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2011-04 - SWITCH - Training Kit - Urban Water Management

2011-04 - SWITCH - Training Kit - Urban Water Management

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Published by Paweł Wyszomirski

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Published by: Paweł Wyszomirski on Jul 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘The design and management of the urban water systembased on an analysis of the entire system will lead tomore sustainable solutions than separate design andmanagement of elements of the system.’
SWITCH Tii Kit
InTegraTed Urban WaTer ManageMenTIn THe CITy o THe UTUre
SWITCH Tii Kit
InTegraTed Urban WaTer ManageMenTIn THe CITy o THe UTUre
SWITCH Tii Kit
InTegraTed Urban WaTer ManageMenTIn THe CITy o THe UTUre
Th SWITCH Tii Kit
Integrated Urban Water Management in the City of the Future
One system – one approach!
From population growth to rapid urbanisation, changing consumption patterns to deteriorating inrastructure, increasing energyprices to climate change: water systems in cities throughout the world are conronted by an intimidating uture. Integrated UrbanWater Management (IUWM) can make a dierence – and the SWITCH Training Kit has been developed to show how.Designed or training workshops, but also or individual reading, the SWITCH Training Kit contains six modules covering all o the central eatures o urban water management (see diagram on the opposite page).Users will also nd insights into:
the interactions between the dierent elements o the urban water cycle;
the widereaching benets o an integrated approach to managing water;
the recommended phases o a strategic planning process; and
ways and means to work with local stakeholders eectively.
Target group:
Water managers, urban planners and engineers rom local governments and water, wastewater and drainage utilities.
Freely available. The SWITCH training modules can be ound on the attached CDROM. They can also be downloadedrom the SWITCH Training Desk (
) along with supporting resources, urther training materialand a set o practical case studies.
SWITCH Tii Kit: a mus
The overall SWITCH approach to IUWMSustainable solutionsDecision making
Module 6
deCISIon-SUpporT ToolSChsi  susti th
Module 1
STraTegIC plannIngpi  th utu
Ctis  itucti t k chs mi wt i u s w i th utu   stst xti hw t v  immt  sttici css.Itucs th cct  itt cisi mki  u wt mmt, icui tis  um  cisisut ts such s th SWITCH v ‘Cit Wt’.
Module 2
STaKeHolderSIvvi  th s
Ctis  vviw  it chst mutistkh ivvmt – icuili aics –  ws  ms which such  mt c  ctivis  th uss  IUWM.
Module 3
WaTer SUpplyexi th tis
Module 5
WaSTeWaTerexi th tis
Module 4
STorMWaTerexi th tis
dscis hw u wt su / stmwt mmt / wstwt mmtc ft m ics itti icui xms  ivtiv sutis s sch iSWITCH  th ctiuti ths c mk tws  m susti cit.
ICleI eu Sctit gmH
| Gino Van Begin (responsible)
rkk d | gfk dsi & Visu Kmmuikti
| Freiburg, Germany |
Poster image by
lt v M – Iusttis
| Aalten, Netherlands |
www.tvm.©  ICleI eu Sctit gmH, li ,  iu, gm
The content in this booklet summarising the modules o the SWITCH Training Kit entitled ‘Integrated Urban Water Management in the City o theFuture’ is under a license o Creative Commons specied as AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike .. This license allows others to remix, tweak,and build upon the training materials or noncommercial purposes, as long as they credit the copyright holder and license their new creations underthe identical terms.
The ull legal text concerning the terms o use o this license can be oundat
.The Training Kit was prepared within the ramework o the European research project SWITCH (6 to ) |
| SWITCH was supported by the EuropeanCommission under the 6th Framework Programme and contributed to the thematic priority area o “Global Change and Ecosystems” [..6.]  Contract no. .This publication refects only the authors’ views. The European Commission is not liable or any use that may be made o the inormation it contains.
Publisher:Design:Copyright:Creative CommonsLicence:Acknowledgements:Disclaimer:
ISBN 978-3-943107-00-5 (print copy) | ISBN 978-3-943107-01-2 (PDF) | ISBN 978-3-943107-02-9 (CDROM)
CD-ROM missing?All SWITCH training materials can also be found atwww.switchtraining.eu
SWITCH Tii Kit
InTegraTed Urban WaTer ManageMenTIn THe CITy o THe UTUre
SWITCH Tii Kit
InTegraTed Urban WaTer ManageMenTIn THe CITy o THe UTUre
Mu 1
STraTegIC plannIngpi  th utu
In most cities, the dierent sectors o the urban water cycle – water supply, stormwater,wastewater – are managed by dierent departments and institutions with minimalcoordination in their design and operation. Decisions are taken rom a narrow perspectivewith little consideration or the longterm impacts across the city as a whole.As pressures such as climate change, population growth and ageing inrastructureincrease, this ragmented approach and its dependence on conventional technologies isno longer sucient to deliver the water services that cities rely on.Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) is an alternative approach. IUWMrecognises that problems encountered in one area o the urban water cycle may be theresult o (mis)management in another. By looking at water in the city as one system,holistic evaluation becomes possible leading to a more ecient and sustainable use o resources.
Mu 1
introduces the concept o IUWM and describes how shiting rom a conventionalapproach to urban water management towards an approach based on integration is moresuitable to meet current requirements and cope with uture uncertainty.It also demonstrates how greater integration can be realised in practice through theadoption o a strategic planning process. Rather than investing in shortterm solutionsthat ocus solely on today’s problems, the development and implementation o a strategicplan provides the ramework or making sustainable urban water management a reality.More specically, the module will assist users in gaining a solid understanding o:
what constitutes an integrated approach to managing the urban water cycle and howit diers rom a conventional approach;
how IUWM can help move towards increased sustainability in the urban water cycle andurban development in general; and
how to adopt IUWM through a longterm strategic planning process.
The SWITCH hypothesis:
‘The design and management of the urban water system based on an analysis of the entire system will lead to more sustainable solutions than separate design andmanagement of elements of the system.’
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Monitoring &evaluationBaselineassessmentImplementationVisioning,objectives, targets& indicatorsScenario building& developmentof strategy andaction plan
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