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Is Lytil Prince - Le Petit Prince en Sambahsa / The Little Prince in Sambahsa

Is Lytil Prince - Le Petit Prince en Sambahsa / The Little Prince in Sambahsa

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Published by Mithridates
Is Lytil Prince in Sambahsa

Le Petit Prince en Sambahsa

The Little Prince in Sambahsa

Translated from French by Olivier Simon
Is Lytil Prince in Sambahsa

Le Petit Prince en Sambahsa

The Little Prince in Sambahsa

Translated from French by Olivier Simon

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Published by: Mithridates on Jul 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ab Antoine de Saint-Exupéry- Sambahsa tarjem -
 Ad Léon WerthBeudo pardon im magven ob dedievs tod buk uni balirh. Ho un serieus excuse : so balirh est is sellst prient ho tienxia. Ho alyum excuse : so balirh ghehdt prete quant, hatta buks promagvens. Ho un trit excuse : so balirh weict in France quer is paytt ob hungher ed srigos. Iswant husur. Sei quant ta excuses ne sont kafi, io accepte dedie tod buk ei magvi qui sobalirh buit prevst. Vasyi balirhs buir magvi prever (bet pauks ex i mehme to). Corrego ghi mien dedication : Ad Léon Werthquan is eet un lytil pwarn.
I.Kun eem sixat ho vis, oins, un schungjin kwiter, in un buk de orlays quos titule eet
Tod kip un boa serpent quel sorpsit un simbva. En id copie ios rissem.
Eet baht in id buk : « Boa serpents sorbe ir hol praedd, aun giues el. Dind neti ghehdentmove ed swehpent unte ia six munts irs digestion”.Ho tun maung-ye mohnto de ia jungle aventures ed, ep mien roig, ho kamyaben, med uncolor molive, trace mien prest rissem. Mien rissem adadh 1 kwohkit katha :Ho diken mien chefdover ad balirhs ed ho sprohct i an mien rissem dekhschiet i.Mi habent antwohrdt : “Ma un hat dekhschatiet ?”Mien rissem ne kip un hat. Id kip un boa serpent quel digestit un elephant. Ho tun rissen elboa serpent sbei inner, kay i balirhs ghohd ghabe. Semper naudhent explications. Mienrissem adadho 2 eet katha :Balirhs mi hant radht ablinkwes rissems em ghyant au clus boa serpents, ed anter meinteresse ad geographia, historia, ed hissab. It ho tyohgven, sixat, un schungjin carriere ospictor. Io hieb schawngdant ob id aunsuccessia miens rissem adadh 1 ed miens rissemadadhios 2. Balirhs naiwo ghabe ject per seswo, ed strakeiht magvens im dahe semper explications...Ho ghi dohlgen chuses alyo kasseb ed ho ucto styre plavs. Ho pluct lyt quantloc tienxia. Edgeographia, yaghi, mi hat maung daughen. Io siegv enderkwites, yant id prest mic, China udArizona. To est util sei anghen se hat forpluken unte id noct.Ho it haben, in id druna miens gwit, much contacts con much serieus leuds. Ho maung-yegwit bim balirhs. Ho vis i meg prokwtos. To ne hat meg kayjinto mieno mayn.Quan incontrim oinem quel mi kwohk lyt lucid, probim talmed mien rissem adadh 1 hosemper conservet. Gnohskwim an el eet druve-ye ghabmon. Bet semper el mi antwohrd :“Est un hat.” Tun al tolkim neter de boa serpents, ni de orlaysa, ni de stars. Me dehsim unteelso schaecheing. Al tolkim de bridge, de golf, de politique ed cravats. Ed el balirh eet bayghmasrour de gnohe un tem kemall wir…
II.Also ho gwit mon, aun anghen con quel druve-ye tolke, tiel un avaria in id desert Sahara, sixyars pre. Semject hiebit brohct in mieno motor. Ed dat io hieb con me neter mecaniste, nipassagers, me preparim ad pites kamyabe, mon, un difficil reparation. Eet pro me unquestion os gwit au nehc. Hiebim payn wed pohtu unte octo diens.Ye id prest vesper ho ghi narct ep id sando mil mayls dalg ud cada weicmen. Eem bayghmeis isolet quem uno naufrageit ep un plott medsu id ocean. Imaginet ghi mien surprise, yesolweus, quan un goilo lytil voc me hat probudt. Id sieyg :« Plais… reiss mi un ow !-He ?-Reiss mi un ow»Ho skanden ep mien peds kamsei habiem esen plagen ab id keraun. Ho suaghniht mienokwi. Ho suaspohcen. Ed ho vis un alnos extraordinar smulk bonem qui me protiokwit grave-ye. En id gohdst portrait quod, serter, ho kamyaben kwehre ex iom.Bet mien rissem, weidwos, est maung-ye minter nraveihnd quem is model. Ne est mien rhalt.Io hieb esen schawngdanihn in mien pictor carriere ab i balirhs, sixat, ed io hieb nel-ye uctrisses, ploisko cluden boas ed ghyant boas.Spohcim ghi tod prehpen med alnos staunrund okwi. Ne myehrste od io wohs mil mayls dalgud cada weicmen. Api mieno smulk bonem kwohk neter forgwahn, ni mohrt ob strak, nimohrt ob hungher, ni mohrt ob teurst, ni mohrt ob paur. Is nel-ye kwohkit kam uno magv lustmedsu id desert, mil mayls dalg ud cada weicmen. Quando bad kamyiebim bahe, io eisieyg :

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