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Legend Of The Vampire (Chapter 9: A Wish to Live)

Legend Of The Vampire (Chapter 9: A Wish to Live)

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Published by Vedrana Komlenac
In this chapter you will get to see what happened to Spencer.
And I'm gonna tell you it is not Spencer's day XD
In this chapter you will get to see what happened to Spencer.
And I'm gonna tell you it is not Spencer's day XD

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Published by: Vedrana Komlenac on Aug 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER 9: A Wish to Live
The underwater echoes rang a familiar tune to her ears, begging and luring her to dwell inits illusory stupor. After what felt like a thousand years had passed, Spencer at last brokefrom the numbness and opened her eyes. She found herself lying at the bottom of theflooded tunnel. The water was terribly cold, and only faint rays of light managed to shinedown through layers of wreckages that mounted up so high she couldn't see the surface of the water. She stayed put for a moment, glancing around in the dark, as she tried to recallwhat happened.She remembered standing on the platform, whilst the First District was collapsing. Shestared down at the madly rippling water, mechanically holding her breath. For all thecourage in the world, she wouldn't have jumped in until the ground she stood upon couldno longer withstand the weight of the falling debris. She dove into the water and hid herself at the bottom. She took cover under a large block of concrete to avert sunlight and moredeadly rubbles that were falling around her. She waited for the whole fiasco to end and,most importantly, for nightfall to come. Hours passed ever so slowly, and her concentrationgradually lost its focus to the numbness. She slipped into unconsciousness, and it feltstrangely serene under the water that her pain and hurts²her very existence²were veiledaway from the rest of the world. She would have been lost there for another century if notfor the scream that suddenly thundered in the back of her mind, disrupting her endlessdream.
 Spencer closed her eyes for a few moments, and then opened them again. Thankfully, thescream was now replaced by the dull, underwater echoes. She began to move her fingers,slowly at first, to feel her muscles. She had no idea how long she had been in trance, but itwas long enough to have stirred her hunger. Gently kicking her legs to push her body fromunder the concrete block, she swam out into the hollow space between the wreckages.Catching a glimpse of moonlight above, she ascended in a quiet, graceful swim of amermaid. Rising past the tower of debris, she eventually reached the surface.Her head emerged from the water so quietly that the water hardly rippled. Once she hadclimbed over the edge, she slumped down on all fours, wheezing. Her body was shaken. Herheart beat so fast in anticipation at the first flow of air in her lungs. The air filled everyelement of her being with the earthly bliss. One would have given anything for her ability tobreathe underwater, but it felt like a curse to her. Her body had long evolved against herown wishes. She wasn't sure if heaven just would not take the likes of her, or it was simplyher wish to live.
Follow the light, and your life shall begin«
 The fortuneteller's words haunted her even in the abyss of darkness. But the life she hadled was far from what she ever imagined. To walk in sunlight again was one exception thatshe hadn't mastered. Light seemed to evade her every chance it get, leaving her graspempty and cold."Who's there! Freeze!"On her knees, Spencer slowly raised both hands up. She took her time to register theposition of the attacker. He was approaching her from behind, holding a gun in both hands.The WOOHP uniform she was wearing didn't particularly put her in a friendly position sinceshe was certain that he was a werewolf. His roar was deep, and his footfalls were heavierthan humans. Only good ear of an immortal could differentiate the sounds. Surprised that
the werewolves were still around, she took a quick look around, noting the ruined, desertedsite. It must have been quite some times since the fall of First District."What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Turn around. Slowly." He ordered her,and then spoke into his walkie-talkie. "I've got a WOOHP here. Female. Copy."'
ah! After three weeks, we finally get lucky! I'll be right over. Copy.
