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Economics Part 2

Economics Part 2

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Published by Jagadish Prasad

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Published by: Jagadish Prasad on Aug 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ECONOMICS PART 2JAGADISHWhen capital with company is less and allocation of funds to be made is huge ?How can companies do allocation in such times
A)Prioritize first funds under B2B segment as this allocation gives you edge over others specially inproduction department division ---- thought process is B2B leads to B2C salesB)Employees to be given ESOP stock options during this time to be liquidated later on by theemployees when they need in stock market ( if possible spread it to stakeholders)C)Internet sales becomes mandatory and advertisement money through this gives you workingcapitalD)Setting up publishing division through internet gives you edge over others (knowledgecapitalism)E)Complementors tie up gives you alternative opportunities to look at business growthF)Cooperation and sharing knowledge is also one way of contribution either during good times orbad times---- having networking people in and around you is a good habit
Thought for the day :How many can you think in addition to above said on the issue pertaining to funds allocation either togenerate or manage capital in your company or industryNEXT
What to write today so thinking about what if I enroll myself into Microsoft hr. suddenly just now got anidea why not thinks about community development issue so here is the wonderful proposal
Community based service to make star performer of the company a household name (HR)
Every company has few star performers under their wing.
how to groom them up and make them popular in the society and create awareness that such type of employees work in the organization and companies are loyal and groom them up creating awareness of both company and star performer employee making them house hold name in the societyHere is the plan by jagadish1.Give to the star performer a licensing ticket to hand it over to anyone who is eligible for job andask the candidate whether he would take up a 1 week assignment for the company to whomthe star performer represents2.The candidate is assigned the star performer and for 1 week the assigned candidate works forthe star performer.3.After 1 week there is a potential appraisal test is given to the star performer to see whether theassigned candidate worked and contributed to his advancement either physical or mental4.If there is contribution from the candidate then employee gets a permanent job or if thecontribution is less he is given 1 week certificate to use it to get job elsewhere5.If the candidate is selected permanently to the organization for 3 months to 6 months a specialbonus award would be given to the star performer for selecting a good contribution candidaturefor the company6.The candidature is happy and star performer also gets a chance to earn additional income
Thought for the day :How many types of schemes can you think which come closer or lateral thinking after reading thescheme designed by jagadish?NEXT
Fiscal deficit leads to employment
Fiscal deficit is defined as expenditure to spend by nation is more than income earned by the nationIt was said in freefall that if there is no fiscal deficit budget with the government it would lead to hugeunemployment as expenditure to spend and to work is more than income or jobs guaranteed(Work with government is more than employee ratio through creation of jobs under fiscal deficit byspendthrift)expenditure more than incomeThe question arises and has been stated in my previous blog as to how deficit budget creates debt forthe nation and leads it to poverty. Balancing both deficit and non deficit is vital within a span of centralgovernment governance with 5 year plansJust to generate employment if governments spend money in excess of income earned government hasto start minting money to look at employment issue of the nation which is never recorded by any nationeven if done census by the nationWhat would happen if minting money is started, money in circulation increases leading to huge inflationwith demand not meeting supply of scarce resources. Free market never comes into operation at anygiven point of time even if employment under deficit budget is achieved
Thought for the dayFree market isn’t into operation even if deficit budget is done

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