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Table Of Contents

About This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
What You’re Not to Read
Foolish Assumptions
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: The Fascinating World of Dogs
Part II: Embracing Your Dog’s Identity
Part III: Doggie Delinquency
Part V: The Part of Tens
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here
Chapter 1
Is Your Dog a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
People and dogs: Parallel evolution
Sensory overload
Age Influences
Influencing Your Dog’s Learning
Ain’t Misbehaving!
Why dogs act out
Dissecting daily frustrations
When reality bites: Inside canine aggression
Chapter 2
How Dogs Came to Be Dogs
In the beginning
First move, wolves
Second move, humans
Perpetual puppies
Behavioral Traits Bred in the Bone
Curing the Dog with an Overdeveloped Chasing Instinct
Understanding Your Dog’s Sex Life
The truth about spaying and neutering
Now or later? The best age to spay or neuter a dog
An English to Doglish Translation
Seeing Eye to Eye
Interpreting Vocal Tones and Intonations
Making the Most of What You Say
Listen to Your Dog’s Voice
Reading Body Talk
The ups and downs of the ears
Facial signals
Tail talk
Like Person, Like Dog (Similarities and Differences)
Your Dog Needs Affection
Group identity
Using reflection and praise to influence behavior
How Hierarchy Differs from Democracy
It’s in their genes
Asserting benevolent authority
Establishing your social status
Reinforcing Good Manners
Identifying Your Dog’s Personality
The Puppy Personality Test
Preparing for the test
Giving the test
Evaluating Your Adult Dog
Scoring the personality tests
Interpreting the personality tests
Interpreting Your Dog’s Breed-Specific Traits
What Are Dog Breeds?
A New Breed of Dog Classification
Sporting dogs
Working dogs
Toy dogs
Herding dogs
Nonsporting dogs
Predicting Behavior from Breed
Intelligence and learning ability
Dominance and territoriality
Emotional reactivity
Energy level
Sight, Psychology, and Survival
Are dogs colorblind?
Do dogs have night vision?
What about vision on the move?
Hearing the World
Hearing capacities in comparison
Breeds, genetics, and deafness
What a Dog’s Nose Knows
Born to sniff
Your dog’s unique nose
Creating a Lifelong Bond
Meeting your puppy’s needs
Providing early lessons
Preventing Problems
Aggressive puppy
Hyper puppy
Timid puppy
Socializing Your Puppy
Meeting other people
Exposing to sounds
Introducing objects
Meeting other animals
Discovering Your Dog’s True Age
Battling an Aging Body
Diminishing Awareness
When hearing fades
When vision fades
Remembering the Aging Mind
Alzheimer’s disease in dogs?
Solutions for a fading mind
Choosing Training Tools and Gadgets
Clicker-happy training
Magical learning tools
Using a Reward System
Treats and toys
Tailoring Your Rewards to Your Dog’s Personality
Rescue dogs
Consistency Counts
Monitoring Human Behavior
When discipline instills fear
The ingredients of a good correction
I’m the Leader! Follow Me!
Whoever is in front is in charge
Permission training
Meeting and greeting
Teaching Impulse Control
Verbal discouragements
Teaching the down
Settle down
The indispensable “Come”
Off-leash control
Personal Philosophy and the Problem Dog
Silencing Excessive Barking
Dogs that bark at neighbors
Excessive barking in the yard
Other nuisance barking
Barking in the car
Putting a Damper on Jumping
Greeting jumping
Company jumping
The housetraining routine
When accidents happen
The Face of Fear
Using social skills to resolve conflict
Recognizing signs of stress
The Leaky Dog Syndrome
Stopping the leak
Curbing Separation Anxiety
How it all begins . .
Solving isolation and anxiety problems
Soothing Fears and Phobias
Playing through fear
Working through fear
Recognizing the Signs
Reading body language
Evaluating aggressive tendencies
Factoring in Breed Traits
Ruling Out Medical Factors
Identifying Different Types of Aggression
Dominance aggression
Possessive aggression
Fear-based aggression
Territorial aggression
Predatory aggression
Maternal aggression
Controlling Aggression
Preventing Aggression
Figuring Out Whether Neutering Helps
The Part of Tens
Eye Contact
Body Posture
Your Demeanor
Mirrored Motion
Looking at Your Dog Less
Hand Signals
Body Position
Lure Touching
Every Dog Wants to Be Leader of the Pack
A Wagging Tail Means a Happy and Friendly Dog
Dogs Understand Human Language
A Fearful Dog Won’t Bite
Dogs Know When They’ve Done Wrong
Dogs Sometimes Behave Out of Spite
Dogs Hate Cats
Dogs Like It When You Hug Them
Your Stress Has No Effect on Your Dog
Dogs’ Licks Are Kisses
Control the Resources
Teach Your Dog to Mind Her Manners
Reserve High Places for Humans
Emphasize Your Right of Way
Use Time-Outs to Control Unruly Behavior
Organize Space and Activities
Practice Full Body Handling
Restore Predictability
Highlight the Positive
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Understanding Your Dog for Dummies

Understanding Your Dog for Dummies

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Published by Murilo

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Published by: Murilo on Jul 29, 2011
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