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Nov 08

Nov 08

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Published by Wirral Socialists

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Published by: Wirral Socialists on Jul 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November 2008
November 08 BDH.indd 124/10/08 10:39:20
November 2008
SubScription orderS
 should be sent to The Socialist Party, 52Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UN.
 One year subscription (normal rate) £15One year subscription (low/unwaged) £10Europe rate £20 (Air mail)Rest of world £25 (Air mail)Voluntary supporters subscription £20 or more.Cheques payable to ‘
t Ss p  G b’.the SocialiSt party ofGreat britain
The next meeting of the Executive Committeewill be on
S 1 n 
at the addressbelow. Correspondence should be sent tothe General Secretary. All articles, lettersand notices should be sent to the editorialcommittee at: The Socialist Party, 52 ClaphamHigh street, London SW4 7UN.
: 020 7622 3811-: sg@wss.g
Is capitalism crumbling?
Crisis? Which Crisis?
m W
ps tg 
c ds
ckg  bks 1
God and the Market
ckg  bks 2
M - C - M’
Communist Manifesto; War plc;Our Country Right or Wrong.
50 ys ag
Labour Party Conference
Gs p
Lamont - when Cameron got itwrong
v   bk
f l   f
website: www.worldsocialism.org
Crisis and Ination: Back to the Future?
Gordon Brown claimed that he had ended the boom and bust cycle.The current economic crisis demonstrates that normal service hasbeen resumed.
The end of “neoliberalism”?
What the critics of “neoliberalism” want is a “regulated capitalism”, butthey are not the only ones.
G c, b c
The credit crisis has tarnished the image of capitalism but its defenders
may help it live on by pinning all of the blame on nanciers
t rss r 
Even 90 years after the Russian revolution there are still some whoclaim that the event shines as a beacon for socialism. We were ableto say at the time that whatever was happening in Russia it was not asocialist revolution.
Sss   fs W W 
This month marks the 90th anniversary of the end of WWI. We recallthe socialist opposition to it.
November 08 BDH.indd 224/10/08 10:39:21
November 2008
The Socialist Party is like no other political party in Britain. It is made upof people who have joined together 
because we want to get rid of the prot
system and establish real socialism. Our aim is to persuade others to becomesocialist and act for themselves,organising democratically and withoutleaders, to bring about the kind of society that we are advocating in this journal. We are solely concerned withbuilding a movement of socialists for socialism. We are not a reformist partywith a programme of policies to patchup capitalism.We use every possible opportunityto make new socialists. We publishpamphlets and books, as well as CDs,DVDs and various other informativematerial. We also give talks and take partin debates; attend rallies, meetings anddemos; run educational conferences;host internet discussion forums, make
lms presenting our ideas, and contest
elections when practical. Socialistliterature is available in Arabic, Bengali,Dutch, Esperanto, French, German,Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish andTurkish as well as English.The more of you who join the SocialistParty the more we will be able to getour ideas across, the more experienceswe will be able to draw on and greater will be the new ideas for building themovement which you will be able tobring us.The Socialist Party is an organisationof equals. There is no leader and thereare no followers. So, if you are goingto join we want you to be sure that youagree fully with what we stand for and
that we are satised that you understand
the case for socialism.
The Socialist Party
Is capitalism crumbling?
Capitalism has never had such a badpress as the last few months. Countlesscommentators have given more than apassing consideration to the question, will capitalism collapse? Whilst thishopeful question could be expected toemanate from excitable journalists, andfrom the rump of what remains of theleft-wing throughout the world, it shouldbe noted that the likes of Bill Gates andNicolas Sarkozy have been asking similarquestions. The real challenge to capitalism how-ever is not so much a challenge to its on-going operation – it will carry on in someshape or form regardless. The last fewmonths are after all nothing other thana “market correction”, albeit a pretty bigand widespread one. Rather, the chal-lenge to capitalism is one that is of moreinterest to world socialists.For us worthwhile social changecannot come about blindly in knee-jerkreaction to events, nor in the role of pas-sive bystanders as events unfold aroundus. What has become crystal clear overthe last few weeks is the extent to whichthe experts of capitalism, the self-styled
“Masters of the Universe” were ying
by the seat of their silk monogrammedpants, with little idea what they wereactually buying and selling.Genuine social change will requiremore than just restricting executives’ bo-nuses, or trying to improve regulation of 
the nancial services sector, as many are
calling for. Even when it is working right,even when it is booming, the market sys-tem fails miserably to do the one thingit claims as its unique selling point. Far
from efciently sending market signals
between supply and demand, betweenproducer and consumer, the marketsystem sends confused, unreliable andskewed information.And of course there are some areas of demand that the economic system is justnot interested in even supplying – be-
cause of the low prot returns available.
World hunger is one example illustratinghow the market operates on the basis of 
prot, not human need. There can surely
be few clearer signs of the priorities of capitalism than the contrast between thepainfully slow progress made to address world hunger over the last few decades,and the haste with which politiciansaround the world have responded to thebanking crisis. The sums of money hast-ily committed to increase banks’ liquidityand stabilise the sector would – if usedto meet real human needs - ensure notone person need die of hunger for thenext 23 years.Capitalism won’t collapse of its ownaccord. But for many millions it has nev-er functioned to start with. Instead themarket system must be dismantled intel-lectually, ideologically and democrati-cally. A genuine alternative society mustbe agreed before capitalism can start tobe dismantled in reality, with alternativemechanisms emerging to replace boththe market and the state.If we want to get rid of capitalism we will need to work at it. That’s why weexist: to try and help as one small part of that massive process. If you want to helpout in that process – if you want to be-come humanity to become a “master” of its universe – then please make contact,and the sooner we may succeed.
November 08 BDH.indd 324/10/08 10:39:21

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