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Diana Cardenas Facebook Exchange

Diana Cardenas Facebook Exchange

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Published by srothaus

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Published by: srothaus on Aug 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Last week Gov. Rick Perry said NY Gay Marriage law was fine with him. Now he says he's in favor of amending Constitution to ban gay marriage. Iprefer to disagree w/someone who's being intellectually honest than agree w/someone who isn't. I want a candidate w/strong informed opinions & beliefs & courage to stick by them even when not politically convenient. Is that too much to ask these days?Sunday at 5:19pm·Like· 4 peoplelike this.
  Yes, way too much.Sunday at 5:22pm ·Like
I would be very disappointed if Perry did notfavor amending the Const to ban gay marriage. These gaymarriage laws are destructive .... Marriage is a vital socialinstitution between two members of the OPPOSITE sex. It goesway beyond just an emotional relationship---it serves a vital role inthe stability and continuity of our society, something whichhomosexual marriages cannot provide. Unfortunately, the biggestvictory of the gay movement has been to shift the debate from a'behavior' to identity, whereby those that oppose homosexuality areconsidered bigoted or hateful. They have equated it to the CivilRights Movement, seeking to obtain the rights granted under theconstitution to all races or religions. Sexual behavior does not fallinto either category!!!!It is not about homosexuals wanting to enterinto a 'marriage' so much as it is about them wanting to gainacceptance into mainstream society by redefining the traditionaldefinition of the institution. Because a few liberal judges decide tosign it into law, does not mean the public is in favor of it. Wheneverit has been put on the ballot (as in California), it has failed.Sunday at 6:27pm ·Like
Diana...I have several members of my familywho are gay. They love and desire commitment just like usheterosexuals. Not sure why this is such a threat.Sunday at 6:40pm ·Like
 Diana, that's not my point. What I'm saying is thathe was fine with NY Law last week and is now stressing he's infavor of Constitutional amendment, which would supercede the NY Law. So, it's hard to be for both within same 7 day period. I'm notmaking argument re gay marriage. I'm pining for intellectualhonesty. I prefer an honest disagreement to a dishonestagreement.Sunday at 6:51pm ·Like
Ana...understand your point....opinions shouldnot change overnight...that appears to be disingenuous.Sunday at 7:05pm ·Like
  Ana, fuhgedaboudit. Don't post using the words "gaymarriage" anymore. Too incendiary. Use a code, like, "combinandoun platano con pepino." See what I'm saying? 8*)Sunday at 8:50pm ·Like
Rena, it IS a threat to society. It is not nature'sway. They can't procreate, can they?....You hvae them in yourfamily? Well, there is no reason not to like them or love them, thesame way you would love one who has a disability, or an illness,etc. I just DO NOT want them pushing their agenda on the majoritywho are not. This is just about sexual preference--keep it in the
bedroom!!!! It is not about being denied any constitutionalrights.....Ana, I got your point.....I am just tired of this topic beingshoved in our face continually by all these gay activists and I haveto ventilate my feelings.... You know I always wondered whyhomosexuals are referred to as 'gay', kind of an oxymoron? Nothingreally 'gay' about them or their movement......I am all forintellectual honesty too!!Sunday at 9:54pm ·Like
well, my gay family members are not ill norare they disabled. They are homosexual. There have beenhomosexuals throughout history. My family members are alsoChristian so if you see my nephew and his husband in heaven, Ihope you will have a different opinion. They are not trying to makepeople gay nor are they saying gay marriage is the only kind of marriage. No, they do not procreate....many heterosexual couplesdon't either. I only see you pushing your agenda and yourheterosexual feelings on them. I remember how 50 years ago inthe south how people did not allow blacks and whites tomarry...one reason was that people said the children would bemixed race ..blah blah blah.Sunday at 10:02pm ·Like
I also remember how many whites in thiscountry did not like the civil rights movement lead by Dr King being"pushed" on them. Where you see someone ( Gays) trying to pushtheir agenda on you....I see a group of people who are beingdenied basic human rights. I do not believe they ( as a whole) areill or a cancer on society....they just are not hiding in shame andfear anymore...thank you Lord!Sunday at 10:06pm ·Like
