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Dark Future - Black Market

Dark Future - Black Market

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Published by jadrax
A Dark Future scenario for Atomic Highway
A Dark Future scenario for Atomic Highway

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Published by: jadrax on Aug 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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black MarketPage 1
shotguns. The office is a typical corporate affair, withblack plastileather chairs and brushed aluminiumpanelling. A picture of Pope Georgu (Nelson Mandela)rests prominently on one wall. Graaffman’s bodyguard,a hulking African-American named Urlo, stands behindhim but does not contribute to the conversation.Graaffman explains that he wants the PCs to locatedand recover Shanice, an employee of the corporation,she should come along willingly when presented withidentification, but if for some reason she does not, thePCs are withdraw and payment will be provided whenthey explain her circumstances. If they agree,Graaffman offers $5,000 up front, with a further$10,000 upon delivery. Graaffman will also provide themwith a tracer, which can give them the exact location ofShanice is in – it currently shows her location to be themiddle of the Great Michigan Salt Flat.
Optional Encounters
Salt Storm
Salt storms are a constant threat while driving over theGreat Salt Flats, terrifying whirls of caustic salt that canlast for hours. Driving through a Salt Storm reducesvisibility to a few feet, making all manoeuvre testsArduous (3). Living creatures exposed to the stormsuffer even worse, even standing upright in the cuttingwinds require an Extreme (2) Muscle/Athletics roll,while moving is Tremendous (4). The salt storm alsocreates a large amount of electro-magneticinterference, preventing Laser weapons, SatelliteUplinks and even CB Radios working for the stormsduration. For each full Hour that a Vehicle spends in asalt storm, it suffers D6 Lethal Damage that ignores anyarmour. Living creatures exposed suffer a combinationof exhaustion, dehydration and scratching, if properlywrapped up they are reduced to half health, if they arenot see the rules for exposure on page 75. Navigatingaround or simply waiting out an active storm is possible,but can add hours to a journey.
Salt Corsairs
While travelling through the salt flats attracts fewerraiders than traversing the open roads, a few desperateoutlaws do specialise in raiding the Bootleggers whopass through here. These renegades (Raiders, page 103)normally patrol common routes across the Salt Flats inBlack Market is a long non-campaign scenario set inIllinois, for starting PCs. It assumes that the PCs areSanctioned Operatives, and have some mode ofenclosed transport. As some encounters in Black Marketdeal with racism and slavery as core themes, the groupshould take care not to make any players feeluncomfortable or offended while running this scenario.
 A bit of recent history
Since the great droughts of ’75, the primary import ofthe United States has been water, transported fromCanada by great corporation convoys that traverse theInterstates under heavy armed guard to fight of theconstant danger of raiders. To undercut corporationprices, some entrepreneurs operate as bootleggers,shipping water across the Canadian border and selling itdirectly on the black market. To avoid the maraudersand cykegangers who would steal their precious cargo,these bootleggers avoid the Highways and Interstates,instead transporting the water directly over the massivesalt flats that connect Chicago directly to Canada. Onesuch group of bootleggers have been operating for thelast five years, running water from the PukaskwaPumping-station to Chicago. They are made up of justthree members: Marquis, Carlos and Shanice. WhileMarquis and Carlos founded the operation, Shanice isthe brains behind it, organising both the routes takenand dealing with their contacts at either end. Also,unknown to the other bootleggers, she is a Corporateagent, using the organisation to acquire information onPukaskwa links with the Mob for her father, the Chicagomanager of Valladyne Technologies. However, she nownot reported in for a week on her recent trip,persuading her father it is time to extract her, a task hehas delegated to Mark Graaffman, who oversawShanice’s reports. This is where the PCs come in.
The PCs are contact is Mark Graaffman, a Caucasianmiddle manger working in the Chicago ValladyneTechnologies PolicedZone. Valladyne Technologies is oneof the smaller corporations, involved in the recreation,leisure and food industries. The meeting is inGraaffman’s office, located in a polished ferrocreteskyscraper typical of the PolicedZone skyline. Armouredcorporation police (Sentinel, page 104) patrol the wholecomplex, armed with Felwell Enforcer pump-action
Page 2Atomic Highway - Black Market
groups of half a dozen, but will only attack travellersthey suspect to be carrying water. To survive the toxicSalt Flats in their exposed vehicles, salt corsairs wearseveral layers of clothing, with gas masks or goggles.Assume the leader of any group of Salt Corsairs has atleast a $3,000 bounty outstanding, payable by a randomCorporation.
