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Where Distribution

Where Distribution

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Published by MVP/NY

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Published by: MVP/NY on Aug 04, 2011
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Published byMVP | NY08.01.2011
mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771
The RighT ReadeRs. The RighT Response. The RighT ReTuRns.
6 Clumbus60 Thmpsn*70 Pak Ave. Htel414 HtelAfnia 50Afnia DumntAfnia GadensAfnia ManhattanAfnia ShelbuneAlex, TheAlexande Htel*Alft BklynAlgnquin, The*Ameitania Htel*Amstedam Cut HtelAmstedam InnAlft Bklyn*Bedfd HtelBeekman Twes Htel*Belvedee HtelBenjamin, TheBentley, TheBest Westen BweyBest Westen Gegy HtelBest Westen Pesident HtelBest Westen Seapt InnBest Westen W. 38th St.Blakely New Yk Htel*Bwey HtelBadway HtelBadway Plaza Htel, TheByant Pak Htel, TheCandlewd SuiteCaltn n Madisn Htel*Calyle, The
is in the city’s finest hotels and clubs (in-room and atthe concierge desk) and other major strategic points of distribution.
Cavi HtelCasablanca Htel*Cassa HtelChambes HtelChatwal, TheChelsea Savy Htel*Clain Htel Pak Ave.Club Quates DwntwnClub Quates MidtwnClub Quates Wld Tade CenteClnial HuseClny Club*Cmft Inn — BklynCmft Inn — Lng Island CityCmft Inn — W. 25th St.Cmft Inn — W. 35th St.Cmft Inn — W. 36th St.Cmft Inn— W. 39th St.Cmft Inn — W. 46th St.Cmft Inn — W. 71st St.Cncde HtelCpe SquaeCnell Club, The*Csmplitan Club, TheCsmplitan Htel — TibecaCutyad by Maitt LaGuadiaCutyad by MaittManhattan/Fifth Ave.Cutyad by MaittManhattan/Midtwn East*Cutyad by Maitt
Manhattan/Sh*Cutyad by Maitt/TimesSquae Suth*Cutyad by MaittManhattan/Uppe East SideCsby HtelCwne PlazaLaguadia AiptCwne PlazaTimes Squae ManhattanDa Vinci HtelDays InnDesmnd Tutu CenteDistikt HtelDal AwdDubleTee ChelseaDubleTee Financial DistictDubleTee Guest SuitesDubleTee MetplitanHtel New Yk*Deam*Deam DwntwnDuane Steet HtelDylan Htel*East Hustn HtelEastgate Twe HtelElement Times SquaeEmbassy Suites HtelNew Yk CityEmpie HtelEnvy Club, TheEusta Wall St.Excelsi HtelEventi Htel*Faield Inn by Maitt TimesSquaeFaield Inn (LIC)Faileld Inn and Suites BklynFaield Inn Maitt(Jamaica)
FitzpatickGand Cental HtelFitzpatick Manhattan HtelFlattel*Fu Pints by Sheatn SHFu Pints by SheatnManhattan Chelsea*Fu Pints by SheatnManhattan Times SquaeFu Seasns Htel New YkFanklin Htel, TheGansevt Meatpacking*Gansevt Pak HtelGaden City HtelGem Chelsea, TheGem Htel SHGeshwin, TheGild HallGacie InnGamecy Pak HtelGand Hyatt New YkHamptn Inn La GuadiaHamptn Inn Manhattan SH*Hamptn Inn Manhattan Times
Squae Nth
Hamptn Inn — Peal St.Hamptn Inn W. 24th St.Hamptn Inn W. 31st St.Hamptn Inn W. 35th St.*Havad Club, The*Helmsley CaltnHelmsley Pak LaneHiltn Gaden Inn Queens
WHERE New York
* Indicates magazine is in- m at these htels
