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EPiServer Whitepaper SocialIntranet

EPiServer Whitepaper SocialIntranet

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Published by Elena Gonzalez

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Published by: Elena Gonzalez on Jul 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 WhITE PAPER Te Static Intranet is so over…
Any enterprise is te sum o its people.Tat’s wy te best companies are invariably te ones tat are better atarnessing te passion, experience and expertise o teir people.It’s all about capturing and saring knowledge; ostering dynamic teamwork;and making better decisions, aster.Over te last decade, te Intranet as played an increasingly important rolein tis critical arena. For many companies, it’s te primary medium or col-laboration and knowledge saring.But today’s static Intranet model is starting to sow its age:
It’s a one-way medium
or ‘broadcasting’ inormation to te workorce
It’s over-centralized
– wit too muc control rom eadquarters andnot enoug contribution rom te real sources o knowledge
It fails to engage
– delivering a user experience tat pales in compari-son to te ric, interactive Web 2.0 and social media sites
It inhibits access to knowledge
– instead o acilitating itAs a result, most Intranets are under-valued, under-utilized and, rankly,underwelming.Tis workbook is about a new approac to teamwork and knowledgemanagement tat’s based on all te exciting Web 2.0 ideas tat are taking te public Internet by storm. It’s called te Social Intranet and it’s completely canging te way enterprises tink about communication, collaboration andknowledge assets – some call it Enterprise 2.0.EPiServer is at te oreront o tis quiet revolution because we’re one o  te rst companies to integrate te power o social media and community into an enterprise-class Content Management System. Te idea is simple:by combining traditional Intranet content wit te new generation o socialmedia tools and services – and making it all easy to develop, deploy and use – companies can unlock te people power tat drives success. We ope te ideas presented ere inspire you to try new tings wit your own Intranet. I so, we’ve got a killer platorm to elp you accelerate your plans.
harnessing te power o Enterprise 2.0
Community • Social Media • User-generated content
Large groups of people aresmarter than an elite few, nomatter how brilliant—betteat solving problems, fostering innovation, coming to wisedecisions, even predicting thefuture
The Wisdom o Crowds
Enterprise 2.0 makesaccessible the collectiveintelligence of many,translating to a hugecompetitive advantage in theform of increased innovation,productivity and agility 
2Imagine an Intranet tat your people really want to engage wit and contrib-ute to. An Intranet tat actually elps tem do teir jobs better – and enjo teir work-lives more. Were project groups orm spontaneously, users tagand bookmark avorite resources, and ‘top down’ inormation is supplement-ed by igly relevant user-generated content.Tat’s te Social Intranet: a knowledge base and collaboration platorm tat arnesses te power o social media to:Engage users in te mission o te enterprise
Encourage people to contribute teir ideas
Make it easy to capture, sare and discover knowledge
Support fuid, spontaneous and structured collaboration
Te Social Intranet supports all orms o communication and collaboration:
One to One
– wit instant messaging and email
One to Many
– troug blogs, video-saring and podcasting
One to All
– in orums and discussion treads
Many to Many
– in wikis, communities, orums and groupsIn sort, te Social Intranet is Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Blogger and Wikipedia all rolled into one service tat’s integrated wit your existingcontent resources, communication tools and knowledge assets.Te result: an incredibly powerul, enterprise-wide knowledge platormwit a riendly, amiliar ace.
Because knowledge is a critical competitive dimension
In te global, always-on, always connected world, te way companies cap- ture, sare and discover teir knowledge as a direct impact on eciency,decision accuracy and time-to-market.
Because it’s a medium of cohesion, inclusion and engagement
Tere aren’t many ways to get dispersed organizations working togeter,saring teir ideas and giving teir onest eedback. Te Social Intranetas te power to uel te new engaged workorce.
Because Generation Y is hitting the workplace
Younger employees are native to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. I your Intranet just sits tere, so will your people.
 Introducing te Social Intranet  Wy te Social Intranet is important
Social networks represent 
the digital reection of what 
humans do: we connect and share
Source Forrester, “The Future o the SocialWeb”, by Jeremiah Owyang April 27, 2009
harnessing te power o Enterprise 2.0
Te Social Intranet is appening now. Over te past ew years, pioneer-ing organizations ave been starting to integrate simple, standaloneeatures tat tap into te power o social media. But only now as it beenpossible to incorporate all te best o te social media world wit te ullcapabilities o traditional document, content and knowledge managementplatorms – witout te need to deploy serious IT resources.Te transition rom simple to static to social Intranet is almost complete.In te next ew years, most companies will be drawing on te power o social media to enric, enliven and empower teir Intranets.
Are we tere yet?
Want to know what themost effective corporationsof tomorrow will look like? Look at those that are most successful at attracting young workers today.…If you’re older than 30, you probably think you areas cyber-sophisticated as thenext person… but compared to the kids, most of us areLuddites
 Author o Wikinomics
Because collective intelligence beats gurus
Te collective intelligence o your workorce beats te wisdom o evenyour most experienced experts. But only i you can tap into it. Te SocialIntranet is a natural medium or ‘crowdsourcing’.
Because traditional document management isn’t friendly enough
Legacy document management systems are ard to use – so ewer peopleuse tem, less oten. Te Social Intranet is intuitive and amiliar. Users jump in witout a single training session, bringing Enterprise 2.0 closer.
Because it’s easy to deploy
Creating and deploying traditional knowledge management and collabora- tion tools can soak up serious time and resources. Te Social Intranet canbe as easy to create and deploy as any oter web page – i you’ve got aCMS platorm designed or te job.
Srce: EPiServer
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Dc ManagemenInegrainolk InegrainCRM Inegrain

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