Act One
The Great Salt Flats of America where once known asthe Great Lakes, before they evaporated in to lifelessplains of salt studded with the occasional polluted oasis.Travelling over the salt flats is possible without Off-Roadcapable vehicles; the salt has been compacted down toa concrete-like consistency and the only obstacles arethe occasional rusting ship carcasses jutting up from theplain. There are dangers however; pesticides andfertilizers lace the salt, which is highly toxic andcorrosive. As the PCs close in on the source of thetracking beacon, they discover it is inside of the rustingprow of a ship, which juts out of the salt flat like aman-made mountain. As they draw closer, they see thatsheets of corrugated iron and plastic have been rivetedto this hull, in an attempt to keep out the worstexcesses of the salt. There are no signs of life as the PCsget closer, and they can see that the main entrance isunder a green Plastitarp hanging over the eastern wall.Several sets of tyre tracks lead from the southeast, as iftwo or three trucks recently parked near the hulk,before setting of back the way they came. If the PCsventure past the Plastitarp, behind it is artificial cave,in this rests a Cargo Van besides a small campsite. Theweek-old corpse of a Hispanic ganger (Carlos) liesagainst one of the walls, his body riddled with submachinegun fire. Their tracer will lead them to aglowing red beacon, which lies discarded on the floor,clearly cut from out of Shanice’s body. Apart from this,there is various assorted junk here and it can be treatedas a Scavenging Location (Automotive, Foodstuffs,Tools/Industrial Supplies). Note that while the vancontains multiple drums for storing water, all are empty.
Optional Encounter
The men who assaulted the bootleggers have notforgotten that they left the beacon within the cave, andare hoping it attracts another group of victims. To thisend, two of them (HoodHeads, see Sidebar) have duginto a bunker hidden in the salt, from which they willambush the PCs when they immerge from the cave.Their plan is simple. Any women and African-Americanspresent they will attempt to capture, beating themunconsciousness with nightsticks if necessary. Anyoneelse, they plan to kill with Rifle fire. They are notexpecting real resistance, as the Bootleggers they havecome across so far have been lightly armed – so beingoutnumbered by heavily armed Sanctioned Operativesshould come as quite a surprise to them. If defeated thePCs can easily recognise the two men as members of theWhite Lions, as their uniforms have large badgesproclaiming their allegiance. If captured, they willreluctantly answer questions between spouting racistpropaganda, but know little beyond the fact that theother two Bootleggers where taken to the White Lioncamp to the southeast.
A member of the KKK or other affiliated group.HoodHeads are racist killerscum who campaignrelentlessly to keep America ‘white’.
Muscle 2Understanding 2Tenacity 3Appeal 2Nimbleness 2Toughness 2Senses 1Skills
: Athletics 1, Brawl 1 / Intimidate 2 orPersuade 2 (the other at 1) / Lore 1, Melee 1,Notice 2, Shoot 2, plus choose 1 from Pilot 2,Boat 2, Heal 2, Stealth 2, Ride 2, Tech 2
: As Weapon /
: 2 /
: 14
: Light (Roughly padded garments)
: Double Barrel Shotgun or Medium Rifle,Medium Bludgeon, Knife
: KKK Uniform, copy of the Kloran, RacistTattoos and roll once on any one of theScavenging tables
Bootlegger Cargo Van
Customized Van
This van has been stripped down as much aspossible, so it can carry more water.
Muscle 4Nimbleness 2Toughness 2Speed 1Passengers
: Driver+2
: 8
: Light Machine Gun (pivot, external roof,rear shield)
: Half-Ton Winch and Cable (rear)
Total Cost:
Page 3Atomic Highway - Black Market
The White Lions
Affiliated to the KKK, the White Lions are a Gangcultspecialising in snatching African-Americans and forcingthem into Indentured Servitude. While based in theSegregation States of Kentucky and Missouri, theyillegally snatch most of their victims from the urbanisedNoGo regions around Chicago and Detroit. The WhiteLions dress is typical HoodHead uniforms, with largeshoulder badges advertising their allegiance.
