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Grad. Thesis o1 02

Grad. Thesis o1 02

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Published by Sherley Mae Egao

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Published by: Sherley Mae Egao on Jul 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1The Problem
 Humans are the most complex creatures on the earth. Complex in a logic way thathumans compost of diverse formation through its forms of reactions and dealings in thesociety. The primary way of understanding people of their role on our society where theyreside in is through evaluating and studying their culture which refers to the norms,values, beliefs and behaviors. It also studied the patterns of behavior, means of subsistence, self- actualization, social structure, and interactions as well as the traditionsof every deviate society in our humanity. In relation to that, this study deals with theIndian short stories, which denotes that it interpret the broad range of the Indian societyhas pass through in numerous decades. The Indian short stories have assisted to makesuch sense in a revolutionizing world, which provides a map of metaphoric mindscape of our society. This also approached the formal phase of Indian short stories into anawareness of limitations pact with the quotidian and quixotic Indian life with the samefelicity. In India’s crest social issues is poverty, which represent as a crucial state in Indiain this present time. This social issue entails high cost of living, unemployment andhunger in the urban places in India, this may probably cause in an increasing populationin India as well as the lack of urban planning. All of these can be thoroughly examined1
through the association of literature; specifically short stories to be analyzed, whichintroduce various issues with different plight.Literature, according to Taine (1982) is largely the product of the author’senvironment, and that an analysis of the environment could bring understanding of theworks of art in literature. An author could write their works of art by establishing it ontheir own experience or even the sort of environment where they live in. Literature also,according to Taine (1982) is the consequence of the moment, race and milieu. Theseconcepts means that, a moment refers to when a particular event happened and race is the people who is the several figures in our society, while milieu is the status quo of the people in a particular society. The idea of Taine’s concept is that literature is base onwhat is happening in a particular time and especially the kind of people involved in it.According to Burke (1971) states that the work of art, including literature, are anartistic way of the author’s in expressing or in leasing the readers know what ishappening in society and allocate them to have a greater with clarity understanding over societal happening through the work of art. In addition, to assess the cause and effect byhow and why people reacts towards the societal happenings or social issues.Social issues are matters which directly or indirectly involve some or all membersof a society, which are considered to be problems or controversies related to moral values(Massey, 2007). Several elements that affects the normal relationship between people andsociety, since society is the aspect in which the members of a community or simply the people live for their common benefit.In studying society, with the use of sociological criticism would be easier to giveout the main intention of their study.2
According to Jovanich (1971) in his book entitled,“ Critical Theory”, sociologicalcriticism is a critique directed to understanding and committing literature in its larger social context. He added that this approach is used to explore both how the socialfunctions in literature works in every society. It is also the thought out way of examining the relationship between literature and society, in which it provides mereknowledge, which has a relevant on how and why people behave in a certain manner withthe type of society where they interrelate.In analyzing a certain literature piece using the sociological criticism it guides theresearcher to comprehend the relationship between literature and society. In which it persuade the researcher to investigate and analyze different short stories which reveal anumber of social issues, for in the future this may help her to understand and learn theentire world of social issues and why a definite problems in society does exist.The main object of this study is to examine and analyze the diverse social issues present in the short stories and how the author described the factual condition of societyusing sociological criticism. This also intends to search out how social effects the live of the characters in the stories; either in a positive or negative way. 
Statement of the Problem
This study seeks to analyze and answer the following questions stated below byusing the Sociological Approach in analyzing the selected short stories.Specifically this study aims to answer the following questions:3

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