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Southeast Asian Trip - One country vs Multiple country

Southeast Asian Trip - One country vs Multiple country

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Published by ekappletree
A very useful article about what to do with a couple of weeks off for traveling in Southeast Asia. Courtesy from Exotissimo Travel.
A very useful article about what to do with a couple of weeks off for traveling in Southeast Asia. Courtesy from Exotissimo Travel.

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Published by: ekappletree on Aug 02, 2011
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What to do with aCouple of Weeks Off 
A one Country or Multiple CountrySoutheast Asian Trip?
Experts in Asia - in Asia 
So, here it is! Summer is still upon us, and for many, school is out (andtime for you to use your paid holidays). There is still time to set on out tofaraway lands and Southeast Asia is a wonderful region for it. But whatshould you do? Should you settle in one city/town, region and countryor go for the complete package and embark on the dream multi-countrySoutheast Asian tour? Well, it all depends on who you are coming with (orif you’re traveling alone).First, let’s look at the advantages (and disadvantages) of traveling aloneand going multi-country or single country and comparing it with a grouptraveler going places or staying in one.
1. Single traveler going multi-country:
No hassles from other membersNot bounded by what other people want to doFree to go where he/she wishes at anytimeCan edit itinerary as he/she goesAirplane travel is smoother and easier by oneselfCan create his/her own magical travel momentsOpportunities to absorb different cultures from different countries
Can become lonelyNobody to share moments with
2. Single traveler going single-country:
Can truly soak up a country’s flavor and atmosphereOpportunities to make new friends abroadCan edit itinerary as he/she goesCan create his/her own magical travel moments
Can become lonelyNobody to share moments with
3. Group traveler going multi-country:
Tons of opportunities for magical ‘family’ or ‘friends’ momentsCan feel more comfortable at a new country knowing that family or
friends are around
Easier to try new food, customs, etc. with friends/family aroundOpportunities to absorb different cultures from different countries
The hassles of packing, unpacking, settling into a new country, etc.• Money exchange, learning new language, familiarizing with each
country’s etiquette, etc.
Different people wanting to do different things during a tripItinerary may have to be fixed beforehand to avoid confusion, upset
-ting others, etc.
4. Group traveler going single-country:
Familiarity with one country’s customs, foods, languages, etc.Traveling to other parts of the country may not feel too like a hassleThe group may feel ‘satisfied’ knowing they made the most of their
time in one countryDisadvantage
May feel like an opportunity lost exploring other nations knowing
other countries are very near by
If there’s one thing working to Southeast Asia’s advantage, it is its good
and reliable air connections. You can book and jump into one of the re-gion’s several low cost airlines and be on your way to other domestic
destination or to another exotic land in as little as 40 minutes or as long
as 5 hours, depending on your take off and landing destinations.Here is a list of the region’s various low-cost airlines:
Southeast Asia:
AirAsia – based in Malaysia but with offices and headquartersthroughout the region, serving Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, My
anmar as well as Singapore, the Philippines , China, India, Japan, SouthKorea and even flying as far as the U.K., France, New Zealand and Aus
Batavia Air – based in Jakarta Indonesia, serving most of the countryas well as China and Singapore.Citi Link – based in Jakarta and serves IndonesiaLion Air – based in Jakarta, serving the country as well as Singapore,
Vietnam and as far out as Saudi Arabia
Jetstar Asia – its hub is in Singapore Changi Airport but with officesthroughout the region, flying to destinations in Myanmar, Thailand, Viet
nam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Macau, Hong Kong and evenAustralia, New Zealand and Japan.Tiger Airways – a Singaporean based airline with service throughout
Southeast and continental Asia
Nok Air – based in Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport, serving most major
destinations in the country
Orient Thai Airlines – based out of Suvarnabhumi International Air
-port, catering to flights within the country
So, with all these options, a flight to just about any destination in theregion is quite simple and pretty cheap. So, no worries there.
 The trouble for some is the personnel. If traveling in a big group, with the
elderly and/or with small children, moving north, south, east and west
can be a burden. Just think about it. The packing involved, the travel to
the airport, the air travel and getting from the airport to your new hotel,
currency exchanges, unpacking, familiarizing yourself with a new set of
cultures, languages, food, etc. and you can now see the hassles involved
with multiple destination travel. Just thinking about it is tiring enough.Also, if you want to fully explore and embrace one country, a couple of
weeks can be the time frame you will need. Different regions of eachcountry may feel like a totally different country altogether. Take Thailand
for example. Bangkok, in Central Thailand, is a totally distinct world formthe Lao-like Northeast region, the mountainous north and the beach/
island paradises of the south. You can easily spend four days in eachregion. The same rings true in everyother country in Southeast Asia.Another factor you have to consider is
your travel preference. If it is the beach
you are after, then the obvious choices
are Thailand and Indonesia while theup and comers are Cambodia and Vi
etnam, with Myanmar providing hid
den destinations. Laos is landlocked,
so no beaches there. However, if you
are looking to kick back, relax and let
the environment completely sootheyou, then there is no better place than
Laos. Looking for the even more ex
otic? Then Myanmar is your best bet,
receiving the least amount of visitors
compared to other countries. Cam
-bodia is ancient temple ruin paradise(every country has its own set, but the
Khmer ruins in Angkor truly stand out). Need to stay in a modern city?Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia as well as Hanoi and Saigon,Vietnam can be your headquarters. Other capitals and big cities in the
region are either resort townships, burgeoning urban areas or just out-right towns. Hills and mountains dominate the landscape throughout
Laos, as well as Northern Thailand, Northern Vietnam and major partsof Myanmar.
However, if you are a young and optimistic go-getter, with a taste for the
new as well as the exotic and looking to add photos to your Facebookalbums and adding experiences to your memory bank, this is it. The well-
connected air routes and low cost of flights will work to your advantage.You will also not have to worry about jetlag as most destinations practi-
cally share the same time zone (mostly falling in the GMT +7 and GMT +8 range). As mentioned before, each country presents its own set ofunique landscapes, foods, people and experiences, so you’ll be in for a
varied journey, that’s for sure.
Single travelers looking to absorb various experiences, couples with ataste for the unique and exotic or small groups of friends ‘hanging out’will find multiple country travel not a problem. In fact, there are severaloptions at Exotissimo that purely cater to this group. If you are one of
them, look no further than our multi-country tours page.
If multiple country tours are not for you, look into our individual country
programs, what we otherwise call our footprint tours. By just staying in
one country, you’ll already get the experience others get by traveling tovarious others, mainly because each country’s region is distinct. It willalso save you travel time, expenses and hassles. This is great for big
groups, travelers with small children or just about anybody wishing to
fully embrace their holiday experience in one country. Remember, you
can always combine or even tailor make our tours to fit your itinerary.

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