Act Two
The truck tracks leading from the Bootlegger Camp leadto the southeast, where a group of White Lions havehidden the camp from which they process prisonerssnatched from the NoGo areas surrounding the MichiganSalt Flat. The White Lions dispatched their lastshipment of slaves two days ago, so currently only fiveWhite Lions remain in the Salt Flat, and two of thoseare not currently present at the base (See the AmbushEncounter, above). Being in the middle of no-where, thelast thing these slavers expect is an assault. They arelounging around, listening to Christian Heavy MetalMusic-chips on their chip-players, and generallyunaware of their predicament. If the PCs capture any ofthem alive, they will confess that the ‘coloureds’ theytook have been shipped to a plantation at Scuffletown,Kentucky. An old-fashioned ledger also contains thisinformation, also recording descriptions of those taken(this includes a male and female bootlegger, takenaround a week ago). None of the White Lions has acurrent Bounty on them, although there is enoughevidence for the Government to authorise a $1,000bounty if the PCs take it to the Chicago, Milwaukee orDetroit authorities.
Indentured Servitude
While Slavery is illegal, the United States maintains asystem of Indentured Servitude, where criminals andvolunteers forgo certain constitutional freedoms. Thispractice is far more common in the fifteen SegregatedStates than elsewhere. Not all Indentured Servants areAfrican-American, but they are by far the most commongrouping.
Act Three
Kentucky is one of the few states that receives areasonable amount of rainfall, and isolated farms arecommonplace, often specialising in cash crops such astobacco. The White Lion plantation is located atScuffletown on the banks of the marshy Ohio River,which serves as Kentucky’s northern boarder. The WhiteLions chose the location for its isolation, and none ofthe roads going anywhere near it are more than poorlymaintained patches of tarmac. The plantation itselfconsists of a small ‘manor house’ and several sheds,enclosed within a corrugated iron fence with a singlewatchtower rising from the centre of the compound.Aside from the foreman (Sentinel, page 104), there areten guards here (HoodHeads, see Sidebar), of which fourwill be patrolling, three sleeping and the other threerelaxing in the manor’s poolroom and bar. The patrollingcultists will carry their double-barrelled Shotguns, whilethe watchtower mounts a Light Machinegun on a pivotmount. Around a dozen Indentured Servants are houseshere, sleeping in the sheds and toiling in the fields. Allare African-American males and one is Marquis. TheWhite Lions keep these slaves in check by weldingExplosive Collars around their necks. These detonateautomatically if they stray for more than a mile,although the Foreman can also trigger them manually.Asking the White Lions to return Shanice nicely is futileand PCs trying this will be assaulted, as the White Lionsdo not want word of this plantation getting out.Assaulting the plantation is the best tactic here, andassuming the PCs capture the Foreman’s office, theyfind enough paperwork to authorise a $10,000 bounty ifthey file the paperwork in a state free of segregation. Ifthey are unwise enough to file the Bounty is aSegregated State, it drops to $3,000 instead.
Growing up in the most notorious of America’s NoGoregions was hard, and Marquis quickly resolved toget out by any means possible. When he metCarlos, that became possible, and the twoinvesting in a truck and started shipping water tothe people. If the PCs rescue Marquis from theScuffletown plantation, he will be eager to helprescue Shanice, although he accepts that his skincolour will make difficulties if the plan involvesconning HoodHead guards.
: Bartertowner (Chicago Cabrini–GreenNoGo)
: Road Warrior
Muscle 3Understanding 2Tenacity 2Appeal 2Nimbleness 2Toughness 3Senses 2Skills
: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Drive 3, Lore 1, Melee 3,Notice 3, Persuade 2, Shoot 3, Stealth 2, Survive2, Tech 3
: As Weapon /
: 2 /
: 16
: Light (Metal reinforced jacket)
: Medium Handgun, Knife
: Small metal toolbox, essential mechanic’stools

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