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Thomas Jefferson Wrote

Thomas Jefferson Wrote

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Published by: SUPPRESS THIS on Sep 22, 2008
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Thomas Jefferson wrote:"The [privately-owned] Central Bank is an institution of the most deadlyhostility existing against the priniples and form of our Constitution!!!if the merian people allow private #anks to ontrol the issuane of their urreny$ first #y inflation and then #y deflation$ the #anks and orporationsthat will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their propertyuntil their hildren will wake up homeless on the ontinent their fatherson%uered!"&ven #raham 'inoln shared Jefferson(s view of the private #ankers!)n order to finane the Civil *ar$ he approahed the +ew,ork #ankersto see a#out getting a loan for the +orth! The interest rates they proposedwere in the order of ./! 'inoln(s response was akin to0 "stuff it!"1e then had Congress live up to its Constitutional responsi#ility for issuingand valuing urreny and issued his famous green#aks!)nredi#ly$ like so many of us$ even to the heights of power$ 'inoln didn(tknow at first that he had the 23T)2+$ let alone the pro#a#ly-intended 2B')4T)2+to reate money for the nation! *ith the ivil war ending$ he had ome to theonlusion that his government issued urreny should #eome the #asis of there-5nited 6tates monetary system! *ithin a matter of weeks he was shot in the7ord theatre with his monetary system dying with him!)n 89$ 3resident Jakson vetoed the move to renew the harter of the (Bank of the5nited 6tates( ;a entral #ank ontrolled #y the international #ankers<! )n 89= the #ank went out of #usiness!The Bank of the 5nited 6tates ;898=-=<$ an early attempt at an merian entral #ank$was a#olished #y 3resident ndrew Jakson$ who #elieved that it threatened the nation!1e wrote: "The #old effort the present #ank had made to ontrol the government$ the distress ithad wantonly produed!!!are #ut premonitions of the fate that awaits the merian peopleshould they #e deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the esta#lishment of another like it!"ndrew Jakson had at least two attempts made on his life! 6o proud and intent onwarning the future generations was he that his tom#stone is insri#ed with the phrase") killed the #ank>")t ame #ak!

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