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The Builder Magazine Vol III # IV

The Builder Magazine Vol III # IV

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Published by Cosmomind

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Published by: Cosmomind on Jul 30, 2011
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 APRIL 1917 
 (Announcing a Monthly Department of Personal Opinion onPresent-day Masonic subjects)Edited by BRO. GEO. E. FRAZIER, President, The Board of Stewards)RESULTS speak louder than words. In reviewing the first two years of the Society, the Board of Stewards have been especially impressed with its loyalty to its original ideal, the character of itsmembership, and the increasing use now being made of itsresources. Mere numbers give no adequate idea of its real strength, but it is surely significant that the Society has enlisted the interestof fourteen thousand Masons in two years. Its members includenot only the rank and file of the Craft, but a large percentage of theleaders and students of Masonry in America, and not a few representative scholars from abroad. Indeed a list of the presentmembers of the Society in any state shows a striking combinationof the veteran Masonic leaders and the progressive young men of the jurisdiction.
Naturally the high character of the membership is making itself feltmonth by month in the contents of The Builder, whose leadingarticles provoke a wide response both in the Society as well as inthe Masonic press of the country. This response finds expression inthe correspondence column of The Builder, which increases ininterest and value with each issue, and also in answer andcomment direct from individual members. Because of thedirectness, vitality and farreaching interest of this response, theeditor has taxed the limits of space devoted to it, often withholdingnew articles to make room for letters of reply or elaboration notinfrequently as instructive as the original article. Fortunately thisdemand has been met in part by the Correspondence CircleBulletin, edited by Brother Clegg, which is now an added andinvaluable monthly feature. The Board of Stewards is in entiresympathy with the Study-Club movement, and wishes to make allpossible provision to facilitate its growth and advancement. All of which shows a very real and vital interest in the study of Masonry, and the development of our work so far reveals the widerange of Masonic activities--as a glance at the Index of the first two volumes of The Builder will make plain. We have, then, a trinity of  working tools. First, we have fourteen thousand leading Masons who are reading The Builder, and the number is rapidly growing.Second, we have a hearty response from our members not only inappreciation, but in comment, criticism, and practical suggestionlooking to the application of Masonic study to everyday life. Third, we have a list of contributors of serious articles which embraces thenames of many of the finest Masonic students at home and abroad.
Surely all this is as much an evidence of the strength and virility of Masonry as beautiful temples, the perfect exemplification of theritual, or large numbers of candidates, excellent as all these are. Your Board of Stewards has, therefore, felt the need of adding adepartment to The Builder that will bring the experience andspecial information of its past and present contributors to bear onpresent-day Masonic problems. We have accordingly established adepartment of personal opinion, which will appear monthly commencing with an early issue. This department will be edited by the President of the Board of Stewards, and he will invitecontributions to the department each month from each writer whohas contributed one or more articles to the magazine. At least fourand not more than six such expressions of personal opinion willmake up the department for each month. In order that opinionsmay be compared and opposite viewpoints fully considered thePresident will announce a subject for each month in the form of aquery. Some possible subjects are:a. Shall Masonic lodges encourage the formation of local Masonicclubs for social purposes ? b. Shall American Grand Lodges unite in a National Grand Lodge?

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