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Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa

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Published by Sindhu Nair
The team gets pampered
The team gets pampered

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Published by: Sindhu Nair on Aug 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summer 2011
2011 Summer
Three of us fromThe
Woman Today 
Team played hookiefrom work Toreview The services aT w's Bliss spa. leT'sjusT say iT was a verywell-groomed TeamThaT worked on Thesummer issue!
I had a reason for opting for the pedicureand manicure session at Bliss. Pedicure because that is self-indulgence I permit my-self on every possible occasion. Manicure because my nails would need nothing lessthan expertise or intense workmanship forthe effects to show. In case you wonder, Iam a chronic nail-biter, hence have tiny (yetneat, mind you) nails.The staff at Bliss had no clue of the chal-lenge they were about to take on, I thought,smiling secretly as Liliana Matic, the chatty, warm Spa Manager took us through to ourrespective treatment rooms, explaining why Bliss was one of the most sought after Spasin the country.In the white pristine clean rooms of Bliss
I nally exhibited my nails to my therapist,
Maria and waited for some reaction fromher. But I was thoroughly disappointed!I have to say the staff at Bliss Spa are theprofessional to the point of being politically correct. Maria was unaffected and looked atmy nails as she might have any other long well-maintained hand.Maria donned gloves as she worked oncleaning and pruning my non-existentnails. But here is the one step in her treat-ment makes Bliss a bit different from therest: She dipped my hands into a plastic
 bag which is lled with a warm uid. The
product, Liliana later explained is used forsoftening the hands."It is heated Bliss hand cream whichcontains macadamia oil and grape seedsextract which brighten and soften your skin.It is used under certain temperature as thenthe cream penetrates deeper in your skin,"she said.The hand cream is an ultra-hydrating,non-greasy, antioxidant rich dry-handsoother, softener and smoother. It also hasa light citrus scent and the balm smoothesrough cuticles too. This treatment leaves thehands soft and supple and the feeling lastedfor a few days. An algae extract, rich in min-erals, was also used to normalise the skin'smoisture level and make the hands supple
and rm. At the end a hot parafn pack with
rose oil was applied to soften the hands. Af-ter all this, my hands with the shiny healthy if short nails were ready for its daily grindon the laptop.Moving on to the pedicure treatment,I climb to a seat, which looks great as adesign element but is not so convenient func-tionally. The space seems constrained andallows minimum movement, even for thetherapists especially if the adjacent space isused. Here too, the treatment is excellent,products innovative and service up-to-the-mark – with a little more warmth, the expe-rience would have been just perfect. I wouldhave loved a treatment where the mas-seur would spend a good half-an-hour onmassage, kneading out the pressure pointsand energising my tired feet.Liliana spoke about a special ingredi-ent that was used to refresh my feet, therosemary and lemon foot smoothing balm.
She explained the process, "We led and
scrubbed your feet with Dimacel (diamond
dust) les, which are the best in the world.
 After this scrub, the feet and lower legs arescrubbed again with a "hot salt scrub" – aself-heating, oil-free, sea salt body scrub,spiked with eucalyptus and rosemary."
Last word:
Bliss Spa is indeed one of themost hygienic and professionally run Spas with the treatments and the products add-ing to its reputation. If it would up its per-sonal element, then there is no beating it!
(Reviewed by Sindhu Nair)
ing cocktail and a soothing collagen mask. At the end of the hour, still with littleexpectations, I stepped out of the room. My skin felt instantly tighter, and because of thenature of the products used my skin lookedmatte – which I love, but felt slightly oily tothe touch – the therapist of course warnedme against touching my face too much, but you know how it goes when someone saysdon't...By the next morning, my face felt really soft, and attracted enough comments onhow 'fresh' I looked, though the word I waslooking for was 'young'. While at the spa, do explore their rangeof products.I particularly recommend the Elemis sunscreen (spf 30) which is tinted and translu-cent, so apply that over your moisturiser and you really don't need any other make-up.
Note: 60 minutes, QR850
(Reviewed by Vee Ess)
 You always start a facial treatment with hopes of emerging with skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.
However, the rst look at the mirror will only throw back a slightly greasy, puffy eyed face.
It's generally a few hours or even a day before the expected radiance or hint of it emerges.See, the perks of being a female journalist in Doha is that in no time you do become aconnoisseur of spa treatments and facials. And with experience of savouring the best, comes
a little bit of wisdom, that also show up as ne lines around the eyes.
So I lay down for the treatment, and the Bliss therapist started on me with almost clinical
efciency, I knew well enough to not expect a trafc-stopping difference in my skin.
 Also, at that point, my frail ego was hurt at being suggested a Youth facial! Come again,I was tempted to tell Liliana Matic , the Spa Director. But Liliana is not to be questioned, because she obviously knows her job ("next time the brows," she spoke directly to the fuzz thatprotects my eyes from the sand storms).So there I was on the narrow bed, smarting at the need to be advised anti-ageing treatment,after all I am still at a tender number well short of 40.Boy, was I glad I bit the bullet. The sand, dust, heat and air-conditioner play havoc on the
 best of skins; and when you throw in lack of a daily skincare regime, then you most denitely 
are in need of this treatment - The Youth As We Know It.
This anti-ageing treatment targets tone, elasticity, volume, ne lines and wrinkles – all the
 way to the décolleté.The treatment includes a mushroom enzyme peel, a high-tech cell-regenerating moisturis-
PAmPering retreAt
Bliss Spa 

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