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Table Of Contents

The Biology of Selenium
2.1A Belated Recognition
2.2The Biological Role of Selenium in Prokaryotes
2.3Selenium in Plants
2.3.1Selenium in Higher Plants Accumulators and Nonaccumulators
2.3.2Selenium Metabolism in Plants Uptake and Transport in Plants Toxicity and Tolerance in Plants of Selenium by Plants
2.3.3Selenium in Food Plants Crops Grown on Low-Selenium Soils Grown on Adequate-Selenium Soils Grown on High-Selenium Soils
2.4Selenium in Animal Tissues
2.4.1Absorption, Transport, and Excretion of Selenium
2.4.2Enteric Absorption of Selenium
2.4.3Transport of Selenium in the Body
2.4.4Selenium Distribution and Retention in the Human Body
2.4.5Selenium Levels in Blood in Whole Blood in Serum and Plasma
2.4.6Selenium Retention and Excretion from the Body Excretion of Selenium Excretion of Selenium Excretion of Selenium of Selenium in Hair and Nails
2.4.7Selenium Pools and Stores in the Body
Selenium Metabolism
3.1The Metabolic Roles of Selenium
3.1.1Selenoproteins Glutathione Peroxidases Iodothyronine Deiodinases Reductases Synthetase P Selenoproteins
3.2Selenoprotein Synthesis
3.2.1Selenocysteine: the 21st Amino Acid Function of the UGA Codon
3.2.2Selenoprotein Synthesis in Prokaryotes
3.2.3Selenoprotein Synthesis in Eukaryotes
3.3Regulation of Selenoprotein Expression
3.3.1Complexities of Regulation of Selenoprotein Synthesis
in Selenoprotein Synthesis
3.4Selenium Status
3.4.1Assessment of Selenium Status, Nail, and Urinary Selenium of Functional Indicators of Selenium Status
Selenium in Health and Disease I: The Agricultural Connection
4.1Selenium and Agriculture
4.2Selenium Toxicity in Farm Animals
4.2.1Alkali Disease and Blind Staggers
4.2.2Selenosis in Farm Animals Outside the USA in Irish Farms
4.3The other Face of Selenium—an Essential Nutrient
4.3.1Selenium as an Essential Nutritional Factor
4.4Selenium-Responsive Conditions in Farm Animals
4.4.1White Muscle Disease
TABLE4.2Selenium-responsive conditions in farm animals
4.4.2Exudative Diathesis
4.4.3Hepatosis Dietetica
4.4.4Pancreatic Degeneration
4.4.5Ill Thrift
4.4.6Impaired Reproduction
4.4.7Impaired Immune Response
4.5Subclinical Selenium Deficiencies
4.6Selenium Supplementation of Livestock
5.1Selenium Toxicity
5.1.2Human Selenosis in Latin America
5.1.3Endemic Selenosis in China
5.1.4Other Consequences of Large-Scale Selenium Intake Caries Reproduction
5.2Endemic Diseases Related to Selenium Deficiency in Humans
5.2.1Keshan Disease Studies of Keshan Disease in China of Keshan Disease of Keshan Disease
5.2.2Selenium Status of Residents of Keshan Disease Areas
5.2.3Interventions in the Management of Keshan Disease
5.2.4Keshan Disease in Russia
5.3Kashin–Beck Disease
5.3.1The Etiology of Kashin–Beck Disease
5.4Combined Endemic Selenium and Iodine Deficiencies
5.4.1Selenium, Kashin–Beck Disease, and Goiter
5.4.2The Role of Selenium Deficiency in Endemic Goiter
5.4.3Thyroid Biochemistry and Selenium
6.3Selenium and Cancer
6.3.3“Nested” Case-Control Studies
6.3.4Intervention Trials Linxian Intervention Trials Intervention Trial PRECISE Intervention Trial SELECT Intervention Trial SU.VI.MAX Trial
6.4The Carcinostatic Properties of Selenium Compounds
6.4.1How Selenium Compounds May Prevent Cancer
6.5Selenium and Cardiovascular Disease
6.5.1Epidemiological Studies of CVD Incidence
7.1The Immune System
7.1.1Components of the Immune System
7.1.2The Role of Selenium in the Immune Response and the Immune Response to Infection and Inflammatory Diseases in Humans
7.2Selenium and Viral Infections
7.3Selenium and Human Fertility
7.4Selenium and Preeclampsia
8.1Selenium and other Health Conditions
8.2Selenium and Ageing
8.3Selenium and Age-Related Degenerative Disorders of the Eye
8.3.1Age-Related Macular Degeneration
8.4Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
8.5Selenium and Brain Function
8.6Other Possible Selenium-Related Conditions
8.7Other Health Conditions and Selenium
Selenium in Foods
9.1Selenium in Food
9.1.1Selenium in Foods: National and International Databases
9.1.2Selenium in Food Composition Databases in Total Diet Studies
9.1.3Variations in Levels of Selenium in Foods
9.1.4Selenium Levels in Individual Foodstuffs Levels in Cow’s Milk Levels in Human Milk in Infant Formula in Bread and Flour Levels in Other Cereals in Meat and Meat Products in Fish and Other Seafoods in Vegetables and Fruits in Brazil and Other Nuts
9.2Selenium in Drinking Water
10.2Dietary Intakes of Selenium in Different Countries
10.3.1Selenium Intake by Vegans and Other Vegetarians
10.3.2Selenium Intake by Young Swedish Vegans
10.3.3Selenium Intake by Sikh Vegetarians
10.3.4Selenium Intake in Fish-Eating Populations
10.4Changes in Dietary Intakes of Selenium
10.4.1Changes in Selenium Intake in Finland
10.4.4Changing Selenium Status in New Zealand
10.5.1Selenium-Enriched Yeast
10.5.2Selenomethionine in Selenium Yeast
10.5.3Variations in Levels of Selenium in Supplements
10.6Enhancing Selenium Content of Foods
10.6.1Selenium in Functional Foods
10.7Dietary Reference Values for Selenium
10.8The Future—Is Supplementation the Way Forward?
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54076524 Selenium in Food and Health 2nd Ed

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