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The Adventure of North Carolina-Part 2

The Adventure of North Carolina-Part 2

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Published by johannes_bergman

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: johannes_bergman on Jul 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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28e of April 2010
The adventure of North Carolina
Part 2
A great Call and Prophetic Live Giving Channel Ministry’s Lifted up,receiving of a new fresh and greater anointing and much more!This and much more in this News Letter consisting out of different parts
 It started all as I received a Personal invitation
on one of the Networks where they haveinvited me to come to in 2008. Apostle Addie Robinson contacted me. Now this was nothingspecial for me as many man and woman of God contacted me over the last few years, but thistime there was an inclination in the Spirit which I felt almost immediately. And it was as if I heard my Father say: “This is for you John; I have prepared this for you.” Let me share with you in this News Letter part 2 of the start of one of my first and very surely not my last  Adventure in a walk with God.
The 11 hours flight to North Carolina
 It was so Adventures
as I looked out of thewindow and everything down below started to get smaller and smaller. The sound of themachine was just thrilling me that I just couldn’t be silent and had to give some kind of sound like, wow and this is genius and what a feeling. At the left side of me sat myneighbor Udo, German and of my age, and he was just like me looking out of thewindow being exited of the flight. Just aswith me was it his very first flight! We prepared ourselves for a very long flight. I took of my shoes and started to relax. Yes analmost 9 hours flight with Delta and it didn’t took very long until we had had a great time:having some very good conversations about God and religion.
 I told Udo about my visit in North Carolina
and that I had to preach there. And from hereour conversation went into the direction God wanted it to have. He started actually tocriticize all the different religions and I think that he thought that I would start to argueagainst his criticism. But I didn’t and as I fully agreed with him, he was astonished. As I told him how I was seeing it as a man of God, he was all ear and heart. Than I could explain himthat we humans are responsible for our own decisions and the consequences of it and that it is
not Gods fault that there are so many wars. In short fervent words I pictured again why Jesushad come and why He had to die.
 I explained him with my very own words
that his sight of how he sees it concerning theChristians is actually as it is, but that God is coming in action now and that a lot of thingswill start to change and that by no means, it would be a coincidence that he sits just right nowat the side of a man of God. He got really curious and wanted to know more; why I am exactly flying to North Carolina? I took a deep breath, listened to the Spirit of God and started togive him my testimony how my live started in a walk with God. He hung at my lips and sometimes he was shaking unbelieving his head, but he could not get enough of it and heheard a great part of my live, how God worked in and through my live and how I became aProphet of the Most High God who was now on his way to present his books in NorthCarolina. He was so impressed that he stated:Wow, John you are a brilliant rhetorician, you have put me to think about a lot of things.When you are right than… hmm… well I want to know more...
So I told him more and more,
carefully listening to the Spirit of God. A nine hours flight is along time and we slept in between. But we kept our conversation lively and it was for him and also for me as if we had found a new friendship, although he was not yet a born againChristian. He started to tell me about the reason of his flight to Atlanta; His son! He had not seen his son for many years and now he was on his way to his married son. The reason that he was now on his way to Atlanta, was that his son phoned him in Germany with a cry in hisheart telling his daddy and confessing him that as a little boy he was been misused and raped. He told me about the pain he felt now and that he felt guilty. That it was just right now that hewas asking God why? And how he started to accuse God about this what has happened and that just this day… he was sitting besides a Prophet. And that actually without knowing it I had answered ALL his questions.
This was daddy,
He had planned this already very far before we would have been able tothink about it. We had both such a great time and I explained him why I had to write thebooks; so that the Christians are able to have a relationship with God without that they need to be depended upon so called servants, who were not serving but practicing might. It was socool and genius from daddy the whole conversation. The 9 hours went over like nothing and we stayed together as we went to the customs to cross the border. I gave him my card in the plain and he stated explicitly: “Yes very surely will I download your book from your websiteand I will keep an eye on you. I will also try to read it with my son.” At the customs we lost each other but he went his way with great joy in his heart.
Touchdown at Atlanta and a second conversation
 Having come at the customs
to cross the border and to touch the ground of USA, they asked me for the reason of my stay. The young black smiling lady looked at me and was waiting for my answer. I listened…and than I knew I could tell this young black woman that I washeading for an Apostolic & Prophetic Conference and that I was one of the guest speakers. Her eyes started to glance and she asked me some things more. So I started to tell her about my books and as I told her, her heart and eyes showed excitement. She wished me all the best and hoped that I would come back more often to North Carolina. I got my stamp in my passand off I went through some paths, heading to my next flight from Atlanta to Charlotte and tomy next conversation. I had to go through some check points of the customs, putting of my
shoes and again going through the detector as I had also to go through it at the start of mytravel. But than I was on my way to gateway 32 and there I met a man who was on his way to North Carolina. It didn’t take very long and we were in a very lively conversation. He told mewhere he was coming from and I told him the reason of my visit to North Carolina. Well I got to know that he was a Christian himself and we had a very good conversation about all theunrighteous things which were going on in the leadership of so called Christianity. I could explain him what was the reason of my visit; too also bring some things to the light and to beGods voice to the Nations! He was very interested and asked me for my email address. So I gave him my card, told him about the Books and that he could download them for free frommy Website, just like that. He was impressed and the look at his face as I told him that amused me greatly. He also stated that he would download one of my books and would keep an eye onme. We shook hands as I had to go through the gateway and he went his way with joy in hisheart. And I knew that he had a very interesting story to tell to his mother as she was a bornagain Christian also. He told me that he would spread it in his family and that he loved our conversation.
One hour later I arrived at Charlotte Airport,
but two hours later as planned. Some thingshad happened and the airplanes that arrived at the Airport in Atlanta had already 30 Minutesdelay. To it came that my first flight had also an hour delay. I didn’t know why but it madethat I stood in the hot afternoon sun at charlotte Airport two hours later and nobody wasthere to pick me up. I waited almost 30 minutes, than I had an idea! I had the two cell phonenumbers, one from Addie and the other one from Juanita. As I had no money on me to be ableto phone I went to the baggage claim asking if they could call one of the two numbers I gavethem, which was written down on a little piece of paper which I pulled out of my pocket; I had taken it with me not knowing exactly why but I did. So at the baggage claim they remembered me very well as I had 30 minutes before been there asking for my bag because it seemed that it wasn’t there. They told me that I had to wait until the next plain arrives so they gave me ameal receipt. But suddenly I saw my bag on the transport band and wanted to give the mealreceipt back. No so she told me it is okay and so I could eat and drink with it what ever I wanted for 7 Dollars. But I had no time for it and went outside and as I came back, well of course did she remember me; she laughed at me and with a friendly face she dialed the first number. Nobody picked up, than she said let us try the next number… and yes somebody picked up and I got Juanita at the Phone:
“Prophet John where are you
we are waiting herealready for many hours. We have seen your plain had delay; where are you, we are upstairs!” But I wasdownstairs and she told me to stay where I was, shewould be there within 10 minutes. So I went quickly againoutside to the exit waiting upon Juanita. And yes, 10minutes later two black people came walking towards mewith a big smile on their faces. One was Brother Wesleyand the other Prophetess Juanita his fiancée as I found out later. She was also the right hand and help of Apostle Addie and they were happy and so exited. After that wewalked to the car, which Wesley had parked in a parkinglot in one of the parking houses, she immediately called  Addie telling: “We have him, he is there. Prophet John ishere” They were so worried after having waited for morethan two hours, but stayed where they were and trusted God to bring me through. And yes He did.

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