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Table Of Contents

1 Overview
1.1 Radioplan
1.1.1 Values and Benefits
1.1.2 Functional Overview
1.2 Measurement Module
1.2.1 Values and Benefits
1.2.2 Functional Overview
1.3 Dynamic/Snapshot UTRA/FDD Radio Network System Simulator (WiNeS)
1.3.1 Values and Benefits
1.3.2 Functional Overview
1.4 Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)
1.4.1 Values and Benefits
1.4.2 Functional Overview
1.5 Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP)
1.6 Automatic Neighbor List Planning (ANP)
1.7 Automatic RRM Parameter Optimization (APO)
1.8 Capital Planning
1.9 Data Integrity to Prior Versions
1.10 System Requirements
1.11 Outline of this User Guide
1.12 Support
2 Installation
2.1 Setting Up the Radioplan Working Environment
2.1.1 Radioplan Software Package
2.1.2 Radioplan Installation Process
2.2 Customization of the Radioplan Installation
2.3 License Management
2.3.1 Hardware Dongles Single Computer License Floating License Management Remote Update Procedure for a Hardware Dongle
2.3.2 Software License Files Registering Radioplan License Transfer
3 Radioplan Introduction
3.1 Coordinate System
3.1.1 Geographical and Cartesian Coordinate Systems
3.1.2 Euclidian Cartesian Coordinate Systems used in Radioplan
3.2 Menu Bar
3.3 Toolbars
3.4 Layer Concept
3.4.1 Configuration Data Layers
3.4.2 Measurement Data Layers
3.4.3 Result Data Layers
3.4.4 Optimization Data Layers
3.4.5 Image Layers
3.4.6 Post-Processing Layers
3.4.7 Graphics Layers
3.4.8 Cell Visuals
3.4.9 Working with Layers
3.4.10 Locking Layers
3.4.11 Converting Vector into Raster Layers
3.4.12 Import/Export of Layers
3.5 Personal Workspace
3.5.1 Workspace Handling Importing a Workspace Exporting a Workspace Resetting the Workspace to Default Settings Handling of Legend Presets Managing Layer Templates
3.5.2 General Application Settings
3.5.3 Display Settings
3.5.4 Layer Settings
3.5.5 Color Palette Inspecting the Color Palette of a Layer Creating a Transition Color Palette Using Legend Presets Import and Export of Legend Presets
3.6 Paint Module for Graphics Layers
3.6.1 Creating a Graphics Layer
3.6.2 Drawing in a Graphics Layer Drawing Settings Drawing a Line Drawing a Polygon Inserting Text
3.6.3 Deleting Graphics Layers
3.7 Tree Window
3.8 Viewing Area
3.9 Zoom Functions
3.10 Message Window and Status Bar
3.11 Online Help
4 Getting Started with Radioplan
4.1 Setting Up a Demo Project
4.2 RAN Configuration
4.2.1 First Site Network Controller Configuration Site Configuration Antenna Import Cell Configuration
4.2.2 Second Site
4.2.3 Pathloss of the Cells
4.3 User Configuration
4.3.1 Equipment Profile
4.3.2 Mobility Profile
4.3.3 Service Profile
4.3.4 Traffic
4.3.5 UE Profile
4.4 Environment Configuration
4.4.1 Streets
4.5 Next Steps
5 Project Handling
5.1 General Project Setup
5.1.1 Project Folders
5.1.2 Project Actions
5.2 Multi-Layer/Multi-Technology Projects
5.2.1 Network Layer Management
5.2.2 Multi-Layer Project Structure
5.2.3 Duplicating a Network Layer
5.2.4 Applying Network Configurations from other Network Layers
5.3 User Rights Management
5.4 Creating a New Project
5.4.1 Library Integration
5.5 Project Data Import
5.5.1 Importing a Project from an RNP Tool
5.5.2 Importing Network Configuration Data from the OSS
5.5.3 Importing a Project from another Radioplan Database
5.5.4 Loading Configuration Data in Radioplan Format
5.5.5 Actix Cellopt AFP Plan Import
