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Chris Evans ; Jakob Jespersen - Farmers' Handbook

Chris Evans ; Jakob Jespersen - Farmers' Handbook

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Published by saphito

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Published by: saphito on Aug 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How much ?When ?
Content :
Inside the House
Diet & NutritionHouse HygeineImproved StoveHay Box
Near the House - part 1
Waste Water ManagementIntegrated Pest ManagementNon-Cement Drinking Water Livestock ManagementSweepingsPit LatrineCompostMulchingDouble DiggingSeed ProductionLiquid ManureBeekeeping
Forestry, Integrated Literacy,Permaculture etc.
ForestrySoil ImprovementA-FrameVillage FundsDesign, GlossaryPractical Literacy, Permaculture,Etc.
The whole handbook is 50 chapters in 5 vol-umes, total 792 pages, including 170 pages of colour photos & illustrations. Cost includes awaterproof carrying bag + a design poster :The handbook will be published in 2007??
Near the House - part 2
Kitchen GardenVegetable PolycultureOff-Season Onion GrowingHerbsHome NurseryHot BedAir NurseryProducing Fruit Trees
(5 chapters)
Leaf Pot Nursery
The Fields
Green ManuresZero TillageAgro ForestryIntegrated Fruit OrchardPlanting Fruit TreesTop GraftingAir LayeringBamboo PropagationLiving FenceS.R.I Rice cultivation
Farmers,Extension Workers,Development Workers,Gardeners, and for everyoneinterested in the improvingthe well-being of themillions of small farmers inthe World.
easy to read• practical• robustbased on local resour
cessustainable techniques
The handbooks are available from:
Permanent Publications (UK) ??Addressph./email
and from
Appropriate Technology Asia (Nepal) ??Addressph./email
From Where ?
“A Gift Package for Sustainable Agriculture
The idea of publishing a series of booklets onagriculture for farmers, using simple language,is a wonderful concept. The planned series willsurely be a milestone in trying to reach out tofarmers with useful and up-to-date informationon sustainable agriculture. An additional attrac-tion is that this series will also act as follow-upliteracy material in any country where so littlereadable information reaches the neo-literatepopulation in the rural areas. Neither is the textand presentation so simplistic thateducated farmers will not findinterest in what is offered.
- wrote :
(about £30)
easy to read• practical• robustbased on local resourcessustainable techniques
 Near theHouse
PartT wo
 Near the House
The  Fields
 Forest, Soil
and Other Topics
 Farmers'Handbook Farmers'Handbook Farmers'Handbook Farmers'Handbook Farmers'Handbook
Structure of the Chapters :
Each chapter deals with one or a few techniquesand is structured in the following way :1. What is it ?2. Why do it ?3. How to do it ?4. How to maintain it ?5. Links between the books6. Farmers’ Experiences
Illustrations :
all in all over 450 colour photos150 bw photos650 drawings
Bag :
Practicalwaterproof carrying bag
Why aFarmers' Handbook ?
Reading Skills
The handbook is well suited for literacy andpost-literacy programmes, and village librar-ies. It has been developed as reading andinformation material for formal & informalPractical Literacy Programmes. One of thegreat benefits of reading skills is to accessknowledge. This can help people improvetheir living standard by using techniqueswhich:- use & enhance local resources- increase & diversify production- decrease cost of production in termsof time, land & labour 
Sustainable Livelihoods
Most people in rural areas of developingcountries depend on home production of food.However with more people, and thelandholdings becoming smaller, there is aneed for raising the productivity of the smallfarm. And this should be done in a way thatwill also allow their grandchildren to producefood, fibre, fodder, firewood etc. from theland. This way is sustainable agriculture.
Strong Economies
A strong economy is build from the base - itgrows like a tree. A healthy natural resourcebase and robust production at the small farmlevel means that local, district and nationaleconomies can grow sustainably, meeting theneeds of the land
the people.
5 volumes
792 pages
Many people would like to plant fruit trees, but often can'tfind good types. Sometimes the seedlings may cost too much, if you have limited income. But difficulty in finding good fruittrees shouldn't stop you trying to get them - the solution to theproblem can be found. Raising rootstock seedlings in thenursery may take 2-3 years. After grafting, it will take a fewmore years before they bear fruit. So let's learn an even easier way to grow grafted fruit trees. This is called
Top Grafting
(or top
.Top grafting is a method of grafting cuttings (scion) fromimproved fruit trees onto appropriate types of wild trees whichare already growing in the fields and forests, without needing anursery. This method is very cheap and easy, and produces goodquality fruit trees which give fruit quickly.
A selection fromthe over 50 illustra-tions in the “Top-Grafting” chapter 
Inside the House
The Farmers' Handbook 
+ Hay Box

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