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Protax 2.1 Installation Manual

Protax 2.1 Installation Manual

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Published by Raj Kishore

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Published by: Raj Kishore on Aug 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROTAX (2.1) Installation Manual 8/4/2011
1Database Server Setup
IRD Database
The following parameter values have been changed in initVATDB.ora to get an optimum performance.
Shared Pool sizeCurrent Size104857600 (100MB)Recommended SizeO.K.
Large Pool sizeCurrent Size0Recommended Size1048576 (1MB)
DB Buffer Cache sizeCurrent Size314572800 (300MB)Recommended SizeO.K.
Log Buffer sizeCurrent Size5242880 (5MB)Recommended Size20971520 (20MB)
Sort Area sizeCurrent Size2097152 (20MB)Recommended SizeO.K.
Parameter JAVA_POOL_SIZE has been commented; it frees the memory area of SGA on databaseserver, which was set for the purpose of Java objects.
IRO Database
Following parameter values have been changed in initVATDB.ora file;
Parameter JAVA_POOL_SIZE has been commented; it frees the memory area of SGA on databaseserver, which was set for the purpose of Java objects.
Parameter DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT has been commented if the parameter valuefor DB_BLOCK_SIZE found to be 8192 (8k). If the value of DB_BLOCK_SIZE found other thanthat, value for DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT has been set as per the following tablerule;S.N.DB_BLOCK_SIZEDB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT1.204842.40962
PROTAX (2.1) Installation Manual 8/4/2011
2IRD Database Server Setup Script
Following script files will be required to setup the database at IRD. These script files will upgrade theProtax 2.0 to Protax 2.1. These script files will be executed once for the rollout purpose only. For thecarsh recovery or general maintenance purpose these files are not required. Since backup of the databasesis is taken centrally, we have to use our latest backup set for restoring our database.
1.1DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs DatabaseReplication support objects of Protax 2.0User should connect as REPADMIN before running this script2.2DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs Public Synonymsof Protax 2.0User should connect asSYS/SYSTEM before running thisscript3.3DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs snapshot logs oProtax 2.04.4DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs views of Protax2.05.5DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs Tables of Protax2.06.6DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs database procedures of Protax 2.07.7DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs database functionsof Protax 2.08.8DeInstallProtax2.sqlDe-installs database packagesof Protax 2.0User should connect as PROTAX before running this script9.1Protax21.sqlCreates User/Roles and grantsrequired system/object privileges of Protax 2.110.2Protax21.sqlCreates Tables of Protax 2.111.3Protax21.sqlCreates Indexes of Protax 2.112.4Protax21.sqlCreates Constraints of Protax2.113.5Protax21.sqlCreates Views of Protax 2.1Repeat this script
PROTAX (2.1) Installation Manual 8/4/2011
14.6Protax21.sqlCreates Snapshot logs oProtax 2.115.7Protax21.sqlCreates Functions of Protax2.1After completion of 10Protax21.sqlrepeat this script once again16.8Protax21.sqlCreates Procedures of Protax2.1Repeat this script17.9Protax21.sqlCreates Packagespecifications of Protax 2.1Repeat this script18.10Protax21.sqlCreates Package bodies oProtax 2.1After completion of this script go back to 7Protax21.sql19.11Protax21.sqlCreates Triggers of Protax 2.120.12Protax21.sqlCreates Synonyms of Protax2.1 objects21.13Protax21.sqlGrants Protax 2.1 objects tousers/roles22.14Protax21.sqlCreates Replication supportobjects at IRD database of Protax 2.123.15Protax21.sqlCreates Journal tables24.16Protax21.sqlGrants snapshot logs toProxyagent at IRD databaseof Protax 2.1
Security Setup
Following script files will be required for security setup at IRD database server. These script files will berequired to upgrade Protax 2.0 to Protax 2.1.
1.1REMOVEDATA.sqlRemoves security related data2.2SECURITYDATA.sqlPopulates security related data3.3roleandgrants.sqlGrants required privileges Note: - At the end of server setup, please run all the script files kept in the folder “Changes”

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