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Rapport sur l' éolien en UE

Rapport sur l' éolien en UE

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Published by eric_leysens

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Published by: eric_leysens on Aug 03, 2011
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Pure Power
Wind energy targets or 2020 and 2030
A report by the European Wind Energy Association - 2011
Pure Power
Wind energy targets or 2020 and 2030
A report by the European Wind Energy Association - 2011
Text and analysis:
Jacopo Moccia and Athanasia Arapogianni, European Wind Energy Association
Contributing authors:
Justin Wilkes, Christian Kjaer and Rémi Gruet, European Wind Energy Association
Revision and editing:
Sarah Azau and Julian Scola, European Wind Energy Association
Project coordinators:
Raaella Bianchin and Sarah Azau, European Wind Energy Association
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GamesaPublished in July 2011
Pure Power – Wind energy targets or 2020 and 2030
At a time when ossil uel prices are spiralling, thethreat o irreversible climate change is on everyone’sminds and serious questions are being raised over thecost and saety o nuclear, wind energy is consideredmore widely than ever a key part o the answer.This updated edition o 
Pure Power 
once again showsthe huge contribution wind energy already makes –and will increasingly make – to meeting Europe’s elec-tricity demand and strengthening its economy, and toavoiding polluting and costly uel and carbon.Wind energy currently meets 5.3% o the EU’s electric-ity consumption rom an installed capacity o 84.3 GW.The European Wind Energy Association’s scenariosshow that wind energy in 2020 should meet 15.7%o EU electricity demand rom 230 GW, and by 2030,28.5% rom 400 GW. Indeed, EWEA believes windenergy can provide hal o Europe’s power by 2050,with the remainder rom other renewable sources.To ensure the continued buoyancy o the wind energysector and the path to 100% renewables in 2050, EUrenewables legislation is needed now or the periodater 2020. This should ollow the successul legisla-tion so ar by setting an ambitious, binding renewablestarget or 2030. Such a target would take the EU rom19% renewable electricity today, to an expected 34%in 2020, and to 100% renewable electricity by 2050.In addition to post-2020 legislation, investment isurgently needed in electricity inrastructure in order totransport large amounts o wind energy rom whereit is produced to where it is consumed and to createa single electricity market in the EU. Issues such asunding or research must also be tackled.As wind energy grows year on year, so do its beneftsor the EU. Jobs are created, a world-leading Europeanindustry is strengthened, carbon emissions and uelimports are avoided.
Pure Power 
is a detailed andencouraging picture o how the sector is likely toevolve and the positive impact it will have.We wish you inormative reading o what is, we hope,an essential reerence book or anyone interested inthe world o wind energy.
Christian Kjaer
, Chie Executive OfcerEuropean Wind Energy Association
Arthouros Zervos
, PresidentEuropean Wind Energy Association

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