5.6 Working with Existing Projects
5.6.1 Duplicating a Project
5.6.2 Using the Project Maintenance Wizard
5.6.3 Merging Projects
5.7 Project Database Management
5.7.1 Project Update
5.7.2 Complete Project Update of the Database
5.7.3 List of Projects in the Database
5.7.4 Project Statistics
5.7.5 Direct Comparison Between Project Configurations
5.8 Project Data Export
5.8.1 Backward Synchronization of an RNP Project from Radioplan
5.8.2 Saving a Project into Files
5.8.3 Actix CellRefs Export
5.8.4 Actix Cellopt AFP Plan Export
5.8.5 Configuration Item Export
5.9 Managing Network Performance Data in a Project
5.9.1 Structure of Network Performance Data
5.9.2 Network Performance Data Import
5.9.3 Deleting Network Performance Data
5.10 Deleting an Existing Project
5.11 Handling of Master/Sub-Projects
5.11.1 Deriving Sub-Projects from a Master Project
5.11.2 Working with Sub-Projects
5.11.3 Synchronizing a Sub-Project with its Master Project
5.11.4 Deleting a Sub-Project
6 Multi-Layer Project Configuration
6.1 Configuration Overview
6.2 Project Settings
6.3 Area Management
6.3.1 Rules for the Shape of Areas
6.3.2 Simulation Area Assigning an Area Polygon as Simulation Area
6.3.3 Analysis Area Assigning an Area Polygon as Analysis Area
6.3.4 Working with Area Polygons Importing an Area Exporting an Area Duplicating an Area Inspecting Area Polygon Settings Drawing an Area (Sub-) Polygon Editing an Area (Sub-) Polygon Controlling the Visibility of Areas Deleting an Area (Sub-) Polygon
6.4 Configuration of the Environment
6.4.1 Clutter Clutter Matrix Format Defining Clutter Classes Importing a Clutter Matrix Exporting a Clutter Matrix Viewing a Clutter Matrix Defining a New Clutter Matrix Creating a Clutter Matrix from Vector Layers Deleting a Clutter Matrix
6.4.2 Digital Elevation Model (DEM) DEM Matrix Format Importing a DEM Matrix Exporting a DEM Matrix Viewing a DEM Matrix Deleting a DEM Matrix
6.4.3 Streets (for Simulation Only) Inspecting Street Data Importing Streets Drawing Streets Deleting Streets
6.5 Configuration of the RAN
6.5.1 Overview
6.5.2 Network Controller Creating the Network Controller Network Controller Settings Exporting the Network Controller Deleting the Network Controller General Cell Settings Cell Custom Parameters Cell Settings Overview Transmitter Settings Overview Finding a Cell Active Flag of Cells and Transmitters Duplicating and Dragging a Cell Deleting a Cell
6.5.5 Repeater Adding a Repeater Access to Repeater Settings General Repeater Settings Repeater Settings Overview Switching Repeaters On/Off Dragging a Repeater Deleting a Repeater
6.5.6 Additional Antenna Adding an Additional Antenna at a Cell Access to Additional Antenna Settings General Settings of an Additional Antenna Additional Antenna Settings Overview Switching Additional Antennas On/Off Deleting an Additional Antenna
6.5.7 Neighbor Lists
6.5.8 Pathloss Matrix Importing a Pathloss Matrix Pathloss Matrix Format Inspecting the Settings of a Pathloss Matrix Pathloss Matrix Settings Overview Viewing Pathloss Plots Editing a Pathloss Matrix Duplicating and Dragging Pathloss Matrices Deleting a Pathloss Matrix Working with Tuned Pathloss Matrices
6.5.9 Antenna Importing an Antenna Exporting an Antenna Duplicating an Antenna Inspecting the Antenna Configuration Data Viewing the Antenna Diagram Deleting an Antenna
6.6 Configuration of the User Behavior
