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Table Of Contents

Cosmic strings and broken gauge symmetries
1.1 Electromagnetism as a local gauge theory
1.2 Electroweak unification
1.3 The Nielsen–Olesen vortex string
1.4 Strings as relics of the Big Bang
1.5 The Nambu action
The elements of string dynamics
2.1 Describing a zero-thickness cosmic string
2.2 The equation of motion
2.3 Gauge conditions, periodicity and causal structure
2.4 Conservation laws in symmetric spacetimes
2.5 Invariant length
2.6 Cusps and curvature singularities
2.7 Intercommuting and kinks
String dynamics in flat space
3.1 The aligned standard gauge
3.2 The GGRT gauge
3.3 Conservation laws in flat space
3.4 Initial-value formulation for a string loop
3.5 Periodic solutions in the spinor representation
3.6 The Kibble–Turok sphere and cusps and kinks in flat space
3.7 Field reconnection at a cusp
3.8 Self-intersection of a string loop
3.9 Secular evolution of a string loop
4.1.1 The infinite straight string
4.1.2 Travelling-wavesolutions
4.1.3 Strings with paired kinks
4.1.4 Helical strings
4.2 Some simple planar loops
4.2.1 The collapsing circular loop
4.2.2 The doubled rotating rod
4.2.3 The degenerate kinked cuspless loop
4.2.4 Cat’s-eye strings
4.3 Balloon strings
4.4 Harmonic loop solutions
4.4.1 Loops with one harmonic
4.4.2 Loops with two unmixed harmonics
4.4.3 Loops with two mixed harmonics
4.4.4 Loops with three or more harmonics
4.5 Stationary rotating solutions
4.6 Three toy solutions
4.6.1 The teardrop string
4.6.2 The cardioid string
4.6.3 The figure-of-eightstring
String dynamics in non-flat backgrounds
5.1 Strings in Robertson–Walker spacetimes
5.1.1 Straight string solutions
5.1.2 Ring solutions
5.2 Strings near a Schwarzschild black hole
5.2.1 Ring solutions
5.2.2 Static equilibrium solutions
5.3 Scattering and capture of a straight string by a Schwarzschild hole
5.4 Ring solutions in the Kerr metric
5.5 Static equilibrium configurations in the Kerr metric
5.6 Strings in plane-fronted-wave spacetimes
6.1 The weak-field formalism
6.2 Cusps in the weak-field approximation
6.3 Kinks in the weak-field approximation
6.4 Radiation of gravitational energy from a loop
6.5 Calculations of radiated power
6.5.1 Power from cuspless loops
6.5.2 Power from the Vachaspati–Vilenkin loops
6.5.3 Power from the p/q harmonic solutions
6.6 Power radiated by a helical string
6.7 Radiation from long strings
6.8 Radiation of linear and angular momentum
6.8.1 Linear momentum
6.8.2 Angular momentum
6.9 Radiative efficiencies from piecewise-linear loops
6.9.1 The piecewise-linear approximation
6.9.2 A minimum radiative efficiency?
6.10 The field of a collapsing circular loop
6.11 The back-reaction problem
6.11.1 General features of the problem
6.11.2 Self-accelerationof a cosmic string
6.11.3 Back-reactionand cusp displacement
6.11.4 Numerical results
The gravitational field of an infinite straight string
7.1 The metric due to an infinite straight string
7.2 Properties of the straight-string metric
7.3 The Geroch–Traschen critique
7.5 A distributional description of the straight-string metric
7.6 The self-force on a massive particle near a straight string
7.7 The straight-string metric in ‘asymptotically-flat’ form
Multiple straight strings and closed timelike curves
8.1 Straight strings and 2+1 gravity
8.2 Boosts and rotations of systems of straight strings
8.3 The Gott construction
8.4 String holonomy and closed timelike curves
8.5 The Letelier–Gal’tsov spacetime
Other exact string metrics
9.1 Strings and travelling waves
9.2.2 A string through a Schwarzschild black hole
9.2.3 Strings coupled to a cosmological constant
9.3 Strings in radiating cylindrical spacetimes
9.3.1 The cylindrical formalism
9.3.2 Separable solutions
9.3.3 Strings in closed universes
9.3.4 Radiating strings from axisymmetric spacetimes
9.3.5 Einstein–Rosen soliton waves
9.3.6 Two-mode soliton solutions
9.4 Snapping cosmic strings
9.4.1 Snapping strings in flat spacetimes
9.4.2 Other spacetimes containing snapping strings
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Anderson M. - The Mathematical Theory of Cosmic Strings

Anderson M. - The Mathematical Theory of Cosmic Strings

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Published by: Giblets257 on Aug 02, 2011
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