Hiltn Gaden Inn (W. 28th)Hiltn Gaden Inn Times SquaeHiltn Manhattan East*Hiltn New YkHiltn Times Squae*Hliday Inn Expess BklynHliday Inn Expess (W. 29th St.)Hliday Inn Expess (W. 45th St.)Hliday Inn Expess Times Squae(W. 39th St.)Hliday Inn Expess Wate SteetHliday Inn Manhattan ViewHliday Inn MidtwnHliday Inn SHHstelling IntenatinalHtel 31Htel 41Htel 99*Htel 373 Fifth Ave.*Htel at Times Squae, TheHtel Allegia (Lng Beach)Htel AzueHtel Beacn*Htel Belleclaie*Htel CateHtel ChandleHtel DeauvilleHtel EdisnHtel Elysée*Htel Giaffe*HteI Indig*Htel Le Bleu*Htel MelaHtel MetHtel Midtwn WestHtel n rivingtnHtel PennsylvaniaHtel Plaza AthénéeHtel Thity ThityHtel WalesHtel Wlctt, TheHwad Jhnsn ExpessHudsn HtelImpeial Cut HtelIncenta Village HuseInk 48*Inn at Iving Place*Inn n 23d St.*InteCntinental Htel TimesSquaeInteCntinentalNew Yk Baclay, The*Iquis New Yk, TheJames Htel, TheJlly Htel Madisn TwesJumeiah Essex Huse*Kimbely Htel*Kitan New Yk, The*La Quinta ManhattanLachmnt HtelLe Pake MeidienLibay Htel*Lews regency Htel*Lmbady Htel*Lndn NYC, TheLts Club*Lwell, TheLucene, TheMandain oiental HtelManhattan BadwayManhattan Cente HtelManhattan Club, TheManhattan at Times Squae Htel,TheManseld HtelMacel, TheMaitime Htel, TheMak Htel, TheMamaa-Manhattan, TheMaakech Htel, The*Mayfai New Yk*Mece, TheMichelangel, The*Milbun HtelMilfd Plaza HtelMillenium Hiltn, The*Millennium BadwayHtel New Yk*Millennium UN PlazaHtel*Mgans Mve HtelMuay Hill InnMuay Hill Suites*Muse Htel, TheNew Yk Athletic ClubNew Yk Helmsley*New Yk Manhattan HtelNew Yk Maitt at theBklyn Bidge Htel*New Yk Maitt Dwntwn*New Yk Maitt East Side*New Yk Maitt Maquis*New Yk Palace, The*New Yk Pesbyteian GuestFacility*New Yk Yacht ClubNew Yke, TheNewtn*Night HtelNlitan HtelNvtel New YkNU Htelomni Bekshie Place*on the Ave HtelPaamunt HtelPak 79Pak Cental New YkPak Suth Htel*Peninsula New Yk, ThePenn Club f New Yk*Phillips Club, The*Piee New Yk, A Taj Htel, The*Plaza, ThePoD HtelPtland SquaePemie, The*Pincetn Club f New Yk, Theradissn Lexingtn HtelNew Ykradissn Matinique n Badwayrenaissance New Yk Htel 57renaissance New Yk HtelTimes Squaeresidence Inn Maitt TimesSquae, Theritz-Caltn New Yk,Battey Pak, Theritz-Caltn New Yk, CentalPak, Theritz-Caltn, Westchesterive Club*rge Smith Htel*rge Williams Htel*rm Mate Gacersevelt Htel, Theryaltn, TheSalisbuy Htel*San Cals Htel*Sanctuay, TheSetai Fifth AvenueSetn HtelSheatn Bklyn*Sheatn New Yk Hteland TwesSheatn Tibeca*Shey-Netheland Htel, TheSheham Htel*Skyline HtelStel New YkSH Gand Htel, TheSH Huse New Yk, TheSlita SH HtelSMYTH HtelSt. Giles Htel New Yk: TheCutSt. Giles Htel New Yk: TheTuscanySt. James HtelSt. regis HtelStandad New YkStanfd HtelStaten Island HtelStay HtelStaybidge SuitesStand Htel, The*Suey, The*Suttn Cut HtelThmpsn LESTime, TheTavel InnTibeca Gand HtelTump IntenatinalHtel & Twe
Published byMVP | NY08.01.2011
mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771
The RighT ReadeRs. The RighT Response. The RighT ReTuRns.
* Indicates magazine is in- m at these htels
(WHERE New Yr
d )
Published byMVP | NY08.01.2011
mvpny.net | 79 Madison Avenue, 8th Fl., New York, NY 10016 | P: 212.716.2772 | F: 212.716.2771
The RighT ReadeRs. The RighT Response. The RighT ReTuRns.
