcet d reett de tcer et cerece ver te teve er.i te uted stte -- j’ erde  cer wer -- F’ggg et recrd wd ve rtedre teve ect b te ncerRegtr C. it wd ve vted crt r te u.s. ittte ncer pwer oert,  deedetcer et rgzt etbed bte u.s. wer dtr ter te Tree meid ccdet  1979, exert .Bt tt d  teed- revew evereed  T, were te ncerd idtr set agec re dct  te trde tr crged wtrtg cer wer.a j debte t tre eerg cter te wrt cer ccdet ce
july 2011
special report
japaN NUClEaR RadiaTioN jUlY 2011
“In normaltImes, radIatIonmonItorIng wouldbe left to the plant operator, but these are not normal tImes.” 
Cerb,  Reter revew  te g-trbed recrd t F w wrd t  bee t ee te ctr’ detrectr rg  te bet  te. it w w j’ cer etbetd cer wer t te bc   retvece eerg rce  rt b ttg ct-ctet ed  rdt et verte t ever decde.“ater te F ccdet, we eedt recder te ct  cer wer,”Ttr sz, vce cr  j’atc Eerg C, td Reter.“it’ t eg t eet et tdrd.Te dtr eed t erc r te beterrce.”i  trt  te ce  te etrbe t F, T Eectrc det  10-er g tt der cderedbt  2007. Te  w t redcerdt exre r wrer t Ft brg te ct r er rc-btt te dtr’ gb et rgt ewere bew-verge b 2017,dcet w.“severer geet t bere w bereqred,” T Eectrc et reerceryr kb d r ter ceged   Eg-gge 2004 rert.Tt rert exed w j ggedter ctre c  Frce d teuted stte  tg rdt exrer wrer drg t tece.Te rert ce r  erer erd crrte  ercg b T Eectrc, tc wer reg  j tt r te F wer ttd re  crge  te ce- wrt te cred t exected t te decde r re.i 2002, te cr d redet te tt were rced t te dw terregtr ccded te c drte fed e rert drg etect d d evdece  trbe t trectr, cdg F. a 17  TEectrc’ rectr were rdered t dw.Te t  te dd t retrt t 2005.
as paRT oF a BiD To w bc bc trt, tett red t rer  “et ctre” td d ed  te cd. Te  ewewered rdt et ger werecreted d beg t dt te c’cer ert, cdg F.Te  rerted bc fdg t tercer t ertr d regtr. ne te tt’ et ger w gvete rcved reett reded treqet r cet r t rert.oe rbe, ccrdg t e  teer eet, w tt T Eectrc’ger  te grd teded t t ctvg ed   ctet t eedrvg wrer rdt de “ w reb cevbe,” te terttdrd r et.Te tece, r tce. jeet re reqred t t dw ever 13t r t r t t  te-- twce  g  te u.s. verge. Tecw w t vet  te re exeverdt et rect eeded drgtece, t werg te ct ertg F bere te ccdet.Bt tt c  ct  et Tecr deveg  re ctve ctett wrer et tt cd ve eed tvgte te mrc dter, fc w.ater te ertqe, ctrct wrer tF were et  wtt rdteter r bc ger c  rbber bt.screeg r rdt r dt d vred b wrer w deed r weet exert d te tetg w tege. at et 39 wrer wereexed t re t 100 evert rdt, fve te te x wed  r er.F Dc, bt   r reg j’ pcfc Ct t  wer tT, w ed t cr b te vemrc 11 ertqe d te t ttt e t  r ter. Te bc werte et t ee t rdctve ec were dbed, edg t etdw,ex d rdt ewg t teevret, rcg te evct  ret 80,000 redet.G h, te gveret terted t crdte j’ reet te F cr, d e w twre  te det  F’ rdtet recrd bere mrc 11 d deced tcet  tt b.Bt e d te tt d ed trtect wrer  te c tt wedte ccdet, rtg  rerd rgveret fc d  dec bregtr t te crge  rdt ettrg t te t.“i r te, rdt trgwd be et t te t ertr, bt teere t r te,” h td Reter.
RadiaTioN ChECk-Up:
--d g sk Wb  d  b  d  v   Km, khm p, h j, a 8, 2011, d b 70 km (44m) m h m-d  .
japaN NUClEaR RadiaTioN jUlY 2011
hiGhER RadiaTioN iN old plaNTS
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