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The Chronicle

The Chronicle

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Published by Michael Sorensen
Written by OPArsenal
Written by OPArsenal

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Published by: Michael Sorensen on Sep 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This chronicle is dedicated to the memory of those Comrades who no longer serve and to theenduring legacy of those Comrades who continue the fight.The history of the New Pacific Order. It is a tale of glory, a tale of sacrifice, a tale,ultimately, of supreme triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The tale begins inanother universe, one called NationStates. In the early days of NationStates, there was oneregion into which all nations were born. This region was The Pacific. In time The Pacific gave birth to other regions, but this portion of our story is not concerned with these lesser regions. Inthe early days of The Pacific there was only one thing unifying the nations within the region:chaos. A leader was chosen through a semi-democratic system called “Endorsements.” Theleader (called a “Delegate”) often ended up being the guy who had the most free time to waste onendorsing other nations in order to receive their endorsements, and as such, were not effectiveleaders. None of these “leaders” cared enough for the people of The Pacific to organize agovernment, to protect them in time of need. There was one man, however, who did care. Heloved The Pacific and it pained him to see her subjected to the rule of idiots, of apathetic know-nothings. A nation called Thedoc ascended to the delegacy, and today he is remembered solelyfor this: he was the precursor to the August Revolution.During the chain of incompetents described above, there was a nation who was quietlygrowing in stature. He was amassing strength and the despots that let Mother Pacifica rot wereso blind to the happenings within their region that they did not even notice that a Revolution was brewing. Thedoc assumed the delegacy and was soon confronted by these visionaries. FrancosSpain made his presence known by freeing the delegacy from corrupt hands and immediately banishing Thedoc to the Rejected Realms. Almost instantaneously Thedoc the Pretender took ahard stance against these “usurpers.” He considered the delegacy rightfully his, and contacted asmany Pacifican nations as possible, attempting to rally them to his side. He gave manyimpassioned speeches, he railed on about the injustice of it all. When he asked for men to helphim fight, he declared that it was a choice between him or Franco. He declared that the time wasnow, he exclaimed “Who is with me?!?!?” Only a few stepped forward. His support among thenative population was vastly overestimated. He had no choice but to seek outside help.Outsiders, jealous of The Pacific’s newfound stability and order sought to undermine Franco andwar was declared. The battle raged on, and the slaughter was unimaginable. The names of Franco and his fellow revolutionaries, those who cared only for the future and the success oPacifica were sullied by insults, half-truths and outright lies. Only through the sheer will anddetermination of these first revolutionaries, augmented with Franco’s keen military tactics, didthe revolution survive. They proved victorious, repelling the first of many outside invasions. OnAugust 28, 2003, the New Pacific Order was formed in The Pacific, ushering in a new ea of  peace, strength and prosperity for all member nations. Francos Spain was declared ComradeEmperor of the Order. Unlimited assumed a seat at Franco’s right hand as the Vanguard of theRevolution. Comrade Poskrebyshev sat at his left as Grand Viceroy, while InfernoIce andBertram Santrous were named Captains of the Cohorts and declared Senators. Unfurled behindthese great Pacifican heroes was the fearsome blue and black banner of the New Pacific Order. Anew age, one tempered in blood and fire had begun.The Pacific became a haven for cultural and philosophical renaissance. While the rest of the world wallowed in darkness, only the New Pacific Order, decried as tyrannical and
repressive, made significant political advancements. Comrade Emperor Franco was lauded byhis subjects, his people, his fellow Comrades as not only a revolutionary, but also a truly brilliantvisionary. While the rest of the world found refuge in democracy, The Pacific was ruled by ameritocratic system that would later become known as Francoism. Class conflict wracked theother feeder Pacifics, brought on by outside agents from user-controlled regions. It should benoted as a credit to Franco and his system that though it was attempted many times, his reign andthe Order itself were never destabilized by outside forces. When they were discovered, Useriteoperatives, jealous and desirous of The Pacific’s peace, prosperity and strength, were ejected and banned from the region. The Userites were so bent on destroying all that Comrade Franco andhis fellow revolutionaries had fought for that The Pacific’s ban list was miles longer than anyother region’s. Comrade Emperor Franco was ever vigilant, ensuring the safety of his fellowComrades. In the midst of this Pax Pacifica, a nation called Warrior_Thorin made himself known as a servant of the Order. Another nation, The New Duce, was appointed Senator andwas given command of the military of the Order. He proved to be a brilliant tactician and wasinstrumental in several key defenses of Pacifica. Also making himself known was SirPaul. He began spreading the truth of the revolution and the Order through his unbiased news reports.Many Userites saw the errors of their ways and allied themselves with Franco and the NPO after reading SirPaul’s manifestos.At the heart of the Revolution and the Order itself was Comrade Emperor Francos Spain. No one knew Franco better than Imperial Vanguard Unlimited. Indeed, few were closer to thefrontlines of the August Revolution than Comrade Unlimited. In his own words, ComradeUnlimited tells us what the early days of the Order were like. [I]”
