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Table Of Contents

The Various Flavors of GoldMine
GoldMine Standard
GoldMine Corporate
GoldMine Premium
GoldMine Enterprise
How to Use This Book
Foolish Assumptions
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: GoldMine Premium Basics
Part II: Managing Contacts
Part III: Managing Activities
Part IV: Marketing and Support
Part V: Managing Documents
Part VI: Organizing and Distributing Information
Part VII: Customizing GoldMine
Part VIII: The Part of Tens
Conventions Used in This Book
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here
Chapter 1
Discovering Everything that GoldMine Can Do
Consolidating all your prospect and customer information
Keeping track of your life
Communicating with your team and the world
Keeping tabs on opportunities and projects
Setting up Automated Processes
Doing some great marketing
Organizing your customer support
Investigating a Few of the Things GoldMine Isn’t Designed to Do
Integrating word processing and spreadsheets
Quoting and accounting
Planning a Successful Project
Providing Training: The Key to Success
Chapter 2
Understanding the GoldMine interface
Understanding the GoldMine Interface
The Main Menu
The Global Toolbar
The Navigation Pane
The Work Area
The status bar
Getting Help
Getting help online
The GoldMine forum
Customizing Your Tabs
Customizing All Your Preferences
Personal Preferences
Record preferences
Calendar preferences
Schedule preferences
Alarms preferences
Lookup preferences
E-mail preferences
Login preferences
Speller preferences
System preferences
Pager preferences
Telephony preferences
Securing Your Data
Syncing Up with GoldSync
Adding iGoldMine Plus
Accessing GoldMine with Remote Desktop
Using Handheld Devices
Creating new records
Creating New Records
Adding a new company
Entering additional contacts
Dealing with Jr., Sr., and III
Entering U.S. telephone numbers
Entering telephone numbers for the rest of the world
E-mail addresses — you’ve got to collect ’em
Entering Web site addresses
Checking for duplicate records
Finding a Record in Your Database
The semi-secret and fast way to find a record
More sophisticated searches
Using a Custom Field
Who needs custom fields, anyway?
How custom fields get on-screen
Accessing field views
The Main Notepad
What to put in the main notepad
Starting a new note
The Contacts Tab
Entering a new secondary contact
Editing an existing secondary contact
Swapping the secondary contact with the primary one
Converting a secondary record to a stand-alone record
Taking care of the details
Taking Care of the Details
Using existing details
Entering new details
Creating your own details
More fields you can use with details
Finding specific detail records
Making Use of Referrals
Building and Using Filters
Accessing the filter system
Creating and using a new filter
Releasing a filter
Counting records in a filter
Building and Using Groups
Defining Activities
Creating Activities
Entering Activities on the Calendar
Filling in the Scheduling Dialog Box
The Contact field
The Code field
The Primary User field
The Reference field
The Notes field
The Date field
The Time field
Using the Options
Rescheduling an Activity
Scheduling Activities for Other People
Using the iCal Features
Scheduling a meeting with an Outlook user
Responding to a meeting request
Scheduling Recurring Activities
Viewing activities from the Calendar
Viewing Activities Using the Calendar
Viewing open activities with the Calendar
Viewing completed activities from the Calendar
Modifying the listing within each Calendar activity
Checking the Activity List
Getting back to the account
Changing the focus of the Activity list
More actions you can perform on activities
Viewing Groups of Users on the Calendar
Four Ways to Complete Your Activities
Delegating activities to other people
Rescheduling activities
Deleting activities
Ignoring activities
The Best Way to Complete an Activity
Completing from the Calendar
Completing from the Activity list
Completing from the Pending tab
Setting up Quotas
Entering Your Forecasts
Viewing Your Sales Pipeline
Analyzing sales in tabular format
Analyzing sales in graphical format
Viewing individual items in the forecast
Forecast reports
Viewing a group forecast
Completing Your Forecasts
Getting leads into GoldMine
Importing Leads into GoldMine
Assigning Leads to Users
Using ZIP codes
Using telephone area codes
Using geography
Other methodologies
Analyzing Your Leads
Using Automated Processes
Using the Campaign Manager
Using the Essential Fields for Marketing with GoldMine
Merge codes
Configuring Your Case Setup
Using Templates
Assigning cases
Reassigning cases
Using Your Knowledge Base
Understanding What Versions Work Together
Creating Templates
Using Your Templates
Configuring Your E-Mail System
Entering your ISP’s account information
Setting options for composing your messages
Creating an e-mail signature file
Sending E-Mail Messages
Addressing a message
Composing the subject and body of a message
Completing a message
Sending messages to a group
Getting Your Mail
I just wanna get my e-mail, already
Defining rule conditions
Defining rule actions
What Versions Work Together
The Three Options for Outlook
Importing and Exporting
Receiving e-mails in Outlook
Sending e-mails from Outlook
Exploring the Links Tab
Linking Files Automatically
Linking word-processing documents
Linking e-mails
Linking faxes
Manually Linking Files and Folders
Using the Links shortcut menu
Using drag-and-drop
Accessing Linked Documents
Navigating the Knowledge Base
Understanding how the Knowledge Base is organized
Searching the Knowledge Base
Creating New Knowledge Base Books, Folders, and Topics
Creating a Knowledge Base book
Editing entries in your Knowledge Base
Displaying account statistics
Displaying Account Statistics
Lying with Statistics
Using the Forecast Analysis
Using Graphical Analysis
Using Leads Analysis
Setting Quotas and Measuring Performance against Them
Assigning a quota
Analyzing sales versus quota
Choosing a report category
Choosing a Report Category
Generating a GoldMine Report
Choosing the report type
Sorting and selecting data for your reports
Structuring your report
Adding new fields
Adding a label
Creating Custom Reports
Using Alternatives to the Built-in Reporting System
Crystal Reports
Microsoft Reporting Services
Other report generators
The Opportunity/Project Manager
The Opportunity Manager and its functions
Influencers and Contacts
Forecasted Sales
Tracking details
The Finish Line
Closing and Converting Opportunities
Building Relationships
Activating a Section
Doing a Rollup
Adding new fields to your database
Adding New Fields to Your Database
Creating a new field
Rebuilding your database
Organizing and Creating Field Views
Displaying New Fields
Changing Field Labels and Data OntheFly
Modifying an Existing Field
Assigning an account manager
Changing the face of GoldMine withRecord Typing
Using Existing Lookup Lists
Customizing Your Lookup Lists
Deleting the standard lookup entries
Creating new entries
Setting lookup list options
Using the punctuation tools
Designing and Implementing AutomatedProcesses
Developing Tracks
Setting process options
Programming event properties
Executing a Process
Displaying the GM+View Tab
Creating GM+View Templates
Inserting fields and text files
Inserting links
Inserting pictures
Selecting Your Template
Using GM+Browser
Preparing to Link GoldMine andYourWeb Site
Designing Scripts
Designing Forms
Remote Access
Remote Access
iGoldMine Plus
Remote Desktop
General Utilities
KnowledgeSync and TaskCentre
Honorable Mentions
New user interface
New User Interface
Customer Support Module
Tabbed View
SQL Query Wizard
Web Integration
Record Typing
GoldMine Standard Bites the Dust
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GoldMine 8 for Dummies

GoldMine 8 for Dummies

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Published by: Murilo on Jul 28, 2011
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