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FRESHMAN Syllabus 11-12 Marconi

FRESHMAN Syllabus 11-12 Marconi

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Published by Michelle Marconi

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Published by: Michelle Marconi on Jul 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Written and Oral CommunicationsSyllabus for Freshman English
Rolling Meadows High School
Instructor: Ms. Michelle MarconiRoom: E111Email Address: michelle.marcon@d214.orgVoicemail:Conference Blocks: Semester One: First and Fifth Blocks / Semester Two: Fourth and Fifth BlocksWebsite:https://sites.google.com/site/rmhsmarconiANDhttp://www.edmodo.com/ 
Welcome to Written & Oral Communications! The purpose of this year long interdisciplinary course is tointroduce various components of speech, literature, history, and composition in order to create anunderstanding and appreciation of our world. We will focus on components of oral communication,writing, grammar, reading, and vocabulary. Our course will include writing, reading, speaking, andcommunicating for a variety of purposes.
Of Mice & Men
by John Steinbeck 
To Kill a Mockingbird 
by Harper Lee
 America Now 
(Atwan, 7
Word Within the Word 
The Magic Lens
Speech for Effective Communication
(Holt, Rinehart, and Winston)
WREN workbooksShould you or your parents/guardians have a question regarding course expectations, media ortextbooks, or wish to request an alternative assignment for curricula containing potentially objectionablematerial, please contact the respective Division Head to discuss your concerns. The Division Head willserve as the liaison between the student and parent and the teacher.Teachers may use video clips from commercial and basic cable television, current periodicals, aswell as articles from local or national newspapers to explain or illustrate scientific concepts or topicswithout listing them on this website. This includes, but is not limited to, Life, Time, Newsweek, majortelevision networks, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, CNN, public television and the like.
- Pens - #2 Pencils (NO mechanical pencils)- Loose-leaf paper - Binder with dividers (minimum of 1.5 inches in size)- Flash drive - School-issued assignment notebook 
 Summer Reading 5%Oral Communications 20%Writing/Grammar (WREN) 30%Vocabulary 10%Reading 20%Final Exam 15%
A: 90
100%B: 80
89%C: 70-79%D: 60-69%F: 59% and below
Assignments that are not turned in on time will be entered as zeroes until the student resolves the grade.
Students are to keep every assignment that is returned to them as it is their “proof” that the
work was done and to use as study aids for summative assessments.
If a student is caught with “copied” work—
whether they were the copier or the person whoallowed the copying
they will receive no credit for the assignment.
Students may be asked to redo work in order to receive more credit or may be required tocomplete formative assessments before being allowed to retry a summative assessment.This is an opportunity, not a punishment.
Formative assessments equal 10% of the overall grade in each grading category
Summative assessments equal 90% of the overall grade in each grading category
 Students are expected to be responsible and complete their work 
on time.
Based oncircumstances (i.e. extended illness) make-up work will receive full credit.
Late work 
, on the otherhand may be accepted for reduced or partial credit within the time frame of a given unit.
If you are not in class, it is a student’s responsibility to see the teacher for any work missed during
an excused absence. For missed tests or exams, please see me to make arrangements to make-upthe assignment or assessment.
Part of the learning process involved with high school is figuring out how to manage your time andhow to advocate for yourself. Both of these skills are important for your future. Therefore, it is upto you to see me in a timely manner in regard to concerns about class work, absent work, what weare reading, your grade, etc. Timely means that you see me with questions about homework 
the assignment is due or immediately after returning from an absence. Please be awarethat I generally will not discuss grades during class time. I do care very much about yoursuccess but am not able to halt what we are doing in class to discuss grades, late assignments, orthe like. It is up to you to see me outside of class time.
Must be made up within
before school, during advisory, or after school. It isyour responsibility to make arrangements to make up this work 
Academic IntegrityThe Rolling Meadows High School/ District 214 Academic Integrity Policy will be strictlyenforced. Cheating or plagiarizing will result in a zero for the assignment. Make sure to dooriginal work on all your assignments because the repercussions will have a negative effect on your grade.
Attendance & TardinessI value our time together, so I expect you to come to class every day prepared. You are lateif you are not in your seat, with materials, and ready to learn when the bell rings. If youarrive to class without your materials, you will be sent to your locker and will need toeither take a tardy or use one of your semester hall passes. When entering the classroomlate, please be courteous and enter quietly and quickly in order to avoid disturbing theclass. Ten minutes is more than enough time to get what you need from your locker, makeyour way around the building, and sit in your desk in this class.
ParticipationCome to class ready to participate. Discussion is an integral component of an Englishclassroom. Realize that participation includes both contributing your thoughts andopinions to class discussions by asking and answering questions, and responding to your
peers’ comments.
 Noting and respecting that electronic devices including, but not limited to cell phones, CDplayers, MP3 players, pagers, DVD players, headphones, TVs, hair dryers, microwave ovens,etc., etc. etc. are not allowed.
As class time is valuable, students will be allowed only
passes out of class per semester.These may be used either as a locker or a washroom passes. Once the passes are gone, studentswill not be allowed to leave without consequences. Please plan accordingly for this policy.
The number of students enrolled in at least one AP course will increase over the previous year, aswill the number of students taking at least one AP exam and the number of students earning apassing score on an AP exam, until at least 50% of all students have earned a score of three orhigher on an AP final.
Displaying appropriate behavior and language
Respecting your classmates and teachers.
Completing all assignments on time.
Following school and classroom policies, which are detailed in your student handbook.
Each No Child Left Behind sub-group's average Education Planning and Assessment Systemgrowth will surpass that of the previous cohort by 10% annually in reading, English, math, andscience until growth from EXPLORE to ACT exceeds six points.
Increase student success rate (as measured by a grade of A, B, or C) per course by at least fivepercentile points each year until the threshold of 95% is attained.

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