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Hiv Aids (No Gaps)

Hiv Aids (No Gaps)

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Published by tmewebsite

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Published by: tmewebsite on Aug 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thare Machi Education, PO Box 4040, Leaminton S!a, "V#$ %&', ()*
mail@tme.org.uk, +441926 422711 www.tme.org.uk.
Reg Company No 3921677, Charity No 1!131
"age 2 o# 7
1.$o%ay we will talk a&out a 'ery (eriou( illne(( )alle% *-. *- )au(e( your &o%y to &e)ome weak an% una&le to prote)t it(el# again(t illne((.2.*- )annot &e )ure%. -o i# you ha'e *-, when you get another illne((, it )oul% kill you.3.*- i( )au(e% &y a 'iru( )alle% /. # you %o not get /, you will not get  *-.4.Now 0 nee% to an(wer a ue(tion $ry to an(wer u(ing the &utton( on the )ontroller.5.Can *- &e )ure%6."re(( the up arrow i# you think 0e(7.or pre(( the %own arrow i# you think No!."re(( a &utton now.9.$hat( right. $here i( no )ure #or *-.1.8hat )au(e( *-11.No one know(. t u(t happen(,12.or it i( )au(e% &y /.13."re(( a &utton now.14.0e(, *- i( )au(e% &y /. # you %ont get / you )ant get *-.15.$here are (e'eral way( that people )an get /. $he(e are: %uring (e;ual inter)our(e with a per(on who ha( /, or &y )onta)t with the &loo% o# a per(on who ha( /16.or &y re<u(ing a nee%le, (yringe or ra=or &la%e that ha( &een u(e% &y (omeone who ha( /, or %uring )hil%&irth, #rom a mother with / to her &a&y.17.8e will look at ea)h o# the(e in more %etail later in the le((on. Now try to an(wer thi( ue(tion.1!.Can you get / #rom (e;ual inter)our(e19.0e(2.or No.21."re(( a &utton now.22.Corre)t. * per(on with / )an pa(( it to another per(on %uring (e;.23.Can you get / #rom the &loo% o# (omeone who ha( /24.0e(25.or No.26.Right. 0ou )an get / #rom the &loo% o# (omeone who ha( /, or #rom nee%le(, (yringe( or ra=or &la%e( that ha'e &een u(e% &y (omeone who ha( /.27.Can / &e pa((e% #rom a mother to her &a&y %uring the &irth2!.0e(,29.or No.3.8ell %one. # you are pregnant an% ha'e / you mu(t take (pe)ial )are. *(k #or a%'i)e at the health )lini).31.$here i( one &ig pro&lem. 0ou )ant tell i# (omeone ha( / u(t &y looking at them.
"age 3 o# 7

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