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Table Of Contents

What Is Hacking?
˛What is hacking?
What You Need for These Hacks
Regarding Your Warranty
How to Read This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Networking Hacks
Image Hacks
Homebrew Applications and Programming
Conventions Used in This Book
Sony’s PSP Strategy
Full Technical Specifications of the PSP
Video Capabilities
Battery Life
Networking Capabilities
PSP Firmware Versions and Why They Matter
UMD, the “Universal” Media Disc
Using Non-Duo Memory Sticks
Step 1: Sand Down the Duo Connector So It Fits Properly in the PSP
Step 3: Use the Memory Stick
Viewing eBooks on Your PSP
Converting eBooks with PaperlessPrinter or JPEGBook
The PSP as a Storage Device
Syncing the PSP with Your Computer
Changing the PSP’s Background Color and Wallpaper Image
New Background Features in Firmware 2.0
Changing Your Wallpaper
Saving Xbox Games on Your PSP
Step 1: Get to the Save Game Point in an Xbox Game
Step 2: Plug Your PSP into the Xbox USB Adapter
Step 3: Put Your PSP in USB Connection Mode
Preventing Screen Glare
Getting Replacement Parts
Opening Up Your PSP and Removing Parts
What You Need
Step 1: Prepare the PSP
Step 2: Remove the Back Plane
Step 6: Carefully Remove the Circuit Strips
Step 7: Remove the Mainboard
Step 8: Remove the Wi-Fi Shielding Plate
Step 9: Remove the Wi-Fi + Memory Stick Board
Configuring Wireless Internet Access
Turning Wireless On and Off
Set Up a Networking Profile
Speeding Up Wireless Internet Access
Sony’s Official Web Browser
Scrolling Web Pages in Sony’s Web Browser
Tabbed Browsing in Sony’s Web Browser
Quick Overview of Buttons and Menu Options
Resolving Out of Memory Errors
Viruses and the PSP
Web Sites Formatted for the PSP
Sony’s Official PSP Web Site
Downloading Files with Sony’s Web Browser
Step 1: Organize Your Favorites
Step 2: Export Your Internet Explorer Favorites
Step 3: Launch BROWSER 2 PSP
Step 4: Copy Bookmarks Over to PSP
Wipeout Pure: A Cool Game with a Fantastic Feature
Get a Web Server
Download the DNS Server
Configure the DNS Server
Create the Wipeout Directory
Build Your Portal Web Page
Set up a Networking Profile for Your Hack
Launch Wipeout Pure
What If It Doesn’t Work?
Sites Optimized for Mobile Devices
AOL Instant Messenger
Accessing Most of the Messenger Services for Free
Viewing RSS Feeds
Accessing E-mail and Webmail
Sony PSP Web Browser Tips
Viewing Saved Web Pages on Your PSP
Step 1: Find Web Content
Step 2: Print Your Web Pages Using Paperless Printer
Step 3: Copy the Files to Your PSP
Step 4: Take It with You
Step 1: Export the Images
Step 2: Copy Images to PSP
Step 3: View Your Presentation
What If You Want the Animations?
Play Multiplayer Games with Only One Game UMD
Running the Hack
Step 1: Create the Mutliplayer Game on System 1
Step 2: Eject the UMD Disc from System 1
Step 3: Load and Join the Game with System 2
Step 4: Swap the UMD Back to System 1
Step 5: Make One Last Swap to System 2, then Play
The PSP’s Saved Data Utility
Backing Up Games
Changing the Saved Game Background Image
Step 2: View the Image
Restoring Game Backups
Play Almost Anything— But There’s a Catch
Less Data Means More Video
UMD: The Not-So-Universal Universal Media Disc
Out-of-the-Box Limitations on Media Format Compatibility
Getting Videos on Your PSP
Converting and Transferring Video to Your PSP
Windows Step 1: Download and Configure PSP Video 9
Mac Step 1: Download iPSP Media Manager
Step 2: Find the Video to Convert
Step 3: Convert the Video
Optional: Modify Video Encoding Settings
Step 4: Transfer the Video
Step 5: Play the Video
TivoToGo Video on the PSP
Step 1: Get the Latest Version of the TiVo Service
Step 2: Connect the TiVo to Your Home Network
Step 3: Download and Install TiVo Desktop
Step 4: Transfer Video from Your TiVo
Step 5: Convert the Video
Step 6: Transfer the Video to Your PSP
Step 7: Play the Video
ReplayTV Video on Your PSP
Step 1: Download WinReplayPC
Step 2: Set Up your ReplayTV on the Network
