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Letter to the Carden Academy Community

Letter to the Carden Academy Community

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Published by Cheryl Miller

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Published by: Cheryl Miller on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Desk of Dr. Andrew De Forest
 April 14, 2007 
Mr. John Harrisson, M.S., Executive Director Carden Academy of Maui Board of Directors Dr. Jane Schumacher, Ph.D, Program Director  Aloha Mr. Harrisson,
To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and  gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.
Having been recently informed of Nextel’s effort to deliberately bypass the Grace ChurchCongregants and the entire Carden Academy Community of 200, including 128 children ages5-14, and install another of their Microwave Towers dangerously near Carden Academy physical school rooms and children’s playground, without reasonable, proper or legalnotification, I find it urgently necessary to clarify and correct the misleading graphics,comparisons and ‘safety data’ Nextel has given the Carden Administration for perusal. Nextel’sdeliberate pre-meditated attempt to subvert public approval procedures, stretches thecomprehension of this parent, and should compel all affected to thoroughly investigate theintent and motivation of such practices.If this High Frequency MicroWave Tower is installed at the proposed location- or any other area with 100-900 feet of the Academy’s outer property lines- depending on which study you believe- the microwave radiation will definitely expose our children, administrative andteaching staff to the uncertain effects of High Frequency MicroWave Radiation, Stray Voltageand Ground Effects, Electric Effects, Pulsed Modulated and Continuous Wave radiofrequencies, potential Elevated Non-Vertical Field Effects and Quantum Field effects from thetransmission of their micro wave antenna, not to mention the obvious potential for mechanicalfailure in Kula’s high winds and catastrophic consequences considering its proximity to thechildren’s playground.I thought it only prudent to wade through Nextel’s deceptive information and carefully providethe Carden Academy Community background information on MicroWave Frequency Effectsand Research, the Cell Phone Industry, world wide research- historical and current- on therational and common-sense concern over the planned location of such a tower near the Church,After Care Center(Fellowship Hall), playground and other structures where young children andadults spend the better part of the entire day.I sincerely hope that the following compilation- on short notice- of highly relevant published1
From the Desk of Dr. Andrew De Forestand unpublished articles, laboratory research, epidemiological and clinical studies,correspondences, safety guidelines, tower site hazards, community actions and legal briefsfrom around the world, will reveal a most troubling picture of the EMF\MicroWave Industrydrama that has been laid squarely in our lap, encouraging all involved to err on theconservative side of safety for our precious children and staff, particularly in light of Nextel’sunderhanded and poorly planned installation agenda.Fortunately, Grace Church, The Carden Academy Family and surrounding neighborhoodmembers, has substantial academic and professional depth within its small population, and I believe after reading the enclosed materials, one will leave with a feeling of profounduncertainty and unwelcome distrust of Nextel’s agenda and threats to bypass our community,local jurisdiction and constitutional rights under the 10
Amendment, by going to the FederalLevel.Mr. Harrisson, the alarms on troubling health effects of Cell Tower and phone MicrowaveRadiation indeed have been sounded some time ago, and in fact they were, as early as 1989,when independent of Communications Industry research began to reveal:- a change in calcium concentrations was identified with exposure to very low levels of microwave radiation(SAR of .05 - .005 W/Kg) University of Washington-1995: a study suggested a correlation between cell phone radiation and childhood leukemia;-1998: when a study demonstrated DNA damage at microwave levels 1\5 that of current USSafety Standards;-2001: In a letter to the Vermont House of Representatives, Dr. Henry Lai, Research Professor,Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington reviewed seven(7) laboratory studiesfrom 1989 to 2000,
demonstrating changes in the blood brain barrier, decrease inreproduction functions, decreased eating and drinking behaviour, DNA damage and molecular  stress under very low exposures to microwave radiation.
-2003: when yet another study demonstrated nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves;- 2005:
in a study entitled ‘The Sensitivity of Children to Electromagnetic Fields’ published inthe August 2005 Pediatrics
for research recommendations:
“Additional laboratory and epidemiologic studies relating to childhood leukemia and ELF magnetic field exposure were strongly recommended…. investigation of the potential effects of RF fields on cognition and thedevelopment of childhood brain tumors was considered particularly urgent…”
;-2005: published in Neuroepidemiology, regarding Acoustic Neuroma or Meningioma:
‘…digital cellular phones and cordless phones increased the risk to some extent… In themultivariate analysis, analogue phones represented a significant risk factor for acousticneuroma.
-2005: A
compilation on Electro-Sensitivity in Sweden
 , based on the documents submitted tothe Council for Work life Research in March 2000 from more than 400 people and from their relatives, doctors or engineers performing field reduction. The percentage of letterwriters withhigher education was high – some were postgraduates and many were engineers – and they all had the ambition to describe their resulting handicap in as much detail as possible for thebenfit of future research.-
2006: published in
Occupational Environmental Medicine(Austria),
in the study entitled,2
From the Desk of Dr. Andrew De ForestSubjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations
: ‘Despite the influence of confounding variables, including fear of adverse effects from exposure to HF-EMF from the base station, there was a significant relation of some symptoms to measured power density, this was highest for headaches.CONCLUSION: Despite very low exposure to HF-EMF, effects on wellbeing and performancecannot be ruled out, as shown by recently obtained experimental results; however, mechanismsof action at these low levels are unknown.’ 
-A compiled chart(enclosed) of the huge range of ‘Public Safety Standards” From around theworld demonstrating the wide variance and disagreement on what constitutes ‘safe’ in theenvironment of ongoing uncertainty of the damaging effects of Cell Tower exposure.-2006: published in
International Archives Occupational Health
two case controlled studies
‘..shows significant increase in the risk for malignant brain tumours’ 
- 2006: published in the American Journal of Epidemiology,
“Among persons who had used cellular phones for 10 or more years, a doubled risk was found for glioma but not for meningioma.”-
In a 2006 British article,
“Health fears lead schools to dismantle wireless networks”, explainedhow teachers and students became ill after introduction of a wireless computer network inclassrooms.
 Professor William Stewart, Chairman of the Health Protection Agency, said theevidence of potentially harmful effects of microwave radiation had become more persuasiveover the past five years, and urged precaution.-
The Cell Nucleus is Mutating
 , Interview with
Professor Dr Heyo Eckel, a radiologist, lecturer at Göttingen University, vice chairman of the Health and Environment Committee of theGerman Medical Association.
 His scientific conclusion: electromagnetic, pulsed waves fromtransmitter masts and mobile phones affect and deform the cell nucleus. The effects arecomparable with those of X-rays. As long as the harmlessness of mobile telecommunications isnot proven, everything must be done to protect the population against potential health damage.-
Workshop on ODC(Ornithine decarboxylase), which plays an important role in DNAsynthesis, Dr. Adey analyzed laboratory rat ODC levels after exposure to Motorola’s IRIDIUMcell phone microwaves and found decreased cerebral and cerebellar ODC activity in fetuses.She made additional suggestions on research in light of the profound ramifications of DNAalterations-
Motorola denied Dr. Adey two further requests for funding.-
September of 2006, International Institute of Biophysics and Dial M for Malignant, in anexpose’ article a British publication dissects the cellular phone-research industry ties-A paper authored by Dr Robert Kane, Ph.D, Former Motorola Senior Research Scientist andTechnical Staff Member, where he discusses second-hand RadioFrequency(RF) Radiationexposures- particularly commenting on the utter lack of research attention this topic deserves.-An AP article referencing a neighborhood in St. Louis who fought against T-Mobile’sinstallation plan on church property- the neighborhoods 250 signed petition was met with thezoning department’s denial of permit… T-Mobile sued and won- based upon the ‘911’argument, and the interesting fact that the FCC eliminates the ‘health factor’ argument in their approval of towers in neighborhoods. Other cases are before the Supreme Court and rest primarily on 10
Amendment arguments; however, as you know, eminent domain cases haverecently been dealt severe blows in local communities throughout the states. Although somecourts have refused to allow their legal tactics to throw the issue into federal courts, the cell3

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Cheryl Miller added this note
From the Desk of Dr. Andrew De Forest - Important Info. to help in the fight against cell towers on school properties.

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