6.6.1 Assembling a UE Profile Importing a UE Profile Adding a New UE Profile Inspecting the UE Profile Configuration Data UE Profile Settings Overview Duplicating a UE Profile Deleting a UE Profile
6.6.2 Equipment Profile Importing an Equipment Profile Exporting an Equipment Profile General Equipment Profile Settings Duplicating an Equipment Profile Deleting an Equipment Profile
6.6.3 Mobility Profile Importing a Mobility Profile Exporting a Mobility Profile Inspecting the Mobility Profile Configuration Data Duplicating a Mobility Profile Deleting a Mobility Profile
6.6.4 Service Profile Modeling Services Importing a Service Profile Exporting a Service Profile General Service Profile Settings Traffic Model Configuration Duplicating a Service Profile Deleting a Service Profile
6.6.5 Creating Generic User Profiles
6.6.6 Traffic Matrix Importing a Traffic Matrix Traffic Matrix Format Exporting a Traffic Matrix Inspecting the Settings of a Traffic Matrix Viewing a Traffic Matrix Defining a New Traffic Matrix Creating a Traffic Matrix from a Surface Plot Layer Duplicating and Dragging a Traffic Matrix Deleting a Traffic Matrix
6.6.7 Revenue Matrix Importing a Revenue Matrix Revenue Matrix Format Inspecting the Settings of a Revenue Matrix Viewing a Revenue Matrix Creating a Revenue Matrix from a Traffic Matrix Duplicating and Dragging a Revenue Matrix Deleting a Revenue Matrix
7 UTRAN Configuration
7.1 RNC Configuration
7.1.1 General RNC Settings
7.1.2 Power Control Related Configuration
7.1.3 Radio Bearer Control Configuration
7.1.4 Common Channels Configuration
7.1.5 Global Handover Configuration
7.1.6 Compressed Mode Configuration
7.2 Node B Configuration
7.2.1 OTSR Configuration
7.2.2 Node B Hardware Configuration
7.2.3 Node B Connection Configuration
7.3 UMTS Cell Configuration
7.3.1 UMTS Resources Configuration
7.3.2 HSDPA Cell Configuration
7.3.3 HSUPA Cell Configuration
7.3.4 Handover and Cell Selection Parameter Settings
7.3.5 Load Control Configuration
7.3.6 Scrambling Code List Handling
7.4 UMTS Repeater Configuration
7.4.1 UMTS Resources Configuration for Repeaters
7.5 Configuration of the User Behavior
8 CDMA2000 RAN Configuration
8.1 RNC Configuration
8.2 CDMA2000 Base Station Configuration
8.3 CDMA2000 Cell Configuration
8.3.1 CDMA2000 Resources Configuration
8.3.2 Scrambling Code List Handling
8.4 CDMA2000 Repeater Configuration
8.4.1 CDMA2000 Resources Configuration for Repeaters
8.5 Configuration of the User Behavior
9 GSM RAN Configuration
9.1 BSC Configuration
9.2 GSM Base Station Configuration
9.3 GSM Cell Configuration
9.3.1 GSM Resources Configuration
9.3.2 GSM Transmitters Configuration
9.4 GSM Repeater Configuration
9.4.1 GSM Resources Configuration for Repeaters
9.5 Configuration of the User Behavior
10 iDEN RAN Configuration
10.1 Network Controller Configuration
10.2 iDEN Base Station Configuration
10.3 iDEN Cell Configuration
10.3.1 iDEN Resources Configuration
10.3.2 iDEN Transmitters Configuration
10.4 iDEN Repeater Configuration
10.4.1 iDEN Resources Configuration for Repeaters
10.5 Configuration of the User Behavior
11 WiMAX RAN Configuration
11.1 Network Controller Configuration
11.2 WiMAX Base Station Configuration
11.3 WiMAX Cell Configuration
11.3.1 WiMAX Resources Configuration
11.4 WiMAX Repeater Configuration
11.4.1 WiMAX Resources Configuration for Repeaters
11.5 Configuration of the User Behavior
12 Network Data Evaluation
12.1 Network Performance Data Management
12.2 Binary File System Configuration and Default Parameter Import Settings
