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Math 17 Exercises 8 w/ ANSWER KEY

Math 17 Exercises 8 w/ ANSWER KEY

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Published by Mau Tejada
This is from my Math 17 professor.
This is from my Math 17 professor.

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Published by: Mau Tejada on Aug 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MATH 17WORD PROBLEMS1. The total number of UP students and jumping jologs whoattended the first night of UP Fair is 820. The cost of the concert tickets were 300 pesos and 400 pesos for UPstudents and for jumping jologs, respectively. Total rev-enue from the concert amounted to 292,000 pesos. Findthe number of jumping jologs who attended the UP Fair.2. The sum of the squares of three consecutive positive inte-gers is 110. What are the integers?3. Dirk’s age is now 5 more than twice LeBron’s age. In8 years, Dirk’s age then will be 5 times LeBron’s age 4yearsago. How old is LeBron now?4. A goldsmith has two alloys of gold, the first being 70%pure and the second being 60% pure. How many ouncesof the 70% pure gold must be used to make 100 ounces of an alloy which will be 66% gold?5. How much water must be evaporated from 75 liters of a16% ethanol solution and replaced with the same amountof a 60% ehanol solution to raise it 48% ethanol solution?6. Doraemon and Mojacko are riding bicycles on perpendic-ular roads. Doraemon is 9 km from the intersection andriding towards it at 20 km/h, while Mojacko is 7 km fromthe intersection and riding away from it at 25 km/h. Afterhow many hours will they be 13 km apart?7. An airplane flying with the wind took two hours to travel1000 kilometers and two hours and 30 minutes to fly back.What was the wind velocity?8. Find the dimensions of a rectangle if its diagonal is 17inches and its perimeter is 46 inches.9. B1 and B2 can solve a Math 17 problem together in 8minutes. If B1 works alone for 3 minutes and is then joined by B2, the two together can solve the problem in 6more minutes. How long will it take B1 and B2 alone tosolve the problem?10. It takes Fred four days longer to prepare an order of piesthan it takes George. They have baked together fot twodays when George leaves. Fred takes seven additional daysto complete the work. How long would it take George toprepare the pies alone?11. The sum of the digits of a three-digit number is 18. If thesecond and third digits were interchanged , the numberwould be increased by 36. If the first and third digitswere interchnged, the new number would be 99 less thanthe original number. Find the number.12. Alice invests part of her 25,000 pesos at 12% and therest at 15%. If the total annual income from the twoinvestments is 3,300 pesos, how much did she invest at15%?13. Two automobiles traveled the same distance. AutomobileA traveled at 50 km./h. and Automobile B at 60km./h.It took A 50 minutes longer to make the trip. How longdid it take Automobile B to make the trip?
hours14. How much alcohol must be added to 50 gallons of amixture of water and alcohol which is 85% alcohol tomake a mixture which is 90% alcohol?
25 gallons15. The length of a rectangle exceeds its width by 6 units. If each dimension were increased by 3 units, the area wouldbe increased by 57 square units. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.
width = 1 units, length = 11 units16. The numerator of a certain fraction is four less than thedenominator. If the numerator is doubled and the de-nominator is diminished by two, the sum of the originalfraction and the new one is three. Find the original frac-tion.
pangit ang answer :D17. The speed of a motorboat in still water is 16 mph. Findthe speed of the river’s current if the motorboat goes5 miles downstream in the same time required going 3miles upstream.
4 miles per hour18. A picture of length 12 inches and width 9 inches is framedin wood. What is the uniform width of the frame if theframe has an area of 162 square inches?
3 inches19. Raffy is twice as old as Lot. In two years, the sum of their ages will be five times as much as Lot’s age was fouryears ago. How old is Raffy now?
24 years old20. Susan is 9 years old than Envi. Four years ago, the sumof their ages was 17 years. In how many years will Envibe 18 years of age?
