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Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

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Published by Helen Jekelle

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Published by: Helen Jekelle on Aug 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Forward Thinking
Workforce Challenges for the Public Sector
Copyright © 2009 by the Public Sector Commission The Commission has no objection to this document being copied, in whole or in part,provided there is due acknowledgement of any material quoted from this document.Copies of this document are available in alternative formats upon request.Public Sector Commission197 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000Phone: (08) 9219 6227Email: admin@psc.wa.gov.auWebsite: www.publicsector.wa.gov.auPublication Date: May 2009
Government of 
Western Australia
Public Sector Commission
Executive Summary 2Section 1: Overview - Strategic Directions or the Public Sector Workorce 2009 - 2014           4Section 2: The Western Australian Public Sector5Section 3: Factors Aecting the Public Sector Workorce 7Social Factors Aecting the Public Sector Workorce 9Economic Factors Aecting the Public Sector Workorce10 Technological Factors Aecting the Public Sector Workorce12Environmental Factors Aecting the Public Sector Workorce 13Other Factors Aecting the Public Sector Workorce13Section 4: Regional Western Australia 15Section 5: Western Australian Workorce Challenges 16Section 6: The Next Step - A Call For Action21Reerences 22
Executive Summary
A major objective or the Western Australian public sector is to continue to provide high qualityservices to the community o Western Australia A critical component o this is the developmentand maintenance o a skilled, exible and sustainable public sector workorceIn May 2009, the Public Sector Commission released
Strategic Directions or the Public Sector Workorce 2009 - 2014
Strategic Directions
) that contains initiatives to address the main workorcechallenges aced by the public sector
Strategic Directions
was developed in consultation withpublic sector agencies, to identiy practical workorce solutions that will be implemented tosupport successul delivery o public services to the community The implementation o theseinitiatives will ensure that short term challenges are met, and that the public sector is wellpositioned into the uture The analysis undertaken during the development o 
Strategic Directions
 has been collated and a summary presented in this publication,
Forward Thinking
Since 2001, Western Australia has beneted signicantly rom economic growth largely drivenby the resources boom In this period, the public sector aced a labour and skills shortagealongside a growing population, ageing workorce and increasing demand or public servicesRecent events in the global economic environment have signalled changes ahead or both theworld and State economy The impact on Western Australia’s economic uture will depend on theeconomic growth o its major trading partners in Asia Unexpected job cuts - particularly in themining and nancial sectors - and other economic actors, are leading to medium-term orecasts o rising unemployment and low economic growth both at a National and State level These actors,along with many others, require public sector agencies to ensure that the delivery o their servicesis able to adapt to uctuations in the economy The Western Australian public sector is the largest employer in the State In order or high qualityservices to continue to be provided, public sector agencies must be equipped to understand andresolve a range o actors that are aecting its current and uture workorce These actors aremulti-dimensional and include the impact o the global credit crisis, the recent resources boom,shits in populations and social diversity (amongst others) A urther signicant challenge orWestern Australia is its ageing workorce Almost 50% o the Western Australian public sectorworkorce is aged 45 years or over and 19% are 55 years or over
 The employees in this latterage-group may exit the sector in the next ve to ten years Recruitment amongst younger agegroups is thereore essential or ongoing service delivery The ageing population is also likely toaect the service delivery prole o the public sector due to the likely increase in healthcare andwelare needs To acilitate sustainable service delivery, agencies can address these workorceissues through the ‘People’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Structure’ related initiatives identied in
Strategic Directions

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