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Wing Tsun Kuen

Wing Tsun Kuen

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Published by Nelson Blanchet

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Published by: Nelson Blanchet on Jul 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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lND SN EBN
kungfu ok Published wrldly in versins f English. Chi.German. Slavnic. Spanish. Hungarian. Italian. etc
 
 U 
B.A., Ph D Golden Rank Founder of the
AProfessor of National Spo Academy Bulgaria
ISBN: 962-7284-01-7First Edition:19th Edition:December 1978September 2003Chief Translator
   
Assistant Transistors
Chief Editor
EN WA N
V EE, KWA ON,OK H N ©    44444
Nthn Rd 9B/ Kwln Hng Kng 
Box 71080, Kowloon Central, Hong KongFax: (52) 2780-8181 Tel 23884155
2771-2048 E-mail wtahk@hkbn.net
Nth th uth n th publh u n pnblt  t u  u  ntn ntnd n th bk
All rights reserved. 
N ptn  th bk  b pdud n n  wthut p wttn pn  th publh ntd n Hng Kng 
    
www Jff.m & www.w.m
,dO'oof h' bookwa pub;hd hm "'d  oo ub of ,, f<o ,de 
a�1 over the world which
encouraging to eAongst the ny readers who have wrtten to e there s qute a nuber of reputed artal arsts who have rased an dencalqueston to e:
Will ou some da establis a bran in our area?
As a tter of fact f I do not have the ntenton of startng Wng Tsun gynasus n other countres I would not have publshedths book!Two an facts otvatd e to wrte th book. Frstly there are any so called
K F xers
n the western world thsedays who are cheatng ther peope wth
K 
bann. In actua fact a great proporton of these
K F x
haveerely pactsed so superfca skls of kung u fro soe nstructors or even have only earnt ther technques fro soe
 F B
for a shor perod of te others perhaps are forer karate nstructors and yet they have ventured to put upthe sgnboard of 
K F
Soo and started to aderse for students. Te deeds f such peope are deepy loathed by realChnese rtal artst who are extreely worred at the daages whch would be done to the deveopent of hnese kung fuby these postorsor ths reason I a deterned to shoulder the responsblty or ntroducng the genune hnes kung fu. o for the past fewyears I went to any countrs to propagate the real Chnese artal·arts. To acheve ths purpose I have establshed branchesshols n a few countres. Recently togethe wth a nuber of leadng grandasters and nstructors of derent styles I haveorgansed the
nternatona Cese MartalArts eeraton"
Mebershps of ths organsaton s open to al kung fu nstructorsorenthusasts over the word who are nterests n takng par n the deYeopent of real hnese kung fu. ecody I have for a ong te been dsapponted wth ost of the kung f books publshed n the western world Most of these authors on one hand lack the rght quafcatons and on the other hand do not take serous atttude n wrtng and publshngther booksIn hna a great proporton of the artal artsts never go nadvertently to the producton of specalty of books o kung fu Thss due to the fact that they have to preserve a good reputaon of theselves as well th style that they are cosely hnged. In suchconcerns st of the Chnese ara artsts would rather not wrte ny book then to endanger ther reputaton and that of therstyle of kung fu they represent f they ake any funny stakes n ther ooks. Ths s the an reason why ther have been veryfew kug fu specalzed books n ChnaHowever t has been qute dfferent n the western countresIn the e way as those so caled kung fu nstructors who areswndlng ther students wth kung fu banners there s a shockng nuber of so called
K F Bks
to foo the generalreaders. ne of the ost dsgraceful deeds s that any of these authors have boasted theseves to be the
of acertan stye and have fabrcated ther ow stores on the orgn nd hstory of kung fu styes It s needless to say that the bookshey have wrtten are stued wth rong concepts and opnons of ther own As a result any of the fne Chnese kung fusyste and styes are staned and defored. Al the above entoned happenngs are greatly abhorred by a kung fu enthusast such as ysel or ths I a strongly deter­ned hat I w try y best wth the ost scrupulous and conscentous atttude to put forward all that I know on kung usothat al the lovers of Chnese kung fu al over the word can have a true and clear recognton of hnese artal ars
n prenting this work, whilst not ideal, it is my very sice wshthat it
 be of aisance to the artil arts thusit in te weste wod. For best sults, it should be ud as a ference, in conjuncion with competent tition However, e book on its ow, wll educate the readers in the ays 'of kung-fu,  they wll no loer 
so suptible to the condenceickste previously descbedLeg T

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