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Gay Marriage and Christianity (A document for Christians)

Gay Marriage and Christianity (A document for Christians)

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Published by Timothy Waggener
A document concerning the truth about gay marriage, Christianity, and the Bible to explain to Christians the true emphasis on gay marriage in the Bible.
A document concerning the truth about gay marriage, Christianity, and the Bible to explain to Christians the true emphasis on gay marriage in the Bible.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Timothy Waggener on Jul 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gay Marriage and Traditional Christian Marriage
 A Document for Christians
By: Timothy R. Waggener 
Many Christians who read this document will be tempted to stop reading, because it seems"ridiculous." I encourage you to read all the way through, as you may be surprised by the progressionof the text.I have heard a lot of Christians complain that legalizing gay marriage destroys the sanctity of traditional marriage. I find it ironic that people who say this have participated, daily, in destroying thesanctity of traditional Christian marriage.By tradition it is blasphemous for a married couple to divorce. This is a long held tradition by theChristian Church. Doing so guarantees you a spot in hell, according to traditional Christianity.In America over 60% of all marriages end in divorce. Therefore if you are American and you have not been married at least 30 years, and never been divorced then you are not qualified to speak concerningtraditional Christian marriage.In addition there is a brand new teaching which has emerged in Christianity that women are equal tomen, and are not property. According to traditional Christian teachings this is blasphemous, andanyone who believes in this concept is to be excommunicated from the Church. Many people have been killed by the leading authorities of Christianity for believing this, such as gnostic Christians.According to traditional Christian marriage it is wrong to state that a woman has a right to choose whoshe marries. According to the sanctity of traditional Christian marriage it is up to the parents to decidewho a woman marries.In a traditional Christian marriage a woman is not required to say "I do." In fact, in a traditionalChristian marriage the original reason for having the groom to choose a "best man" was to protect thewoman from being stolen away by any other man who desired the woman more than the man who wasmarrying her. In a traditional Christian marriage the "best man" is a bodyguard who protects thewoman from any other man who seeks to own her as property.If you do not believe that women are property who can be owned by men then according to traditionalChristian teachings you are a heretic who is going to tell and who Christians have a right to murder. Not stop and think for a second. In your mind have I been blabbing like a lunatic? In your mind have I been teaching things which nobody in their right mind in a modern society would agree with? Wouldyou say I am being inconsiderate of the advancements of American society?If I were to read these words in modern day without knowing who wrote them I would say these samethings. Why then did I write these words?If Christians had read this speech back in "Traditional" times, they would have given me a strong"Amen" and praised my ability to understand the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.Societies change. Christians have been through a lot of changes that most of them are not aware of.
The Bible has been used, in the past, to support the slavery of African Americans, to support the ideathat they are descendants of Cain and are inferior human beings. Just because someone is using theBible to preach something does not mean they are doing God's will, or even teaching somethinghealthy to a modern society.This document is an attempt to open your mind to the true meaning of Christianity, and anunderstanding of the inspiration and teachings of Jesus.First I wanted you to witness firsthand history. Those who do not understand history are doomed torepeat it. In order to clearly understand the teachings of modern society it is important to understandthe teachings of the past.In the old testament those who are homosexuals are considered worthy of death. Many people use theteachings of Sodom and Gomorrah as a demonstration that homosexuality is wrong. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah does not teach that homosexuality is wrong at all. In the story of Sodom andGomorrah we see that the city of Sodom is so corrupt that when Angels descend from heaven the people of Sodom demand what they appear to think is some kind of right to rape these angels. Theythen declare them enemies who are opposed to their way of life and express a desire to kill them. After this statement is made they again demand to rape these angels. The person to who the angels came tovisit is so terrified of these violent rapists that he requests they rape his daughters instead. Thisindicates a lot about the society of Sodom, such as the idea that they were not destroyed merely for  participating in homosexuality, and that a society would have to do much more than participate in"sodomy" to be wiped off of the face of the earth by God.Other teachings in the Old Testament also speak of stoning homosexuals. However other verses in theOld Testament speak of stoning disobedient children.As a Christian one should clearly understand the difference between the Old Testament and the NewTestament. The Old Testament is categorized in "The Age of the Law." The New Testament iscategorized in "The Age of Grace." In the New Testament God teaches mercy, tolerance, andforgiveness. Teachings of the Old Testament no longer apply in many aspects, because they are froman entirely different era.This brings us to other points about a "Traditional Christian Marriage." In the old Testament Solomonhad multiple wives (over 1,000 of them) and multiple harlots. Does this mean that modern dayChristians are allowed to have such a thing? No, this is a clear contradiction of the new teachings brought to us by Jesus.In the Old Testament it is declared that if a woman is raped by a man she is required to marry that man.In modern society we no longer regard women as property. Therefore, in modern society women arenot forced to marry the men who raped them, because in America we believe in something called"Separation of Church and State." The idea behind separation of Church and State is that State(meaning Government) cannot be influenced by Church (meaning Christian Religion, or any other Religion) in the act of making laws.It is important to remember that State should be influenced by morality, and morality is often inspired by Religion. However, the realities are clear.
1. The Bible does not teach that non-Christians cannot be married. The Bible also does not teach thatgay marriage is wrong for people outside of Christianity.2. References from the Old Testament stating homosexuality are wrong are applicable to the "OldLaws" which also advocate, what is considered in our modern society to be child abuse and murder.These teachings are part of a previous age, and no longer match our society.3. Teachings of the New Testament emphasize tolerance for people who do not believe in the samethings you believe in, and an understanding of the difference between Government and Religion ("Giveto Ceaser what is Ceaser's, and to God what is God's".)Because of separation of Church and State, the US Government cannot declare that gay marriage canonly be allowed for those who are not Christians.However, one must ask the obvious question... Do gay Christians have a right to become married?Homosexuality is not emphasized strongly as wrong in the New Testament. There are only a couple of verses which speak on this issue, and it is not a primary teaching. The Bible also teaches that sex before marriage is wrong. The Bible also teaches that a man should not even have physical touch witha woman. These teachings are actually emphasized more than teachings on homosexuality.Many of the teachings of the New Testament are philosophical teachings which were relevant at thetime in which they were written. For example, when The Bible taught that slaves should be obedient totheir masters this was something he said to discourage slaves from rising up against their masters in thename of Christianity.Does this mean that slavery is okay, and all slaves should be obedient to their masters? Not accordingto modern society. However, when the Northern states of America were advocating for freedom for African American slaves, the southern states were going to Church where they were taught that theBible directly teaches us that slaves must be obedient to their masters, and that slavery is a Biblical practice.Consider for a moment that the Bible is the word of God. In Greek (which the New Testament wasoriginally written in) there are two words for "the word" as referenced in the Bible.Logos, which means the written word. The written word is not considered the "pure" word of God, because it is manifested, and is "filtered."Rhema, which means the unspoken, pure word. The unspoken word is the pure word of God,emanating God's will.While much of this is lost in translation amoung modern Christianity who do not understand theoriginal language the New Testament was written in, the Bible actually teaches that Rhema (theunspoken word) is eternal and unchangeable The Bible does not teach that Logos (the written word) isunchangeable and Eternal.Logos is in fact open to interpretation. Now think back to the opening of this message. Remember how I was ranting like a lunatic about the

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