In 10 years.21. The sum of the two angles of a triangle is equal to thethird angle and the difference of the two angles is equalto two-thirds the third angle. Find the measure of eachangle.
first angle = 75 degrees, second angle = 15 degrees,third angle = 90 degrees22. Harry, Ron and Hermione working together can do a jobin 6 days. Harry and Ron can do the job in 8 days. Ronand Hermione can do the job in 9 days. Find how long it
will take each guy working alone to do the job.
Harry =
, Ron =
, Hermoine = 2423. Find two consecutive odd integers whose product exceedsthree times their sum by 15.
7 and 924. If the length of the side of a square is increased by 6units, the area is multiplied by 4. Find the original lengthof the side of the square.
6 units25. The tens digit of a certain number is 4 more than theunits digit. The sum of the squares of the two digits is26. Find the number.
5126. Jake and Mark washed a car in 24 minutes. When theyeach washed the car alone, Jake took 20 minutes longerto do the job than Mark. How long did it take Mark towash the car?
48 minutes27. The product of a two-digit number and the numberobtained by reversing its digits is 736. If the difference of the two numbers is 9, find the numbers.
32 and 2328. An airplane travels 360 miles with the wind in 1 hourand 20 minutes and returns against the wind in 2 hoursand 15 minutes. find the speed of the airplane in still airand the speed of the wind.
airplane = 215mph, wind = 55mph29. Meryl and Paula working together can complete a jobin 7.5 hours. Working alone, Meryl takes 8 hours longerthan Paula to do the job. How long would it take eachworking alone?
Meryl = 20 hours, Paula = 12 hours30. A tank contained brine of which 1.5% was salt. When 100pounds of water had been evaporated, 2.5% of the brinewas salt. How many pounds of the solution remained?
150 pounds31. The sum of two numbers is 11. The sum of theirreciprocals is
. Find the numbers.
7 and 432. Jun’s father is now twice as old as he is. Sixteen yearsago, he was four times as old. How old is Jun now?
24 years old33. One pipe takes 30 minutes to fill a tank and after it hasbeen running for 10 minutes, it is shut off. A secondpipe is then opened and it finishes filling the tank in 15minutes. How long will it take the second pipe alone tofill the tank?
minutes34. If the units digit of a two-digit number is six more thanthe tens digit and the number is eight more than twicethe sum of the digits, what is the number.
2835. The sum of three numbers is 12. Twice the first numberis equal to the second number, and the third number isequal to the sum of the other two numbers. Find thenumbers.
2, 4, and 636. One ounce of the mixture containing an unknown per-centage of salt is to be mixed with 2 ounces of a mixturewhich is 15% salt, in order to obtain a solution which is12% salt. What was the percentage of salt in the firstsolution?
6%37. A plane takes 6 hours to fly from San Francisco to NewYork, and 5 hours to return back. The airplane’s airspeedis 550 miles per hour, from New York to San Francisco.The reason why it takes the airplane longer to go Westthan East is because of a wind with constant wind speed.What is the speed of wind.
50 miles per hour38. At the same moment, two trains leave Chicago andNew York. They move towards each other with costantspeeds. The train from Chicago is moving at speed of 40miles per hour, and the train from New York is movingat speed of 60 miles per hour. The distance betweenChicago and New York is 1000 miles. How long aftertheir departure will they meet?
4 hours39. Jim and Sarah who are hiking in wilderness, decide toleave their tent and walk around a lake. They start goingin the opposite directions. Jim hikes at the rate of 3miles per hour. Sarah hikes at the rate of 2 miles perhour. The perimeter of the lake is 10 miles. How longwill it be before they meet?
2 hours40. Adam Goldberg put part of his money into a bank andinvested another half of it in bonds. The bank pays 5%interest. The bonds pay a 7% return. How much moneydid he in each vehicle (remember that he put equalamounts into each), if his annual income from the bondswas 600 dollars more than the interest from the bank?2

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