ump SHUnin ClubUnivesity ClubVincci Avaln, The*W New Yk Times SquaeW New Yk Unin SquaeW New YkWaldf=Astia*Waldf Twes*Wall Steet Inn, TheWawick New Yk, TheWashingtn Jeffesn HtelWashingtn SquaeWellingtn HtelWest 57th Steet by Hiltn ClubWestin New Yk at Times Squae*Wingate Inn & Suites
LaGuadia Aipt*Wyndam Gaden (W. 24th)Wyndam Gaden (W. 58th)Wyndam Gaden Inn Chelsea*Yale Club f New Yk City, TheZ Htel New Yk Lng Island City
New Jersey Hotels
Clintn Inn Htel*Cwne Plaza MeadwlandsHamptn Inn CalstadtHiltn Hasbuck HeightsHiltn at NewakHiltn Sht HillsHliday Inn Expess PaamusHliday Inn Hamn MeadwHyatt regency Jesey CityLaQuinta Inn & Suites,MeadwlandsMadisn Htel Mistwn, TheMadisn Suites HtelNewak Aipt Maittrenaissance Htelrenaissance MeadwlandsSheatn at Newak AiptSheatn MeadwlandsSpinghill Suites by MaittZ Htel New Yk (LIC)W Htel, HbkenWestin Jesey CityWestminste Htel
Connecticut Hotels
Hab Huse InnHliday Inn Select StamfdStamfd Maitt Htel
Theater Desks
Afnia 50*Afnia DumntAfnia ManhattanAfnia ShelbuneAlgnquin, TheBelvedee Htel*Bentley, The*Caltn n Madisn Htel*Cntinental Guest SevicesCutyad by MaittMidtwn EastCutyad by Maitt TimesSquae SuthCwne PlazaTimes Squae Manhattan*DubleTee Guest SuitesDubleTee MetplitanHtel New YkEmbassy Suites HtelNew Yk CityEmpie HtelExcelsi HtelFaield Inn MaittFashin 26Gand Hyatt New YkHamptn Inn Times SquaeHiltn Gaden Inn 35th St.Hiltn Gaden Inn TimesSquaeHiltn Manhattan East*Hiltn New Yk*Hliday Inn MidtwnW. 57th St.Htel EdisnHliday Inn SHHtel PennsylvaniaHtel Thity ThityLucene, TheManhattan at TimesSquae, The*Milfd Plaza*Millennium BadwayHtel New YkMillenium Hiltn, The*Millennium UN PlazaHtelNew Yke, TheNew Yk Maitt at theBklyn Bidge HtelNew Yk Maitt East SideNew Yk Maitt Maquis*Paamunt Htel*Pak Cental New Ykon the Ave Htel*radissn Lexingtn HtelNew Ykresidence Inn Maitt TimesSquae, Thersevelt Htel, TheSheatn New Yk Hteland TwesSkyline HtelStaybidge SuitesStand Htel, The*Waldf=Astia, The*West 57th Steet by HiltnWestin New Yk at Times Squae*Wyndam Gaden NY
City Experts Desks
DubleTee MetplitanHtel New YkDubletee Times SquaeHiltn Gaden Inn W. 35th St.Htel Thity ThityPaamunt Htel*Pak Cental New Ykradissn Lexingtn HtelNew Yk
Corporate Housing
AKA: Cental PakAKA: Suttn PlaceAKA: Times SquaeAKA: United NatinsBidgesteetCpate HusingChuchill Cpate HusingHspitality CmpanyMaisn, IntenatinalNYC-JC (Jesey City)oakwd Cpate Husingradi City Apatments
Conventions/ TradeShows/ Special Events
Affdable At FaiAmeican Cafts Festivalat Lincln Cente
 Architectural Digest
HmeDesign ShwBig Apple Geete FundaisesCity Havest FundaisesCutue Shws at Pie 94Fashin WeekGLBT Exp at Jacb K. JavitsCnventin CenteGand GumetHtel/Mtel & restauantShw at Jacb K. JavitsCnventin CenteMeatpiaNew Taste f the Uppe West SideNew Yk Intenatinal GiftFai at Jacb K. Javits CnventinCente
New York Times
Tavel Shw atJacb K. Javits Cnventin Centeone f a Kind Shw & SaleSoFASlstice in Times SquaeTaste f Times SquaeTaste f TiBeCaWinte’s Eve
Corporations InNew York City
5 Penn Plaza32 old SlipAIG InsuanceAiu InsuanceAchstneCapital onePze PhamaceuticalsUK Tade and InvestmentUnited NatinsSecataiat BuildingWuk USA
43-45 E. 30th St.180 Maiden Lane260 W. 54th St.200 Cental Pak Suth
(WHERE New Yr
d )
* Indicates magazine is in- m at these htels

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