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NALSAR-Past Yrears' Papers (2)

NALSAR-Past Yrears' Papers (2)

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Published by Adithya Reddy

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Published by: Adithya Reddy on Aug 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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University of Law, Hyderabad
Candidates must read the following instructions before attempting the paper.Time : 120 Minutes
1. (a)There are 150 multiple choice objective question, TEN short answer questions and FOUR topicson Essay in the Test Booklet. Attempt ALL the multiple choice questions, short answer and onlyONE on essay.1. (b)No clarification on the Question paper shall be sought. Attempt the questions as they are.2.Each multiple choice question carries ONE mark, short answer question TWO marks and theessay questions carries 30 marks. Total marks are 150+20+30=200.3.For the multiple choice questions the candidates have to indicate the correct answer by darkeningone of the four responses provided, with the HB Pencil in the Answer Sheet.For example, in the question, where is the Charminar situated?(A) Calcutta(B) Bangalore(C) Bhopal(D) HyderabadThe correct answer is (D). The candidate has to darken the circle as shown below.
Right M
Wrong Method
4.Write the essay on both sides of the appended sheets. The length of the essay should not bemore than 300 words.5.More than one response to a multiple choice question shall be counted as Zero.6.Attempting the multiple choice questions by any method other than the above mentioned methodshall be considered incorrect and no marks will be awarded for the same.7.The Candidate shall not write any thing on the Answer sheet than Admit Card No. in the threespaces provided for.8.The candidate should return the test booklet along with the answer sheet after the examination of over, to the invigilator. Do not remove the answer sheet from the booklet.9.There is no negative marking.10.The use of any unfair means by any candidate will result in the cancellation of his/heexamination.
Direction: Q. 1-2:
Arrange the following arguments in their natural sequence.1.(M) It has been so from times immemorial.(N) It is necessary to have a library.(O) Library is a centre of learning.(P) The selected books should enchant us.(Q) Out teachers had their libraries.(A) PNQMO(B) OMQNP(C) MNOPQ(D) NOMPQ2.(M) Such a religion can lead us.(N) Swami practiced a religion.(O) He was able to commune with God.(P) It was the religion of experience.(A) MNOP(B) PNOM(C) NPOM(D) NMPO
Directions: Q. 3-6:
Study the passage to answer these questions.Nothing is sure but death and taxes, and of course that north is north and south is south, and thus it hasalways been, so they say. But they’d be wrong. You can perhaps be sure about death and taxes, but youmight want to reconsider the rest of it. In fact, at many times in our planet’s history, north has becomesouth and south has become north, in a process called magnetic reversal.Paleogeologists have discovered the existence of these mysterious phenomena (in a field study known aspaleomagnetism) by investigating rocks. When rocks are being formed from magmas, atoms within their crystals respond to the earth’s magnetic field by “pointing” towards the magnetic north pole. By age-datingthe rocks and noting their magnetic alignment, scientists can determine where on earth the north polewas located at that time because as the rocks solidified, they trapped that information within them. Thestudy of ancient lava flows has revealed that at certain periods in the earth’s history magnetic north wasdirectly opposite its present location. In fact, it has been determined that the north/south reversal hasoccurred on average every 500,000 years and that the last reversal took place about 700,000 years ago.Scientists call those periods of “normal” polarity (the magnetic orientation of our modern era) and“reversed” polarity (the magnetic orientation of reverse situation) by the name “Magnetic chrons”.Although the fact of such reversal is clear, why and how they happen and their effects on the planet aresubjects of considerable debate. Since no one knows precisely how the earth’s magnetic field isproduced, it becomes difficult to say how it might be reversed. Among explanations proposed are areversal of the direction of convention currents in the liquid outer core of the earth and a collision betweenearth and a meteorite or comet. While the precise effects of a reversal are not known, there can be littledoubt that the earth would receive during the process a great deal more damaging ultraviolet radiationthan it now does and that such occurrences have been correlated with the extinction of certain species inthe geologic past.3.The main purpose of the passage is toA. Present opposing hypotheses concerning the earth’s magnetic field and argue that one of them is adequate.B. Explain what is meant by ‘normal’ polarityC. Set forth a time table for magnetic reversalD. Explain the process of magnetic reversal and how it was discovered4.Magnetic reversalrefers toA. The reversal of direction in ancient lava flowsB. A reversal of the direction of convection currents in the outer core of the earth.C. North becoming south and south becoming northD. The atoms in rock crystal pointing towards the magnetic north pole5.According to the passage which of the following was crucial to the discovery of magneticreversal?A. The rapid change from ‘normal’ to ‘reversal’ polarityB. Lava flows ‘pointing’ to magnetic northC. Solidification of rocks formed from magmasD. The extinction of certain species 700,000 years ago6.One can infer from the passage thatA. If the earth collides with a meteorite, the magnetic field will be reversalB. A magnetic reversal could present a damage to humansC. The earth’s magnetic field was produced about 700,000 years agoD. In spite of past reversals normal polarity is now firmly established7.In how many ways can the letters of the word PATNA be rearranged?(A) 60(B) 120(C) 119(D) 59
Directions: Q.8-9:
Read the passage below and answer the questions.In the famous program Kaun Banega Crorepati, the host shakes hand with each participant once, whilehe shakes hands with each qualifier (amongst participant) twice more. Besides, the participants arerequired to shake hands once with each other while the winner and the host each shake hands with allthe guests once.8.How many handshakes are there if there are 10 participants in all, 3 finalists and 60 spectators?(A) 118(B) 178(C) 181(D) 1219.In the above question, what is the ratio of the number of handshakes involving the host to thenumber of handshakes not involving the host?(A) 43 : 75(B) 76 : 105(C) 46 : 75(D) 73 : 105
Read the following data and use it for answering the questions that follow:
In a survey carried out in a railway station, the following data was recorded:ArrivalsDeparturesNumber of trains observed13951488Number of timely arrivals/departures12471402Delays upto 30 minutes11279Delay between 30 minutes and one hour316Delay beyond one hour5110.What was the percentage of trains arriving late at the station under survey?(A) 5.5(B) 8.1(C) 5.5(D) 10.611.In a lone case of excessive delay a train departed 3 hrs. late from the station. With this additionalinformation, what was the average delay for the late departing trains?(A) 30 mins.(B) 19 mins.(C) 1 min.(D) 7 mins.12.If the punctually of railways is defined as the number of occasions on which trains arrived or departed in time as a proportion of total number of arrivals or departures from the station, whatwas the punctually for the month under observation at the station? (in % terms)(A) 8.1(B) 91.9(C) 89.4(D) 94.213.If the punctually is calculated separately for arrivals and departures, what will be the differencebetween the punctually of arrivals and departures?A. Departures better than arrivals by 4.8%B. Arrivals better than departures by 10.6%C. Departures better than arrivals by 2.3%D. Departures better than arrivals by 1.6%
Read the following data and use it for answering the questions that follow:
A sales representative plans to visit each of six companies M, N, P, Q, R and S exactly once during thecourse of one day. She is setting up her schedule for the day according to the following conditions.(1) She must visit M before N and before R(2) She must visit N before Q(3) The third company she visit must be P14.Which of the following could be the order in which the sales representative visits the six companies?(A) M, R, N, Q, P, S(B) M, S, P, N, R, Q(C) P, R, M, N, Q, S(D) P, S, M, R, Q, N15.Which of the following must be true of the sales representative’s schedule for the day?(A) She visits M before Q(B) She visits N before R(C) She visits P before M(D) She visits P before S

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