Diana- It took me many years of talking andresearching and listening to many homosexual friends and family tobegin to understand and develop my position. This was not a quick or easy acceptance on my part, but as a Christian woman, I am notuncomfortable with homosexuals nor do I see them as deviant orsinful. You are entitled to your opinion, but consider that it is apainful and prejudiced one for any homosexual person.Sunday at 10:23pm ·Like
Provoking that reaction has been the mission of gay activists. If you dont agree with them, you are a bigot, mean-spirited, lack compassion,...etc. Christianity does not condonehomosexuality. Gays are NOT being denied any civil rights. Do notcompare to racial discrimination. ....No, you are right, they are nothiding in shame anymore---they are in our faces with public displayof affection, gay parades,gay rallies, non-stop bombardment!!!As if that is not enough, now they are seeking to make constitutionalchanges. The audacity!!!They don't represent a threat to mepersnally, but to society in general. They threaten the moral fiber of our society...... If I had a child who was a drug addict, I would stilllove him to death, but that does not mean I have accept orcondone the bad behavior.Sunday at 11:37pm ·Like
Diana, your mind is made up. You believehomosexuals recruit or make other homosexuals...I do not...therefore I see no moral threat to our society. We will justdisagree.Sunday at 11:41pm ·Like
  Alex, I don't mind incendiary. My friends candisagree with me or with eachother as much as they want. Theinconvenient thing about believing in the right to free speech is thatyou gotta stick to it even when you think a friend sounds certifiableSunday at 11:43pm ·Like
In the Garden of Eden, God placed Adam & Eve-
-not Adam & Adam or Eve & Eve. That should tell us something.God needed a man and a woman to continue civilization. Twosexes, biologically and mentally different to complement eachother.!!!...to form the most fundamental institution of society--marriage.Sunday at 11:44pm ·Like
God also made my nephew...a kind, moralchristian man who is in a committed loving relationship....which isnot recognized except in a few states. His rights are indeed limited. He does not behave inappropriately ( and would not even if hewas heterosexual). Yesterday at 12:01am ·Like
In closing...like I said, you are entitled to youropinion as am I. Thanks also for letting me vent :) By the way...did Adam and Eves kids commit incest? Yesterday at 12:06am ·Like
  Ana, couldn't agree more, but I think "pepino conplatano" is more amusing than circling the equal protection clauseof the 14th amendment. But hey, I'm a lesbian atheist. Yesterday at 12:17am ·Like·2 people
I appreciate your love for your nephew and seethat he has had a tremendous effect on your views towards gays. Iguess we have different definitions of 'moral' and 'inappropriate'. Irespect your opinions, but unfortunately, the majority of Amercansshare my position. I truly hope that a constitutional amendment insupport of traditional marriage will pass........ Ana, I guess youdon't like my outspokenness, especially when it is so contrary toyour views!!!!.....Sorry, I tell it how I see it--not very politicallycorrect for sure.....-LOLOLOLOL!!!!... . Yesterday at 12:27am ·Like
 Of course, all these polls were done by, you know,pollsters. Yesterday at 12:32am ·Like
Never heard about the kids, but if theycommitted incest it was wrong. Two wrongs dont nmake a right.Remember what happened to Sodom & Gomorra? God wiped it outfor sexual decadence!!!!........ Anyways, debate is good. Thanks forletting me vent also. Good night. Yesterday at 12:33am ·Like
 Diana, don't know why you say I don't likeoutspokeness when I've specifically posted that I'm all for freespeech even when I disagree or my friends disagree amongstthemselves. If I didn't like it, I would "unfriend you". So, as far as Iam concerned, my friend, you can keep on venting all you want.Do pls read my comments for what they clearly are though. 1) Youturned my comment re political intellectual honesty, into a diatribeover homosexuality; and 2) a comment saying I respect right tofree speech, into me not liking outspokeness. I have a goodnumber of gay friends on this site and not a one has uttered a wordre your strongly worded description about them. So either they'reall busy committing imoral acts against nature and God, or out onthe streets advancing their threatening homosexual agenda, OR 

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