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Limited Visibility Concealable Antenna

Limited Visibility Concealable Antenna

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Published by solsys
Limited Visibility Concealable Antenna
Limited Visibility Concealable Antenna

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Published by: solsys on Jul 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Product Brief  echnical Specifications
Blackheart International, LLC
Blackheart nternational’s imited Visibility  ConcealableAntenna VCA is a roundbreakin tactical antenna that issmaller, lihter and less obtrusive than conventional externalcombat radio antennas, yet delivers maximum field performancefor battlefield communicationshe imited Visibility  Concealable Antenna VCA is basedon the proven patchpanel antenna confiuration, but exceeds traditional patchpanel antenna performance in several areasirst, the VCA is a broadband antenna effective for operationswithin the  z frequency rane Second, in spite of itsbroadband operation, the VCA requires no tunin or operatorintervention hird, the VCA transmits via circular polarization to eliminate “dead zones” or the need for any directional alinment Because of its omnidirectional transmission and compactdesin, the VCA can be worn discreetly and efficiently anywhere on the operator’s body—tucked in a pocket, or attached via hookandloop patches to the radio or radio pouch o morewhip antennas pokin the operator in the back, catchin on doorframes or snain on obstacles when enterin or exitin a vehiclehe Blackheart nternational VCA is available with ,  and inch lenth RAU cables, and black standard or optional, extracost camo patterns ultiCam, Universal Camo, Desert ier Stripe and WoodlandCamo he cable delivers  Watts peak,  Watts continuous with no amp C connectors fit hales, arrisand SCARS units SA connectors fit otorola units
he Blackheart nternational imited Visibility  Concealable Antenna was
developed specifically for military special operations applications
 he objective of the VCA project was to produce an antenna which would˜914-#%4155#$41#&4#0)'1((4'37'0%+'5(14/#:+/7/(4'37'0%;%1/2#6+$+.+6;˜4'&7%'9'+)*6(146*'12'4#614˜2418+&'#564'#/.+0'&241(+.'6*#6917.&$'.'551$6475+8'#0&4'&7%'+06'4('4'0%'9+6*6*'12'4#6145ear or tactical environment˜2418+&'126+/#.2'4(14/#0%'#%415512'0#0&74$#0$#66.'(+'.&'08+410/'065After laboratory testin, and extensive field testin by various US military roups, the VCA is now in full production Currently the VCA is used by overnment aencies for urban environment trainin, as well as specialoperations roups workin intheater
raditional antenna desins use either monopole or dipole antenna elements that are tuned to a specific frequency rane
The LVCA, on the other hand, is comprised of an array of monopole antenna elements coupledin a dual-offset array that allows the antenna to receive and transmit on multiple frequency ranges.
hecumulative effect of the individual antenna elements coupled toether enable transceiver operations on multiplefrequency ranes that monopole or dipole antennas cannot operate on because they are tuned to a sinle frequency rane urthermore, traditional antennas are typically metal tubin or wire, whereas the VCA is embedded in a Printed Circuit Board in a pattern that is impossible to create in freestandin metal or wirehe VCA performs exceptionally well in the field, and exhibits
above average field results when compared tostandard whip antennas
which are supplied with the subject transceivers or example, in one overseas theateroperation, the VCA delivered flawless
ten-mile line-of-sight communication
on a  arris radio between theoperator and an aircraftn sum, while the broad frequency VCA won’t o headtohead with a
tuned and frequency specific 
whip antenna, it
covers 90% of the operational requirements of urban and open battlefield troops and operators
—allwith reduced weiht and a more discreet, tacticalfriendly profile
Limited Visibility & Concealable Antenna
— AURS AD SPCCAOS —
www.bhigear.com | 304.457.1280
3.5 (W) x 2 (H) inches
1.2 oz. (6-in. cable), 2.3 oz. (18-in. cable),3.4 oz. (36-in. cable)
30 to 512 MHz
Max Input Power
10 Watts peak, 5 Watts continuous
RF Connector
TNC (for Thales, Harris & SINCGARS)SMA (Motorola)
Color & Finish
black (standard); MultiCam, ACU, Desert Tiger Stripe andWoodland Camo optional
instantaneous bandwidth, no tuners or operatorintervention required
 
    G   a    i   n    (    d    B   a    )
Frequency (MHz)
Limited Visibility & Concealable Antenna dBa*
Due to the new technoloy and application desin of the VCA, this antenna exhibits neative ain in a laboratory environmenta partial result of incompatability between this new technoloy and conventional testin processesequipment ield testin, however, has proven the VCA to exhibit aboveaveraefield results when compared to standard whip antennas, andcovers  of operational requirements of urban and openbattlefield troops and operators his antenna is currently bein used intheater by special operations teams
he complete structure is radiatin, and therefore is considered part of the antenna durin the ain calibration erriteloaded cables were used to mitiate Rradiation from test cableshe calibration was completed usin a ain Standard ransfer easurement S A standard ain loperiodic antenna was used for the radiator andanother standard ain loperiodic antenna was used as the ain standard he antennas were alined to the peak of the beam and the Received Sinal evelRS data was recorded usin ARA proprietary software he differential RS is used to calculate the ain of the Antenna Under est AU VSWR taken used ferriteloaded cables due to the nature of the radiatin feed cable he only area below  was  z to  z
www.bhigear.com | 304.457.1280
ITEMDESCRIPTIONCOST (1-100 qty)Cost (101-200 qty)(Cost (201 + qty)
BVCA, inRAU cable, black, C BSVCA, inRAU cable, black, SABVCA, inRAU cable, black, CBSVCA, inRAU cable, black, SABVCA, inRAU cable, black, CBSVCA, inRAU cable, black, SA

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