Step 3: Transfer Videos from your ReplayTV
Step 4: Convert the Transferred Videos
Step 5: Transfer the Videos to Your PSP
Step 6: Play the Videos
Watching DVDs on Your PSP
Method 2: Buy the UMD Version of the Movie
It’s All in the Firmware
Changing Sound Equalizer Settings
Getting Music on Your PSP
Transferring Music to Your PSP
Create a “PSP shuffle”—Automatically Fill Your PSP with Music
Determining Encoded File Sizes
Listening to AudioBooks
Teach Your PSP How to Read
Record the Audio
Connect the Audio Cable
Record the Text
Transfer Audio to PSP
Podcasts and PSPCasts
Controlling iTunes with Your PSP and a Mac
Controlling WinAmp with Your PSP
Make Your Media Available via Web NAS Devices
Images on the PSP
Tips and Tricks When Viewing Images
Photo List Mode
Viewing an Image
Image Conversion Programs
Viewing Any Type of Document on the PSP
Homebrew Viewer
Paperless Printer and Related Software
Creating Custom Thumbnail Previews for Video Files
Using the PSP as a Digital Photo Album
Sharing Photos with Other PSP Users
Replacement Batteries
Charging Cases
Car Chargers and A/C Inverters
Getting Just a Little Bit More: Build an Emergency Battery Pack
Step 1: Charge the Batteries and Place Them in the Battery Holder
Step 2: Solder the Snap Connector to the DC Plug
Bring Extra Power
Bring Movies
Bring Music
Pack a Sturdy Case
Building a Car Mount
Drill Holes in the Ash Grabber
Smooth Holes in the Ash Grabber
Insert the Extensions into the Cup Holder Holes
Mount the Extensions in the Cup Holder Holes
Let the Glue Dry for Four Hours
Score the Logitech Case
Align the Extensions on the Case
Verify the Case Position before Affixing the Extensions
Mix the Epoxy
Apply Epoxy to the Logitech Case
Apply the Extensions to the Case
Reattach the Lid to the Ash Grabber
Install the Mount in the Car
Download Bochs for PSP
Create or Download a Hard Drive Image
Configure Bochs
Copy Bochs Files to Your PSP
If You Have a 1.0 Firmware PSP
If You Have a 1.5 Firmware PSP
Boot Up Your PC on Your PSP
Buffer Overflows
˛Buffer overflows
Step 1: Make Sure the PSP Is Fully Charged and Eject Any UMD Disc
Step 2: Download the Needed Files
Step 3: Create the Updater Directory
Back Up
Step 4: Copy the Exploit Background Image
Step 5: Disconnect and Set Your Background Image
Step 6: Reconnect Your PSP via the USB and Copy the Remaining Files
Step 8: Disconnect USB Cable and Run the Exploit
Step 9: Run the Firmware 1.5 Update Program
Step 10: “Repair” Your PSP
Step 11: Configure Your PSP
Can I Flash Back to 2.0?
WAB Version Changer
Getting WAB Version Changer
Running WAB Version Changer
Running Your Applications
Checking Your Firmware Version
Basic Terms
Getting Started
Setting Up the Development Environment
Installing Cygwin
Installing the PSP SDK Toolchain
Making the Final Cygwin Settings
Next Stop: Hello World!
Getting to Know C
A Few Gotchas When Entering Code
Create Your Project Folder
The Hello World Source Code
So What Does This Code Do?
Creating the Make File
Running Your Program
The Swapsploit and K-XPloit
K-Xploit Software for PC
K-Xploit Software for Mac
Running the Software
Getting to the SDK Files
Compiling the Sample Files
Audio Library
Controller Library
Debugging Library
Graphics Unit (GU) Library
Infrared (IR) Library
Kernel Library
Power Library
USB Library
Utility Library
Wireless Networking (WLAN) Library
Adventure Maker
AdventurePlayer PSP
Test Fully
Package Hacked Versions
Include a Manual and EULA
Upload to Multiple PSP Sites
Get Reviews
Please Don’t Be a Pirate
Software for Your PSP
Synchronizing Tips and Caveats
Memory Sticks
Carrying Cases
Backing Up Your Games
Backing Up Games to Your Computer
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Hacking the PSP

Hacking the PSP

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Published by Ersin Kamburoğlu

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Published by: Ersin Kamburoğlu on Jul 27, 2011
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