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C12 Assignment(Predict the Output)

C12 Assignment(Predict the Output)

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Published by bookworm_shashi

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Published by: bookworm_shashi on Sep 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C Questions
All the programs are tested under Turbo C/C++ compilers.It is assumed that,
Programs run under DOS environment,
The underlying machine is an x86 system,
Program is compiled using Turbo C/C++ compiler.
Predict the output of the code segements below:
1. char *someFun(){char *temp = “string constant";return temp;}int main(){ puts(someFun());}2. main(){int a=10,*j;void *k; j=k=&a;j++;k++;printf("\n %u %u ",j,k);}3. main(){char a[4]="HELL"; printf("%s",a);}4. main(){char a[4]="HELLO"; printf("%s",a);}
Is this code legal?(if yes then what it does)int *p; p = (int *) 0x400;6. void main(){int i=10, j=2;int *ip= &i, *jp = &j;int k = *ip/*jp; printf(“%d”,k);}7. char inStr[100] = {0};To get string input from the keyboard which one of the following is better?Why?1) gets(inStr)2) fgets(inStr, sizeof(inStr), fp)8.void main(){ printf(“sizeof (void *) = %d \n“, sizeof( void *)); printf(“sizeof (int *) = %d \n”, sizeof(int *)); printf(“sizeof (double *) = %d \n”, sizeof(double *)); printf(“sizeof(struct unknown *) = %d \n”, sizeof(struct unknown *));}9. Is the following code , legal and If yes then why?struct a{int x;struct a *b;}10. Is the following code legal? And if no why?struct a{int x;struct a b;}11. What is the hidden bug with the following statement?assert(val++ != 0);
12. What is wrong with the following code?int *foo(){int *s = malloc(sizeof(int)100);assert(s != NULL);return s;}13. What is the error in the following code ?void funny(int n, int ar[]){int *p=0;int i=0;while(i++<n) p = &ar[i];*p = 0;} 14. Is there any difference between the two declarations,1.int foo(int *arr[]) and2.int foo(int *arr[2])15. There were 10 records stored in “sfile.dat” but the following program printed 11names. What went wrong?void main(){struct student{char name[30], rollno[6];}stud;FILE *fp = fopen(“sfile.dat”,”r”);while(!feof(fp)){fread(&stud, sizeof(stud), 1 , fp); puts(stud.name);}}16. main(){struct date;struct student{

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