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Published by .Equilibrium.

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Published by: .Equilibrium. on Sep 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- the Spiritual Gift
James Deacon
[Version 1.30]Copyright © 2007 James Deacon
Copies of this E-Book may be distributedWITHOUT CHARGE to anyone you wish.It may also be distributed WITHOUT CHARGE in printed form- providing it is done so
in its entirety
(including end-pages).Permission is NOT given to add to, subtract from,or otherwise modify this document in any way, shape or form.[See foot of document for further details re: Use of Materials from this E-book]THANK YOU
James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g2
The Spiritual Gift
It is said that originally [in place of the 'Quick-Fix' initiation set we are familiar with inthe Takata Lineage], Usui Sensei utilized an open-ended, accumulative process ofempowerment/attunement known as
implies: 'to confer/receive a Spiritual Gift']
Apparently, students would attend training meetings on a regular basis, and at theend of every meeting, during a meditation session, would receive
to furtherdeepen and strengthen their connection, and develop the quality of their experienceof the phenomenon that is Reiki.This document gives instructions for performing what is probably the most popular ofseveral versions of the recently 'rediscovered'
empowerment process.Of course, what is provided here is merely a description of the physical 'form' of theprocess - the
aspect: the energetic/spiritual component of sharing
with astudent, cannot be learnt from a written description.
IMPORTANT NOTE:Some people, it seems, mistakenly believe that the knowledge of how to perform the
procedure (or, for that matter, the western Reiki initiation/attunement procedure)must be kept secret- that if the procedures become common knowledge, then anyone (even non- Reikipeople), by learning how to perform them, will gain the 'power' to awaken the Reikiability in others.But this is not the case.“One cannot give what one does not have.”The
and initiation/attunement procedures are methods for
the Gift that isthe Reiki ability.If you haven't ‘received’ the Reiki ability yourself, you
cannot ‘ 
pass’ it to another –cannot awaken the ability in another - no matter how much you, as a Japanese friendof mine puts it: “wave your hands about, visualize
, chant
, or 'intend' itto happen.”
James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g3
The Reiju Process
[Copyright © 2002 James Deacon]
Note: Initially recipient should sit upright yet relaxed on a chair, with their hands in their lap, feet flat on the ground.
Be mindful of your intent to share
. Generate true compassion in your heart, and'connect' to the Reiki Source.[Some sources suggest connecting to Reiki by chanting the DKM Kotodama ]Standing in front of the recipient, perform
and bow once. Touch the recipientlightly on the shoulder to indicate that you are about to begin the sharing of the
experience and that they should place their hands in the
mudra (prayerposition).Raising your arms high up above you, look skyward, and deeply feel the Reiki in yourhands.Bring your hands down so as to rest horizontally above the recipient's crown, indexfingers touching one-another at the second joints, while the other fingers remainrelaxed.In one smooth continuous action, move your hands down in front of the recipient,with mindful intent, visualizing a line of energy (- a line of light) entering via thecrown, and flowing down through the centre of the body to the base of the spine,opening and clearing each and every energy centre as it does so.[Some sources suggest visualizing the energy flowing down to the
seika tanden 
(abdominal area) rather than the base of the spine.]Your hands should now be at the level of recipient's knees.Separating your hands, move them out around the sides of the knees and on downthe sides of the legs, coming to rest palms down, close to - yet not touching - thefloor.[Some sources suggest that with mindful intent, you should ground the Reiki byvisualising it flowing into the earth, touching the floor as you do so.]Slowly and smoothly arc your hands back up to a position above the recipient's headonce more, standing straight in front of them.Bring your hands gently down so as to rest horizontally about 3 - 5 inches above therecipient's crown (i.e. touching their aura), palms facing down, this time with thumbstouching.[Some sources suggest one hand should be placed on top of the other]

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