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God's Perfect Will

God's Perfect Will

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Published by glennpease
This is G. Campbell Morgan's study of Col. 4:12
This is G. Campbell Morgan's study of Col. 4:12

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BY Rev. G. CAMPBELL morganCopyright, 1901,BYFleming H. Revell Company" Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant ofChrist Jesus, saluteth you, always striving foryou in his prayers, that ye may stand perfectand fully assured in all the will of God."COLOSSIANS iv. 12.ContentsPrologue ....II GOD'S PERFECT WILLThe Message of the Old TestamentThe Message of the New TestamentA Threefold DemandProvides PerfectionProcures PleasurePromises PerpetuityPracticable because of its NaturePracticable because RevealedPracticable by New Life .The Ultimate RealizationEpilogue ... 1
The Supreme SubjectI worship Thee, sweet Will of God !And all Thy ways adore ;And every day I live, I seemTo love Thee more and more." Man's weakness, wahing upon God,Its end can never miss,For men on earth no work can doMore angel-like than this." Ride on, ride on triumphantly,Thou glorious Will, ride on !Fa'th's pilgrim sons behind T.-iee takfeThe road that Thou hast gone." He always wins who sides with God,To him no chance is lost ;God's Will is sweetest to him whenIt triumphs at his cost.** 111, that He blesses, is our good,And unblcst good is ill ;And all is right that seems most wrong,If it be His sweet Will."F. W. Faber.GOD'S PERFECT WILLPROLOGUETHE SUPREME SUBJECTThere is no phrase more often in usein Christian thought and speech than thatof "The Will of God." It constantlyrecurs in our reading of Scripture; ourhymns are very many of them concernedwith it ; and in prayer we give utteranceto it again and again.This familiarity has in some measurerobbed us of a keen sense of its vital im-portance. Its meaning is all too littlerealized. In common with many of themost sacred things, it has largely becomea kind of fetish that is worshiped becauseTI
God's Perfect Willit has a sound of piety; while the factthat it is the supreme subject of revela-tion, and the one and only abiding law oflife, is forgotten. Notions that are falsein themselves, and, therefore, perniciousin their effects, are held concerning it.These are not the result of thought, butrather of the lack of thought. There aremany who imagine that the Will of Godis something apart from human interests,to which men are to be resigned wheneverthey happen to be brought into contactwith it. Frances Ridley Havergal saidthat " there is always a sigh of regret inresignation." This is perfectly true ; andthat conception of the Will of God whichlooks upon it as a Divine interference towhich we are to be resigned, is evil in itseffects. How many there are who onlythink of their relation to the Will of Godin times of sorrow and trial. They are12The Supreme Subjectperfectly sincere, therefore, when theysing— " If Thou shouldst call me to resignWhat most I prized — it ne'er was mine ;I only yield Thee what was Thine :Thy will be done ! "Yet the very words of the hymn revealthe fact that the singer does not trulyunderstand the safety, the blessedness,the delight of dwelling in the circle of theDivine Will.The one and only law of life that setsa man free from all the forces that blightand destroy is the Will of God. Showme a man who lives for one day wholly,utterly, in word and thought and deed inthe Will of God, and I will show you aman who is antedating heaven, and whofor that day reaches the plane of lifewhich is at once broadest, freest, andgladdest.13

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