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Four Words

Four Words

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Published by ashokha

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Published by: ashokha on Sep 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Four Major Words:There are four major words in the Hindu philosophy which are the ultimateand final results of all these mantras and rituals are telling. If one isrealizing them to their true inner meaning then there will not be anyconfusion in understanding all religions throughout the world.The first is:THAT THVA MASIThis manthra is in Sama Vetha. The meaning is
That is what you are searching so far in the world as God through variousprayers and rituals through various religions.This is what you are realizing yourself inside in meditation as the fourthstage of consciousness. (The brahmam in Hinduism, The super soul inChristianity, the Sufi in Islam, the zero in Buddhism, The zen in Zen ism,etc and so on.)Both are same....Both are same....That is this....The second is:AYAMATHMA BRAHMAThis mantra is in Atharvana Vetha. The meaning is
If myself is identified with the God Himself then there is no duality. You andyour friend are one. You and your enemy are one. You are everything in theworld. And everything is only you. The thing is that you will have to realize
it (of course experience it ) to the inner most level of your mind. You arethe God yourself means you are not in a position to ask anything. You arenot in any need. You will be satisfied with what you are having. Askinganything and if it is not available means weeping will be disappeared. Youwill not need anything because everything is only you. Your soul is the Godyourself. Your soul is the God yourself.The third is:AHAM BRAHMASMIThis is in Yajur Vetha. The meaning is
One can think “what is this? If I think that I am the God then it soundslike the highest ego possible in the world. But the real meaning doesn'texplained like that. If you realize that you are the God yourself in a humblestage the result is different. If you think that you are the God yourself youwill be at the highest egoistic level and you can do only the bad to theworld. But if you realize that you are the God yourself you will become themost humble man in the world and you will be in permanent bliss withoutworrying about the world. The difference is between thinking and realizing.Because thinking is happening in the mind and realizing is happening in thesoul. What is the difference between thinking and realizing? Unless otherwisethe thinking is stopped (the mind is stopped) you can not realize the God. If there is no mind then only the soul will show its existence.Then only one can realize God. God cannot be reached by languages.The fourth is:PRAHGNANAM BRAHMAMThis is in Ruk Vetha. The meaning is

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