12.3 Concept of Result Analysis
12.4 Analyzing Result Parameters
12.4.1 Analysis Capabilities of Result Parameters
12.4.2 Results Selection Dialog Result Filter Surface Plots Chart Graphs Histograms Spatial and Temporal Restrictions
12.5 Results Analysis with Surface Plots
12.5.1 Result Surface Plot Layers
12.5.2 Identifying a Certain Data Item for Trouble Shooting
12.5.3 Manipulating a Surface Plot Layer
12.5.4 Coinciding Surface Plot Layers
12.5.5 Deriving Histograms from Surface Plots
12.5.6 Extracting Tables from Surface Plots and Cell Visuals
12.5.7 Cell Statistics from a Layer
12.5.8 Clutter Statistics from a Layer
12.5.9 Discrete Value Layers
12.5.10 Layer Slide Show
12.5.11 Printing Surface Plots
12.6 Results Analysis with Charts (Plots over Time)
12.6.1 Creating a Chart Graph
12.6.2 Data Evaluation Opportunities in Chart Graphs
12.6.3 Creating a Table from a Graph
12.6.4 Customization of Charts
12.6.5 Printing a Chart Graph
12.7 Results Analysis with Histograms
12.7.1 Creating a Histogram
12.7.2 Data Evaluation Opportunities in Histograms
12.7.3 Creating a Table from a Histogram
12.7.4 Customization of Histograms
12.7.5 Threshold Evaluation Methods in Histograms
12.7.6 Printing a Histogram
12.8 Results Analysis with Tables
12.8.1 Creating a Table
12.8.2 Data Import into Tables
12.8.3 Data Export from Tables
12.8.4 Saving a Table/Report in the Project
12.8.5 Embedded Clipboard
12.8.6 Statistical Data Evaluation in Tables
12.8.7 Transforming Table Data into Graphical Presentations Creating a Surface Plot from Table Data Creating a Mapped Surface Plot or Cell Visual from Table Data
12.8.8 Converting Table Data into a Result Set
12.8.9 Customization of Tables
12.8.10 Printing a Table
12.9 Network KPI Analysis
12.9.1 UMTS KPI Analysis
12.9.2 CDMA2000 KPI Analysis
12.9.3 GSM KPI Analysis
12.9.4 KPI Analysis with Measurements
12.11 Interference Matrix Generation
12.11.1 Prerequisites
12.11.2 Create an Interference Matrix Result Set
12.11.3 Interference Matrix Result Set
12.11.4 Export an Interference Matrix
12.11.5 Customizing the Interference Matrix Generation
12.12 Result Set Aggregation
13 Appendix
13.1 Network Configuration Data Specification
13.1.1 Directory Structure of the Network Configuration Files
13.1.2 Network Configuration File Format
13.2 Window Controls Reference
13.2.1 Menus
13.2.2 Toolbars
13.2.3 Additional Table Grid Settings
13.3 Library Overview
13.4 Examples Overview
13.4.1 Demo Project
13.4.2 Dresden City Example
13.5 Supported Raster Data File Formats
13.5.1 TIFF / Geo TIFF Format ESRI World File Format
13.5.2 BIL File Format
13.5.3 Arc/Info Raster Formats Arc/Info ASCII Interchange Format Arc/Info Binary Grid Format
13.5.4 EOSAT Fast Format
13.5.5 Erdas Imagine Format
13.5.6 GIF File Format
13.5.7 Grid eXchange File Format
13.5.8 Hierarchical Data Format (Release 4)
13.5.9 Japanese DEM Format
13.5.10 JPEG File Format
13.5.11 Atlantis MFF Raster File Format
13.5.12 PCI Labeled Raw Format
13.5.13 Portable Network Graphics
13.5.14 USGS DOQ Format
13.5.15 USGS SDTS DEM Format
13.5.16 X11 Pixmap Format
13.5.17 ERMapper Compress Wavelets Format
13.6 Supported Vector Data File Formats
13.6.1 Shape File Format
13.6.2 MapInfo File Format
13.6.3 Arc/Info Binary Coverage File Format
13.6.4 Planet ASCII Vector Format
13.6.5 Asset Vector Binary Format
14 Abbreviations
15 References
16 Index
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