'"Turn around. Now," the werewolf repeated.Spencer turned to look over her shoulder, and she could see the stunned look in his darkeyes. She was absolutely not what he expected. From the way he froze, she could tell thathe was an inexperienced pack member. At the opportune moment, she charged at himbefore he could pull the trigger. She pinned him to the ground, burying her fangs deep intohis neck. His face paled by the seconds as he feebly gripped her shoulder and arm. His bodystarted to shake as he struggled in vain before falling flat on the muddy ground.Letting go off the prey, the vampire wiped the blood from her lips and stood up. He was ameal she desperately needed after weeks in the water, and it feared her that he wasn'tenough to sustain her fierce appetite tonight. For what seemed like a lifetime ago, she wasonce forced into the water for days. Not knowing of her own strength, she miraculouslysurvived at the bottom of the dark, cold sea. Only she came back to the land and fed uponhundreds to appease her hunger. Or was it anger she regretted to this day?Spencer tried to still her breathing. The thought of those days was most unwelcomed. Shetried to focus on the werewolf's warm blood in her veins, catching bits and pieces of information concerning the lair. She couldn't help but sigh in relief that Ian had made it outsafely. It appeared that the werewolves still kept the site on watch in hope to ambushWOOHP agents for a possible lead to the headquarters. They believed that Sam andSamantha were held captives.
 After so many years, they still don't know where WOO
 Hideaki Kruger escaped the prior WOOHP headquarters in Tomsk, causing havoc anddestroying it in the process. WOOHP then moved to a new location. Spencer was surprisedthat WOOHP was a loyal agent until the end, refusing to tell her husband where the newheadquarters was. But Spencer learned of the location from the time she drank from Ann'sblood. Apparently, she was a good secret keeper, and she was never interested in goingagainst WOOHP. The organization had no knowledge of her existence, and the last thing shewanted was to be on the same list with Hideaki.Spencer carefully turned around and looked for a sign of another pack member. He shouldbe here soon, but she was too worried for Annie that she decided not to wait for her meal toshow up. She looked up to the dark sky and spread her regal, black wings. She watched thecountless stars above as she smelled the earth, cherishing the touch of cool wind againsther skin. Indeed, it felt good to be alive."They said it's a very dangerous thing to wish to die."
In a white sweater and a pair of baggy black jeans, Ian looked up from his third cup of coffee for tonight. His raven, silky hair hang around his shoulders, framing his manlystature in the most bulky way. He mustered a smile for Sally, the woman behind thecounter. Considering the tension in the lair these days, Sally had become the only friend he
felt at ease to be around. Cherishing the little privacy he had, he ordered his guards toposition just outside the twenty-four-hour diner."It's quite the opposite in my world, Sally. The longer you live, the more you'll lose," Iansaid, finishing his coffee in one big gulp. His black, leather backpack was laid to the side,leaning up against the wall. He had some books with his, but wasn't in the mood to 'read'tonight. In fact, he hadn't had the energy to research since he survived the First District.There were always distractions, and they all went by the same name: Spencer."You know, if you keep drinking my coffee at this rate, I'll be rich by morning."Ian chortled at his friend's attempt to lighten him up. "I'll have another one. The fourth cupwould actually keep me awake."Carrying the hot pot, Sally moved around the counter and came to sit down on the crimson,leather couch opposite to Ian. She poured some more coffee for her friend and grinned."Have I ever told you that you're my favorite customer?""Sally, I'm here because I have nowhere else to go. I'm miserable. You're happy that I feelmiserable? Two, please." Ian nodded in a grateful gesture when Sally plopped two whitecubes into her cup.Ian sipped his drink, and kept his gaze down at the wooden table. He didn't have to look upto know that Sally was scrutinizing him behind that friendly smile. For thirty years, thewoman had become his only confidant on the outside world, a sister without bloodobligations, and his last resort for a quiet, little chat every human being was entitled to."You have to let it go. You said so yourself that no one could have survived the disaster."Sally leaned over the table a little closer to Ian. "Especially that she was a vampire. She hadno way of getting out of there at dawn. Please don't do this to yourself."Ian involuntarily faked a puzzled look. "Do what? I'm not worried if she's dead or alive.""You're blaming yourself over her death. That's what you're doing. Stop it," Sally hissed."Every vampire's death is a revenge for my kind.""Are you kidding me? Your father shot her." Sally poured a cup of coffee for herself.Ian looked away, grumbling to himself.Sally smiled as she eyed her friend. "What's your plan now that you knew who really killedyour mother?""Reito Brown. He was also the one who attacked me in the woods. I can't believe it. Iwas
close to him. From what I heard from Annie, Spencer and Reito were friends forcenturies."Sally shuddered. "Wow. They must have a lot in common²""Not so," Ian said, and then paused. His reply came sooner than he would have liked. "Imeant that Spencer was a rogue. She had nothing to do with Uriah. No, she wasn't likehim."

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