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Bitten Chapter 3

Bitten Chapter 3

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Published by Adia Duberry
Skye finally hunts for the first time. She's taken to the house. She gets a lovely room and finds a few new changes with herself.
Skye finally hunts for the first time. She's taken to the house. She gets a lovely room and finds a few new changes with herself.

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Published by: Adia Duberry on Aug 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wow. I·m at chapter 3. Honestly the farthest I·ve ever reached in anyof my books. I·m kind of feeling proud of myself. As usual read,comment, subscribe and enjoy! Hope you like it!!! =]
hapter 3
´I can·t do this. Honestly guys«I-I can·t.µ I was literally being draggedby my arms by Nathan and Angie. They pulled me into a small clearing just afew yards away from out previous spot. They let go of me when we were in themiddle. Angie went across to the other side of the clearing to sit at the foot of the tree and watch me embarrass myself trying to hunt.Nathan surprised me by slipping his hand into mine. I inhaled sharply.´I·ll be right here with you. There·s no need to worry.µ He whisperedsoftly into my ear. Feeling his breath on my ear sent chills down my spine. Ilooked at him and he simply squeezed my hand and smiled at me before turningserious.´Now, Skye, all I want you to do is listen. Shut your mind off fromeverything else and listen. Listen to your surroundings...take in all the soundsand scents. Feel the cool breeze gently blowing and the warmth of it. Nowfocus«do you hear a heartbeat or breathing of any sort?µ I concentrated onwhat Nathan was asking me to do and I heard it, the shallow breathing of ananimal and the loud heartbeat that went with it. ´Do you hear it Skye?µ Inodded in reply, ´then follow it...don·t open your eyes just follow thesound«your feet will lead you where you·re going.µ´But«µ´Trust me.µ I took a deep breath, calmed myself down and let my feetlead me to the sound. I could feel myself moving and manoeuvring through thethick trees. The sound of the heartbeat and breathing seemed to get stronger thecloser we got. Suddenly my feet stopped. I opened my eyes slowly. We were ata new clearing and in the middle of that clearing slept a bear«not as big as theone Nathan killed but it was definitely big. I looked at him not sure what Ishould do.Nathan then picked up a stone off the ground and threw it at the bear. Itstirred in its sleep but didn·t wake. He threw a rock a second time. This time
the bear awoke with a loud roar. I struggled to pull my hand away fromNathan. I couldn·t possibly fight this thing on my own. Sensing something waswrong he squeezed my hand and leaned into me and whispered in my ear,´I·m right here with you. There·s nothing to be scared of.µ Then hepecked me on my cheek. I pulled away from him immediately and stood facinghim, stunned by what he had just done. I had never been kissed by a guy«Iknow it·s embarrassing but I·ve never met a guy I·ve wanted to kiss. The kisswas soft and subtle but my cheek burned. He looked at me then smiled coyly.Then suddenly his face turned grim. I was about to ask him what was thematter when I felt the sudden warm breath on my shoulders. I turned aroundslowly. My breath caught when I saw the ginormous bear standing in front of me. I took a step back bumping into Nathan. I screamed and the bear growledso loudly the birds in the nearby trees flew away.´Skye get behind me.µ Nathan commanded and I more than happilyobliged. He lunged at the creature knocking it to the ground and falling on topof it. He scratched it once on the shoulder. I could smell the blood pouring out.I don·t remember clearly what happened next. The human side of meseem to shut down and the animalistic side took over. The bear got up,knocking Nathan off of him. He lay at the foot of the bear. The creature wasabout to put the finishing blow on Nathan when I raced over and broke its pawin a matter of second. It fell to the ground whimpering in pain before I jumpedon top of the animal. I held its head in my hands for a few moments beforesnapping its neck with the simple flick of my wrist. I sunk my teeth into itsneck without any further hesitation. I sighed in pleasure once the blood fromthe animal hit the back of my throat.It was so warm, thick, rich and sweet. It flowed hot and sweet down mythroat. It soothed the burning that had been ticking me off. The blood seemedto warm my entire body. I could feel it flowing through me. I sighed infrustration once I had emptied the animal. I got off of it and licked my lips,wiping off any remaining blood with the back of my hand. I walked over toNathan who was still sitting on the ground and offered him my hand. He tookand helped him up.

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