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Worship Leaders Manual

Worship Leaders Manual

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Published by Alex.59

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Published by: Alex.59 on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Worship Leaders Manual Page 2
Study Guide
Page 4
Chapter 1: The Essence of Worship
Page 8 
This chapter deals with defining and describing worship. The presence of God is a key concept.
Chapter 2: The Experience of Worship
Page 17 
This chapter deals with a picture and pattern of the worship experience; and expectancy in worship.
Chapter 3: The Elements of Worship
Page 20 
This chapter deals with worship elements found in the New Testament Church; the early churches;down through the ages; and in the church today.
Chapter 4: The Ministry of Worship Leader 
Page 22 
This chapter deals with the need for a worship leader; the leader's qualifications and preparation.
Chapter 5: The Ministry Team in Worship
Page 26 
This chapter deals with the rewards of team ministry; the role of the church leadership, worship leader,musicians and worshippers; and relationships in the team.
Chapter 6: The Ministry of Worship
Page 30 
This chapter deals with themes in worship; outlines for worship; creativity in worship; setting goals for worship; balance in worship; evaluation of worship; post worship self-evaluation; songs and worship;musical excellence in worship; control in worship and bringing change in worship.
Chapter 7: Trends in Worship
Page 55 
This chapter deals with contemporary and future trends in worship as 'predicted' by various authors.
Chapter 8: Diversity in Worship
Page 66 
This chapter deals with integrating the audience: different
age groups
(children, teens, young adults,adults);
(Boomers, GenXers, Millennials);
commitment levels
(seekers, believers);
worship styles
(traditional, contemporary; worship languages; modern, postmodern) and
Chapter 9: Children and Worship
Page 76 
This chapter deals with the development of children and worship; songs for children in worship;leading children in worship; prayer and children in worship; creativity and children in worship; andoutlines for children in worship.
Article 1: An Interview With Sally Morgenthaler 
Page 82 
Article 2: Bridging The Generation Gap
Page 85 
Article 3: Finding The Grace Gates
Page 88 
Article 4: Leading Worship Leaders
Page 92 
Article 5: Ten Things I’ve Learned About Raising Up Worship Leaders
Page 95 
Worship Evaluation Form
Page 97 
The Worship Leaders Manual Page 3
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