The Order was obviously anincredibly exciting place to be during the immediate post-revolutionary period. Despite having ahostile world on our doorstep the Pacifican community managed to create a new type of society,moving away from the inane pastime of other regimes into a true bastion of intellectual and cultural development. In this way the Revolution was not only (as it was seen among counter-revolutionary groups) a political revolution, but also a cultural revolution -- a class revolution. All of this was, of course, ignored by the majority of the day, who saw only what they termed a ‘dictatorship’.”[/I]
When asked about his fellow August Revolutionaries, Comrade Unlimited gives us this intimateportrait: [I]“
 All had their own unique traits, of course. Comrade InfernoIce was famously quiet, for example, while Comrade Bertram was less so. But their main attributes were shared, which is why they came together under the Pacifican banner rather. They all had the vision to see the classcontradictions inherent in their homeland, the compassion to want to do something about it, and thestrength, skill and knowledge to play key roles in the overthrow of the old regime. Their individual strengths and personalities may have been different, but it was the use they put them to that said most about their character.
”[/I] From this, we take the fact that Franco’s way of living, his politicalsystem, the New Pacific Order itself, is for all people who are desirous of improvement. It is not forthe advancement of a select few, as the previous regime’s government had been. The NPO stood forthe advancement of all people, regardless of any former distinctions. When asked about his friend andmentor, Comrade Emperor Francos Spain, Unlimited reveals to us the truth of the man as he was, notas the Userites demonized him. [I]” 
The first thing that struck a person about Comrade Franco wasalways his charisma. Few men have had the ability to make you sit up and take notice of what wasbeing said as Comrade Franco had. But this is a broad term. His charisma came from his obviousintelligence and vision, while being able to convey it in a simple fashion; showing you complex contradictions in societies and institutions in such a simple and logical manner as one could not helpbut agree. He took great strength from those he served, and made great personal sacrifices in order to advance their lot. He faced up to global smear campaigns without flinching, so long as he knew hewas doing what was right for The Pacific and her people. And this is perhaps the greatest testament tohis time at the head of the Revolution he embodied. This may sound like I am describing a hero froma book rather than a real person, but it is an accurate account of the man, and he was no less that man in private than he was in public. I describe him as a hero because he truly was.
”[/I] Surely it is atestament to this great man that we carry on his legacy even today!
Despite all the cultural and political advancements, the Userites still failed to see Pacifica forwhat it was: a great new society, the likes of which the world had never seen. Within the halls of theOrder, stability reigned. In the outside world, however, a new Userite force was building influence andnumbers. The Alliance was founded on the guise of freedom and democracy. It’s real aim, however,was conquest and subjugation. The Alliance feared the Order and her leaders as a threat to theirquest for power, as they encouraged the nations of all the Pacifics to think for themselves and do whatwas best for their region, not the Alliance. The Alliance had a firm grip on the North and they gavetheir blessing to the North’s recently elected delegate, UPS_Rail. Shortly after assuming the delegacy,UPS_Rail saw the truth of Comrade Emperor Franco’s teachings and the treachery of the Alliance. Hesaw how the Alliance wanted nothing more than to exploit the five Pacifics and he saw how the Orderopposed them at every turn. He took notice that just when it seemed darkest for Pacifica, just when itseemed that the Order would be overtaken by Userite aggression, where the line became weakest,that was where Comrade Franco made a stand. He saw the nations of the Pacific’s undying loyalty totheir Emperor. Tired of anarchy, of cliques and infighting, desiring a society where all would berecognized as citizens and not just an oligarchy of the privileged, UPS_Rail declared loyalty to thePacifican cause and Emperor Franco. Francoist rule was to be brought to The North Pacific. TheAlliance wasted no time in reacting and when they did, it was harsh. Francoist forces fought theAlliance tooth and nail. The Alliance’s lies were whispered into the most influential ears of the region.The nations of The Pacific’s northern sister were turned against the truth of the August Revolution.Unfortunately, Comrade UPS_Rail faltered in his resolve. He gave his delegacy to Great Bight, whoproceeded to purge the region. Blood ran waist-deep. Foreign affairs were literally put on hold in allother regions as the world stopped its turning to watch the carnage in the North. Just when allseemed lost, Comrade Franco himself left The Pacific in the hands of Imperial Viceroy Poskrebyshev.Resplendent in his finest armor, Comrade Franco led the Pacifican charge into the North himself. Hecut a swath through the Alliance resistance and began gaining on Great Bight. However, even theEmperor was not immortal. Franco had been wounded and concealed it. The sickness spread throughhim slowly consuming him. We did not know that when he was his strongest, he was dying. We did notknow until it was over.With Franco’s entry into the North, the war became global. The Order had few allies. TheAlliance had many. The Order’s allies were true to their cause. They fought like true warriors. Whilethe battle raged on, the Emperor of the New Pacific Order, Francos Spain, laid down his head.Exhausted, he closed his eyes. He sank into a deep sleep. He would never awaken. The forces of theAlliance used subterfuge and underhanded tactics to install their puppet Delegate, Free4All on thethrone of the North. Free4All ejected Great Bight, who died quietly, without a fight. He then turnedhis gaze toward the slumbering form of Franco. With the Userites of the Alliance whispering lies and

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