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Physics P2 KelantanTrialSPM 2008(ANS)

Physics P2 KelantanTrialSPM 2008(ANS)



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Published by Mohd Khairul Anuar

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Published by: Mohd Khairul Anuar on Sep 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SULIT 4531/2
 PKPSM Kelantan 2008 ® physics
QuestionNo.Answer Marks
1 (a) P = Lifting ForceQ = Weight / Gravitational Force Attraction11(b) P = Q 1(c) Lifting Force / P 1
 2. (a) 300 s 1(b) Pt = m
 100 x ( 1050 – 300) = 0.5
= 150 000 J kg
m(with unit) 2(c) Heat supplied is used to break up bonds between molecules Heat is not used to increase kinetic energy
Total 5
3. (a) Parallel circuit 1(b) Mk 1 all symbols correctMk 2 circuit is correct 2(c) The brightness of lamp J = lamp K = lamp L = lamp M 1(d) The voltage is the same 1(e) One bulb blow , other bulbs can still lights up 1
Total 6
4. (a) The process where induced current / e.m.f in a conductor when the conductor experiences a change in magneticflux
1(b) (i) Solenoid experiences a change in magnetic field. Aninduced current / e.m.f induced in the solenoid11(ii) A : North pole - 1mB : South pole - 1m
11(c) (i) Increases 1(ii) The magnitude of induced current increases // the rate of change of the magnetic flux increases1
Total 7
SULIT 4531/2
 PKPSM Kelantan 2008 ® physics
 5. (a)Change of momentum/product of Force with time of impact1(b) (i) Force on the watermelon in Diagram 5.1 is larger than theforce on the watermelon in Diagram 5.21(ii) Time of impact on surface A is shorter than time of impacton surface B1(iii) A shorter time of impact will produce a larger force 1(c) The change of momentum of the watermelon in Diagram5.1 is equal to that of the watermelon in Diagram1(d) Sponge/carpet/towel/cloth/grass & other suitable materials 1(e) 1. Body will be hold back by the seat belt when car stoppedsuddenly2. The seat belt will lengthen slightly, the impulsive forceinflicted on the body will be less11
Total 8
6. (a) The light which has one wavelength / one colour 
1(b) Wavelength of red light > Wavelength of blue light
1(c)The distance between consecutive bright fringes for redlight is more than that of blue light./The distance between consecutive bright fringes for thesame light are constant.
11(d) The longer the wavelength, the longer the distance betweenconsecutive bright fringes
1(e) (i) The distance between two consecutive bright fringes willdecrease
1(ii) a is inversely proportional to x
1(f) Diffraction // Interference
Total 8
7. (a) (i) Temperature
, resistance
(ii) - Lines drawn on the graph.-1.35
(b) (i) Output,R 0111
SULIT 4531/2
 PKPSM Kelantan 2008 ® physics
(c) (i) To control the current flows into the base terminal.
(ii) At night, no light fall on the LDP, resistance, R of LDP
.As R 
, the voltage, V across the LDP also
.V across the base circuit > V
, this will switch on thetransistor and the collector circuit works.
(iii) The voltage 6 V in the collector circuit will not light up the bulb.
 1Total 10
8 (a)
(b) Real, diminished, inverted
(c)(i) 1/f = 1/u +1/vv = 15 cm
(ii) m = v/u m = 0.5
(d)(i) Objective lens = convex lens YEyepiece = convex lens X
(ii) Power of convex lens X > power of convex lens Y
3Total 12
9 (a) (i) Angle between incident ray and normal line
Increase the angle of incidence,i, then angle of refraction,r will also increase
Keep on increasing the angle of incidence untilangle of refraction is 90°
The angle of incidence is called critical angle

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