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Living the Lectionary - 7thSundayAfterPentecost

Living the Lectionary - 7thSundayAfterPentecost

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Published by Jay Winters
A guide to Living the Lectionary readings this week
A guide to Living the Lectionary readings this week

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Published by: Jay Winters on Aug 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the Lectionary7
Sunday AfterPentecost
Season: Pentecost Week of July 31
 “What is this Faith?: The Faith to See”
About the Season:
The season of Pentecost is aseason of being given the gifts of God for thepurpose of living out His mission on earth as HisBody. It’s color, green, implies the growth of theChurch both personally and as a Body through thework of the Holy Spirit.
About this Sunday:
 Today we begin a 4 Sunday“mini-series” called “What is this Faith?” Faith
sometimes is misconstrued as a magical formula forgetting into heaven, but it is really much simplerthan that. Faith is simply trust in God’s will andGod’s forgiveness. Today we examine the faith that ittakes to see God giving us all that we have and needin this life.
Reflecting on the Readings:
Isaiah 55:1-5
– Faith in Free Lunch –We’retaught to never trust a “free lunch”, but that iswhat God offers us – a free feast offered to usin His love. Think of the food that you pay forand eat and the food that you offer to others,how are they the same or different?
Psalm 145
– Faith in God’s Actions – Thepsalmist points out actions in which we seeGod being faithful to us. How many ways doesGod show His faithfulness in this Psalm? Is Hefaithful to you in the same ways?
Romans 9:1-5
Forgetting His Faithlessness -Paul laments the forgetfulness and rejection of  Jesus by his own people, the Israelites. Youhave His gifts of faithfulness to you, what arethey? How do you remember or forget thesegreat gifts?
Matthew 14:13-21
– Faith to Eat – Jesus’miracle of feeding the 5000 clearly displayswho He is and how we can see His faithfulnessto us, and learn to have faith in Hisfaithfulness. Do you trust Jesus to always betrustworthy to you? When do you question Hisfaithfulness?
Law and Gospel:
: Our trust in God gives us eyes to see Hisaction in all of our human life: when we eat,breathe, cash a paycheck, etc. But so often wechoose to blind ourselves and not see Him atwork in our lives.

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